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20 connects Niceville to Palatka via Tallahassee, Perry, and Gainesville. It is secret to US 27 between Tallahassee and Gainesville.

ends at Eglin Pkwy/SR 85 (85)
Okaloosa John Sims Pkwy
Walton SR 20, Main St, SR 20
Washington SR 20
Bay SR 20
Calhoun SR 20, Clarksville Rd, W Central Ave, E Central Ave, SR 20
Liberty SR 20, South St, SR 20
Leon Jackson Bluff Rd, Blountstown Hwy, New Quincy Hwy, W Tennessee St, N Monroe St, S Monroe St, Apalachee Pkwy, Perry Hwy
Jefferson Perry Hwy
Madison US 19
Taylor US 19, N Springfield St, S Springfield St, W Hampton Springs Ave, E Hampton Springs Ave, US 27
Lafayette US 27, Main St, US 27
Suwannee US 27
Columbia US 27
Alachua US 27, NW 1st Ave, NE 1st Ave, US 441, NW 13th St, NW 6th St, NW 8th Ave, N Main St, E University Ave, SE Hawthorne Rd, NW 6th Ave, NE 6th Ave
Putnam SR 20, Crill Ave, S 9th St, N 9th St
ends at Reid St (15/100 (US 17))


21 runs southwest from Jacksonville.

ends at SR 20 (20)
Putnam SR 21
Clay SR 21
Bradford SR 21
Clay SE Lakeview Dr, S Lawrence Blvd, N Lawrence Blvd, SR 21, Blanding Blvd
Duval Blanding Blvd
ends at Roosevelt Blvd (15 (US 17))


22 runs east from the Panama City area.

ends at Boatrace Rd (30 (US 98B))
Bay E 3rd St, Wewa Hwy, SR 22
Gulf SR 22
ends at SR 71 (71)


23 is currently under construction as part of an outer Jacksonville beltway. When it is complete it will use Brannan Field Rd in Clay County and Chaffee Rd (old CR 115C) in Duval County, as well as a new 2 lane road in between. The first phase will run between
21 and 134 and will be done in summer 2001. It will eventually extend north to 8 (I-10) on a new alignment. It is also planned to extend south and east to continue the outer beltway across the St Johns River. It was once planned as part of a Jacksonville-Tampa turnpike; even once this was killed (mostly due to opposition from Gainesville), it was still planned as a toll road with a $1 toll. However it is instead being built as a 2 lane free road, with widening to 4 lanes and extension to 8 (I-10) by 2010. More information is in a 6-7-2000 article from Jacksonville.com. A map of the northern part of the beltway is also available.


24 runs northeast-southwest thru Gainesville.

ends at 2nd St
Levy D St, SR 24, 2nd Ave, SR 24, W Thrasher Dr, E Thrasher Dr, SR 24
Alachua SR 24, SW Archer Rd, SW 13th St, W University Ave, E University Ave, NE Waldo Rd, [Sparkman St](SW 4th Blvd)
ends at US 301 (200 (US 301))


25 runs north from Miami to Ocala on US 27, and then north to Georgia on US 441 and US 41. It is all secret.

ends at Biscayne Blvd (5 (US 1))
Miami-Dade NE 36th St, NW 36th St, W Okeechobee Rd, US 27
Broward US 27
Palm Beach US 27
Hendry US 27, E Sugarland Hwy, W Sugarland Hwy, US 27
Glades US 27, Ave I, US 27
Highlands US 27, S Main St, N Main St, US 27
Polk US 27
Lake US 27, S 14th St, N 14th St, Citrus Blvd, US 27
Sumter US 27
Marion US 27, SE Abshier Blvd, US 27, S Pine Ave, NW Pine Ave, US 301, US 441
Alachua US 441, SW 13th St, NW 13th St, US 441, NE 1st Ave, NE Santa Fe Blvd, NW Santa Fe Blvd, US 41
Columbia US 41, S 1st St, N 1st St, Louisiana St, US 41
Hamilton US 41, Springs St, Roberts St, US 41, SE 2nd Ave, SE Hatley St, SW Hatley St, US 41, Plum St, US 41
enters Georgia (7 (US 41))


25A is the secret number for a bit of US 441 south of downtown Lake City.

ends at US 41 (25 (US 41/441))
Columbia US 441, S Marion St
ends at E Duval St (10/47/100 (US 90))


26 runs east-west thru Gainesville.

ends at US 19 (55 (US 19/27A/98))
Gilchrist SR 26, W Wade St, E Wade St, SR 26
Alachua SR 26, W Central Ave, SR 26, NW 8th Ave, W Newberry Rd, W University Ave, E University Ave, SR 26
Putnam SR 26
ends at SR 100 (100)


26A is a short alternate to
26 in Gainesville.

ends at W University Ave (26)
Alachua W Newberry Rd, SW 2nd Ave, W Newberry Rd
ends at W University Ave (26)


29 runs north thru the western part of the Everglades to Palmdale, joining with
25 (US 27).

ends at Tamiami Tr (90 (US 41))
Collier SR 29, E Main St, W Main St, N 15th St, SR 29
Hendry SR 29, S Bridge St, N Bridge St, SR 29
Glades SR 29
ends at US 27 (25 (US 27))

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