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News from Evatone

Soundsheet Product Line is Retired

Evatone Update - August 2000

This month marks the end of Soundsheet production at Evatone. We will continue to fulfill our contracts through the end of 2000 but other manufacturing for the product line will cease. We'll bid a fond farewell to this successful product line. For more details read below.


Evatone Extra, Spring 2000

Soundsheet Product Line To Be Retired.
End of the year will mark the end of an era.

Every successful company has been blessed with a springboard...that product or idea that provided the first big success, and allowed the firm to grow and take advantage of new opportunities as conditions changed. Evatone's springboard was the Soundsheet. At the end of this year, our last contract for regular production of Soundsheets will be fulfilled, and regular production of our oldest product line will cease. We wanted to mark the evolution with a fond farewell to a product that provided a unique contribution to education, publishing and marketing in the last half of the 20th century.

It's been quite a journey. Over 40 years ago, Dick Evans and his father developed roll fed pressing equipment fitted with record stamping dies that could produce thousands of copies every hour. Conventional record presses could make only two hundred in the same time. The vinyl discs sounded amazingly good. And they lasted for hundreds of plays.

Soundsheets were the least expensive quality recording available. Mono or stereo, one sided or two, it was economically practical to use Soundsheets where recordings had been far too expensive before. Evans created and patented assembly techniques, creating carriers that combined printed matter with the discs. And Evatone provided solutions that allowed Soundsheets to be bound into magazines and books.

Fueled by this success, Evatone grew from a dozen employees in 1960 to over two hundred by 1982. They could be handled like paper and we're perfect for use in many applications. Millions were bound into National Geographic as editorial, and into Life, Time and as a marketing vehicle in countless trade publications. Million after million were direct mailed into homes in the 1960's, 70's and 80's. McDonalds used over 17,000,000 in newspaper inserts in 1989. Educational publishers Scholastic and Weekly Reader used Soundsheets as early multimedia for the classroom, and the discs were included in Sunday School packets by many of the major Christian publishing houses for over 20 years.

The Talking Book for blind and handicapped readers was the most enduring application. Evatone and Talking Books Publishing Co. began producing audio editions of U.S. News and World Report in conjunction with the publisher in 1968. They were purchased and distributed by the Library of Congress Division for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. It was a successful use for Soundsheets, and at one time thousands of audio copies of each issue of over 40 different magazines were pressed and mailed for the government program. This last continuing use for Soundsheets will end in December of 2000.

Today, Evatone is completely transformed. Our business has evolved with new technologies to include optical disc replication, multimedia development, cassette duplication, and printing and fulfillment operations. Each of the new operations has provided a spark of growth. Our volume is four times the size it was when Soundsheets peaked and we now employ 450 people. And many of you who used Soundsheets years ago now use our cassettes, CD Audio and CD-ROM…often to achieve the same objectives.

But none of us would be here at all, if it weren't for a little thin plastic phonograph record. Though outmoded now, Evatone Soundsheets provided a revolutionary new way for people to use recorded sound 40 years ago. That success provided the nugget that has allowed Evatone to flourish through change.


Did someone say "rabbit"?

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