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60 connects Clearwater to Vero Beach via Tampa, Lakeland, and Lake Wales.
60A around Bartow is signed 60, with 60 being signed BUSINESS 60. At some time the business route will be turned over to Bartow.

ends at Coronado Dr/Mandalay Ave/Poinsettia Ave
Pinellas Clearwater Memorial Causeway, Cleveland St, Gulf To Bay Blvd, Courtney Campbell Causeway
Hillsborough Courtney Campbell Causeway, Memorial Hwy, W Kennedy Blvd, E Kennedy Blvd, [N Tampa St, E Jackson St, N Nebraska Ave](E Kennedy Blvd), E Kennedy Blvd, N 13th St, Adamo Dr, W Brandon Blvd, E Brandon Blvd, SR 60
Polk SR 60, W Canal St, E Canal St, SR 60, W Main St, E Main St, Flamingo Dr, SR 60,
Osceola SR 60
Indian River SR 60, Osceola Blvd, 20th St, [19th Pl, 20th St](20th St, 20th Pl), 20th St, Indian River Blvd, New Merrill Barber Br, Beachland Blvd
ends at Phoenix Palm Dr (A1A)


60A bypasses Bartow to the north, and is actually signed
60 (the mainline is signed BUSINESS 60).

ends at W Main St(60)
Polk W Van Fleet Dr, E Van Fleet Dr, SR 60A
ends at Flamingo Dr (60)


61 connects Medart to Tallahassee and Georgia. It is secret to US 319 except for a while south of Tallahassee and in Tallahassee.

ends at Coastal Hwy (30 (US 98/319))
Wakulla US 319, Tallahassee Ave, Shadeville Rd
ends at Wakulla Springs Rd (365)
ends at Wakulla/Leon county line
Leon Wakulla Springs Rd, Crawfordville Rd, S Monroe St, N Monroe St, Thomasville Rd
enters Georgia (35 (US 319))


62 runs east-west southeast of Tampa.

ends at US 301 (43)
Manatee SR 62
Hardee SR 62
ends at US 17 (35 (US 17))


63 is the secret number for US 27 north of Tallahassee.

ends at Thomasville Rd (61 (US 27))
Leon N Monroe St
Gadsden US 27, S Main St, N Main St
enters Georgia (1 (US 27))


64 connects Bradenton to Avon Park.

ends at 3rd Ave
Manatee Manatee Ave, Manatee Ave W, [5th St W, 6th Ave W, 6th Ave E](Manatee Ave W, Manatee Ave E), Manatee Ave E, SR 64
Hardee Roy Moore Rd, SR 64, Debank St, SR 64
Highlands SR 64, W Main St
ends at US 27 (17/25/700 (US 27/98))


65 runs north-south west of Tallahassee.

ends at US 98 (30 (US 98/319))
Franklin SR 65
Liberty SR 65
Gadsden SR 65
ends at SR 12 (12)


66 runs from Zolfo Springs to De Soto City.

ends at Orange St (35 (US 17))
Hardee Sixth Ave, SR 66
Highlands SR 66
ends at US 27/US 98 (25/700 (US 27/98))


68 is a short east-west route in the Ft Pierce area.

ends at N Kings Hwy (713)
St Lucie Orange Ave, [Orange Ave](N 7th St, Ave A)
ends at S Indian River Dr/N Indian River Dr (707)


69 runs north from Blountstown.

ends at N Main St (71)
Calhoun SR 69
Jackson SR 69, Porter Ave, SR 69, Fort Rd
ends at Bryan St (71)

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