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110 runs east-west in the northeast part of the state.
  • cloverleaf at 2 (exit 38)
  • folded diamond at I-495 (exit 30)
  • folded diamond at I-495 (exit 34)
  • half folded diamond with 2 leaves at US 3 (exit 31)
  • rotary-diamond at I-93 (exit 46)
  • half backwards diamond at I-495 (exit 46)
  • blown off by I-495
  • half folded diamond at I-495 (exit 49)
  • folded diamond at I-495 (exit 52)
  • 1/4 cloverleaf at I-495 (exit 55)

    ends at W Boylston St (12/140)
    West Boylston Worcester St, Lancaster St
    Sterling Metropolitan Rd
    Clinton Main St, Water St, High St
    Lancaster High St, Lower Bolton Rd, Still River Rd
    Bolton Still River Rd
    Harvard Still River Rd, Ayer Rd
    Ayer Harvard Rd, Frederick Carlton Circle, Littleton Rd
    Littleton Ayer Rd
    Ayer Littleton Rd
    Littleton Ayer Rd, King St
    Westford Littleton Rd
    Chelmsford Littleton Rd, Chelmsford St
    Lowell Chelmsford St, Lord Overpass, [Appleton St, Church St](Middlesex St, Green St), Church St, Nesmith St, Hunts Falls Bridge, Hunts Falls Rotary, Lowell-Lawrence Boulevard
    Dracut Merrimac Ave
    Methuen Lowell Blvd, Lowell St, Lowell St Circle, Lowell St, Haverhill St
    Lawrence Haverhill St, Jackson St
    Methuen Jackson St, Swan St, East St, Merrimac St
    Haverhill River St, Washington St, Washington Square, Merrimack St, Main St, Kenoza Ave, Amesbury Rd
    Merrimac W Main St, E Main St
    Amesbury Haverhill Rd, Macy St
    Salisbury Elm St, [School St](Elm St)
    ends at Bridge Rd (US 1/1A)


    111 is an extension of NH 111 south and east to Acton.
  • Y at 2 (exit 43)
  • folded diamond at I-495 (exit 28)
  • cloverleaf at 2 (exit 38)

    ends at Reformatory Circle (2/2A/119)
    Concord Union Tpk
    Acton Massachusetts Ave
    Boxborough Massachusetts Ave
    Harvard Massachusetts Ave, Ayer Rd
    Ayer Harvard Rd, Frederick Carlton Circle, [E Main St](Harvard Rd), E Main St, Main St, Park St, Groton School Rd
    Groton Farmers Row, Elm St, Main St
    Pepperell South Rd, River Rd, Hollis St, Nashua Rd
    enters New Hampshire (111)


    112 runs north-south west of Springfield.

    ends at Russell Rd (US 20)
    Huntington Worthington Rd
    Worthington Worthington Rd, Williamsburg Rd, Clark Rd, Dingle Rd, Cummington Rd
    Cummington W Cummington Rd, Grout Rd, Bryant Rd, Marine Corps League Hwy
    Goshen Marine Corps League Hwy, Cape St
    Ashfield Cape St, Suburban Dr, Ashfield Mountain Rd
    Buckland Ashfield Rd, Connector Rd, Mohawk Tr
    Shelburne Mohawk Tr, Mechanic St, Hope St, Colrain Rd
    Colrain State Hwy, Jacksonville Rd
    enters Vermont (112)


    113 runs east-west from Pepperell to Newburyport.
  • folded diamond at US 3 (exit 35)
  • rotary-diamond at I-93 (exit 46)
  • 213 (exit 4)
  • blown off by I-495
  • blown off by I-495
  • half folded diamond at I-495 (exit 49)
  • diamond at I-95 (exit 57)
  • diamond at US 1/1A

    ends at South St (119)
    Pepperell Townsend St, Main St, Groton St, Tarbell St, Lowell St
    Dunstable Pleasant St, Main St
    Tyngsborough Kendall Rd, Pawtucket Blvd
    Lowell Pawtucket Blvd, Varnum Ave, Veterans of Foreign Wars Hwy, Riverside St
    Dracut Riverside St, Pleasant St, Arlington St, Broadway
    Methuen N Lowell St, Lowell St, Lowell St Circle, Lowell St, Hampshire St, [Charles St](Pleasant St), Pleasant St, Pleasant Valley St, Merrimac St
    Haverhill River St, Washington St, Washington Square, Merrimack St, Water St, Lincoln Ave, Groveland St, Groveland Bridge
    Groveland Groveland Bridge, Main St
    West Newbury Main St
    Newburyport Storey Ave, High St
    ends at Route 1/Winter St/Summer St (US 1/1A)


    114 runs east from Lawrence to Marblehead. Between 1997 and at the latest late 2002, 114 extended east along Ocean Ave to end at Atlantic Ave. This coincided with an extension of
    129 to Marblehead Center.
  • 6 ramp parclo at I-495 (exit 42)
  • cloverleaf at US 1
  • strange split 5 ramp parclo at I-95 (exits 47-48)
  • cloverleaf at 128 (exit 25)
  • half folded diamond with leaf at 107

    ends at S Broadway (28)
    Lawrence Merrimack St, Parker St, Winthrop Ave
    North Andover Turnpike St
    Middleton N Main St, S Main St
    Danvers Andover St
    Peabody Andover St, Endicott St, Pulaski St, Gardner St, Margin St
    Salem North St, Bridge St, Lafayette St
    Marblehead Lafayette St, Pleasant St
    ends at Ocean Ave (129)


    114A is an alternate to RI 114 that cuts a corner of Massachusetts. It is nowhere near
    MA 114.
  • folded diamond at I-195 (exit 1)

    enters Rhode Island (114A)
    Seekonk Mink St, Fall River Ave
    enters Rhode Island (114A)


    115 runs north from Foxborough to Sherborn.

    ends at Pierce St (140)
    Foxborough Turner Rd
    Wrentham Turner Rd
    Norfolk Turner St, Pine St, Pond St, North St, Union St, Rockwood Rd, Holbrook St, Baltimore St
    Millis Norfolk Rd, Village St, Plain St, Exchange St, Orchard St
    Sherborn Bullard St
    ends at S Main St (27)


    116 runs north from the Springfield area, and then turns west. Thanks to John Carr for clarification of the south end.
  • diamond at I-391 (exit 2)
  • half folded diamond with 2 leaves at I-391 (exit 3)
  • blown off by I-90
  • blown off by I-391
  • half folded diamond with 2 leaves at US 202
  • freeway with 1 interchange
  • half diamond at I-91 (exit 25)

    ends at I-391 (I-391)
    Chicopee Center St, Springfield St, Old Chicopee St, Chicopee St, Cabot St
    Holyoke Cabot St, Main St, Canal St, County Rd
    South Hadley Bridge St, Lamb St, Newton St, College St, Woodbridge St, Amherst Rd
    Granby Amherst Rd
    South Hadley Amherst Rd
    Amherst West St, S Pleasant St, Northampton Rd
    Hadley Northampton Rd, Route 116
    Amherst Route 116, Sunderland Rd
    Sunderland Amherst Rd
    Deerfield Route 116
    Whately Route 116, State Rd
    Deerfield South Deerfield Byp, Conway Rd
    Conway S Deerfield Rd, Main St, River St, Ashfield Rd
    Ashfield Conway Rd, Main St, Cape St, Spruce Corner Rd, Plainfield Rd
    Plainfield E Main St, W Main St, Old Route 116
    Savoy Old Route 116
    Cheshire Route 116
    Adams Orchard St, Center St
    ends at Commercial St/Park St (8)


    117 runs from Leominster east to Waltham. A truck route is posted to bypass the Sudbury River bridge. This truck route leaves in Concord on Sudbury Rd, heads north and turns east on Concord Tpk (
    2), and likely turns south on Walden St (126), which becomes Concord Rd in Lincoln and leads back to 117.
  • diamond at I-190 (exit 7)
  • folded diamond at I-495 (exit 27)
  • blown off by I-95/128 (but signed with TO shields at exit 26)

    ends at Central St (12)
    Leominster Lancaster St, New Lancaster Rd
    Lancaster Route 117, N Main St, Main St, Seven Bridge Rd
    Bolton Main St
    Stow Great Rd
    Maynard Great Rd
    Sudbury Great Rd, North Rd
    Concord Fitchburg Rd
    Lincoln S Great Rd
    Weston North Ave
    Waltham Main St
    ends at Weston St (US 20)


    118 goes south from Attleboro to Swansea. 118 south signage exists on
    123 north between 152 and the beginning of 118, but 118 officially begins at 123.

    ends at GAR Hwy (US 6)
    Swansea Oak St, Locust St, Plain St
    Rehoboth Plain St, Brook St, Moulton St, Bay State Rd, Anawan St, Tremont St, Park St
    Attleboro Oakhill Ave, Park St, [Emory St](Park St)
    ends at Pleasant St (123)


    119 runs northwest from Concord into New Hampshire. The east end is while multiplexed with
    2A so it can end at 2.
  • folded diamond at I-495 (exit 31)

    enters New Hampshire (119)
    Ashburnham Rindge State Rd
    Ashby Rindge State Rd, Main St, Greenville Rd, Townsend Rd
    Townsend Main St
    Groton Townline Rd
    Pepperell South Rd
    Groton Main St, Boston Rd
    Littleton Great Rd
    Acton Great Rd, Elm St
    Concord Elm St
    ends at Union Tpk/Concord Tpk (2/2A)

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