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101 runs northeast from Petersham thru Gardner to northeastern Ashburnham. 101 was also the original number for
US 44.
  • folded diamond at 2 (exit 21)

    ends at N Main St (32)
    Petersham Popple Camp Rd
    Phillipston Petersham Rd, Queen Lake Rd
    Templeton Petersham Rd, Dudley Rd, Patriots Rd, Gardner Road East Templeton
    Gardner Parker St, Central St, Pearl St
    Ashburnham Gardner Hill Rd, Center St, Central St, Main St North, Water St, Ashby Rd
    ends at Rindge State Road (119)


    102 runs west from Lee to New York State. The last little bit at the state line was originally used by traffic coming off the stub end of the Masspike (
    I-90) before the New York State Thruway Berkshire Extension was built to connect.
  • blown off by I-90
  • blown off by I-90

    enters New York (980D)
    West Stockbridge State Line Rd, Albany Rd, Main St, Stockbridge Rd
    Stockbridge West Stockbridge Rd, Church St, Main St, E Main St
    Lee Main St, Pleasant St
    ends at Massachusetts Tpk/Housatonic St/Water St (I-90/US 20)


    103 runs west from the Fall River area. This is the original alignment of
    US 6 and earlier NE 3.
  • 7 ramp parclo at I-195 (exit 4)

    enters Rhode Island (103)
    Swansea Wilbur Ave
    Somerset Wilbur Ave, Riverside Ave
    ends at Grand Army of the Republic Hwy/Brightman St Bridge (US 6/138)


    104 connects Taunton to Bridgewater.
  • blown off by I-495
  • folded diamond at 24 (exit 15)

    ends at Cape Hwy (US 44)
    Taunton Dean St
    Raynham S Main St, N Main St, Elm St E
    Bridgewater Pleasant St, South St, Central Sq, Summer St, Plymouth St, Pond St
    [Bridgewater](East Bridgewater) Old Plymouth St
    ends at Plymouth St (106)


    105 connects Marion to Halifax.
  • half backwards diamond at I-195 (exit 20)

    ends at Mill St/Wareham St (US 6)
    Marion Front St
    Rochester Marion Rd, Rounseville Rd, Cushman Rd, Robinson Rd
    Acushnet Robinson Rd, Main St
    [Rochester](Acushnet) Main St
    Rochester Braley Hill Rd
    Lakeville Bedford St, Main St
    Middleborough S Main St, N Main St, E Main St, Plympton St, Thompson St
    Halifax Thompson St
    ends at Plymouth St (106)


    106 connects Plainville to Kingston.
  • blown off by I-495
  • blown off by I-95
  • cloverleaf at 24 (exit 16)

    ends at South St (1A)
    Plainville E Bacon St, Messenger St
    Foxborough Cedar St, Green St
    Mansfield Chauncy St, Pratt St, East St, Eastman St
    Easton Eastman St, Foundry St
    West Bridgewater W Center St, E Center St
    East Bridgewater West St, Bedford St, Whitman St, Plymouth St
    Halifax Plymouth St
    Plympton County Rd
    Kingston Wapping Rd, Main St
    ends at Summer St (3A)


    107 runs in a straight line from Revere to Salem. An abandoned
    I-95 embankment runs next to 107 in Saugus; 107 itself is a high speed arterial there.

    According to Ed Findlay, 107 extended south thru Chelsea to the Mystic River Bridge (now replaced by the Tobin Bridge (US 1)) in the 1930s and 1940s (something to do with depression work programs?); it was apparently state maintained from the time the state started maintaining roads. By the early 1960s, Chelsea had the money to pay for maintenance, and took the road from the state, so it probably stopped being part of 107 if it ever was. It is however possible that 107 has always ended where it does, and the road into Chelsea was state maintained but unnumbered.

  • 6 ramp parclo at I-95
  • half folded diamond with leaf at 114

    ends at Revere Beach Pkwy (16)
    Revere Broadway, Albert J Brown Circle, Broadway
    Saugus Salem Tpk
    Lynn Western Ave
    Salem Highland Ave, Essex St, Boston St, Bridge St
    ends at Winter St (1A)


    108 is a short extension of NH 108.
  • blown off by I-495

    ends at Kenoza Ave/Amesbury Rd (110)
    Haverhill Newton Rd
    enters New Hampshire (108)


    109 runs from Milford to Boston. At one time there was a plan for a freeway bypass between
    I-495 (with extension possibilities to RI 99) and I-95/128. It was probably going to be numbered 209, and current 109 would stay 109 [Steve Anderson].
  • diamond at I-495 (exit 19)
  • cloverleaf at I-95/128

    ends at E Main St (16)
    Milford Medway Rd
    Medway Milford St, Main St
    Millis Main St
    Medfield Main St
    Dover County St
    Walpole County St
    Westwood High St
    Dedham High St, Bridge St
    Boston Spring St
    ends at Veterans of Foreign Wars Pkwy (old US 1)

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