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120 is an extension of RI 120. It is signed north-south although it runs east-west (and RI 120 is signed east-west). Originally 120 connected
US 1 in southwestern Peabody to 62 at South Middleton via Lake St, Lowell St, Birch St, Russell St, and Flint St.

ends at S Washington St/E Washington St (US 1)
North Attleborough Hoppin Hill Ave, Hickory Rd
enters Rhode Island (120)


121 is part of the old Woonsocket-Boston corridor. It was originally numbered
  • blown off by I-495

    enters Rhode Island (121)
    Wrentham Cumberland Rd, West St
    ends at South St (1A)


    122 starts in Blackstone (north of Woonsocket RI). It runs along the original road to Worcester from Providence. Then it runs northwest to Orange from Worcester.
  • trumpet-T at I-90 (exit 11)
  • half folded diamond with 2 leaves at US 20
  • half folded diamond with a leaf at I-290 (exit 14)
  • folded diamond at 2 (exit 15)

    enters Rhode Island (122)
    Blackstone Main St
    Millville Main St
    Uxbridge Millville Rd, S Main St, N Main St
    Northbridge Providence Rd
    Grafton Providence Rd, Worcester St
    Millbury Grafton Rd
    Worcester Grafton St, [Grafton St, Temple St, Harding St](Water St, Vernon St), Madison St, Chandler St, Pleasant St
    Paxton Pleasant St
    Rutland Barre-Paxton Rd
    Oakham Worcester Rd
    Barre Worcester Rd, Pleasant St, West St
    Petersham Route 122
    New Salem Route 122, Daniel Shays Hwy
    Orange Daniel Shays Hwy, S Main St
    ends at W Main St/E Main St (2A)


    122A is an alternate to
    122 in the Worcester area. A current detour because of 146 freeway construction uses Providence St-Winthrop St from Ballard St (146) to Vernon St [Ted Blackler].
  • strange diamond at 146
  • double trumpet at US 20 with trumpet-T with ramp at I-90 (exit 10A)
  • diamond at I-290 (exit 13)

    ends at Providence Rd (122)
    Grafton Main St
    Sutton Providence Rd
    Millbury Providence St, Canal St, Main St
    Worcester Millbury St, Ballard St, Providence St, Winthrop St, Vernon St, Madison St, Chandler St, Park Ave, Grove St, [Gold Star Blvd, Woodbury Ave, W Boylston St](Grove St), Grove St
    Holden Main St
    Rutland Main St
    ends at Barre-Paxton Rd (122)


    123 runs from Rhode Island east and north to the shore.
  • half folded diamond with 2 leaves at I-95 (exit 3)
  • diamond at I-495 (exit 10)
  • cloverleaf at 24 (exit 17)
  • blown off by 3 (but signed at exit 13)

    enters Rhode Island (123)
    Attleboro Highland Ave, Newport Ave, West St, South Ave, Thacher St, County St, Park St, [Park St, Pleasant St](Emory St), Pleasant St
    Norton Pleasant St, Old Colony Rd, W Main St, E Main St
    Easton Foundry St, Depot St, Central St, Washington St, Belmont St
    Brockton Belmont St, Main St, Centre St
    Abington Brockton Ave, Thaxter Ave, Walnut St, Centre Ave
    Rockland Centre Ave, Market St, Liberty St, E Water St, Webster St
    Hanover Webster St
    Norwell Main St
    Scituate Cornet Stetson Rd
    ends at Route 3A (3A)


    124 is a short north-south route on Cape Cod. It was originally numbered
  • folded diamond at US 6 (exit 10)

    ends at Main St (28)
    Harwich Main St, Pleasant Lake Ave
    Brewster Harwich Rd
    ends at Main St (6A)


    125 starts out on the Andover Bypass, and then runs north thru Haverhill to New Hampshire.
  • folded diamond at I-93 (exit 41)
  • half backwards half folded diamond at 28
  • cloverleaf at I-495 (exit 51)

    ends at Northern Expwy (I-93)
    Wilmington Route 125
    North Reading Route 125
    Andover Route 125, By Pass Rd
    North Andover Andover By Pass St, Turnpike St, Andover St, Chickering Rd, Osgood Rd
    Haverhill Boston Rd, Knipe Rd, S Main St, Main St, Plaistow Rd
    enters New Hampshire (125)


    126 starts in Blackstone (north of Woonsocket RI). It then runs north to Concord.
  • folded diamond at I-495 (exit 18)
  • blown off by I-90

    enters Rhode Island (126)
    Blackstone Social St
    Bellingham Pulaski Blvd, S Main St, N Main St, Hartford Ave
    Medway Village St, Summer St
    Holliston Summer St, Washington St, Concord St
    Ashland Pond St
    Framingham Hollis St, Irving St, Concord St, School St, Old Connecticut Path
    Wayland Old Connecticut Path, Cochituate Rd, Concord Rd
    Lincoln Concord Rd
    Concord Walden St
    ends at Concord Tpk (2)


    127 starts in Beverly and runs to Gloucester, then loops around for a complete direction change (north becomes south). It used to end at itself, but has been cut back to

    ends at Cabot St (1A)
    Beverly Water St, Lothrop St, Hale St, West St, Hale St
    Manchester By-the-Sea Bridge St, Central St, Union St, Washington St, Summer St
    Gloucester Western Ave, Washington St, Rogers St, Main St, Eastern Ave
    Rockport Main St, Railroad Ave, Granite St
    Gloucester Washington St
    ends at Route 128 (128)


    127A is an alternate to
    127 in Gloucester and Rockport.

    ends at Eastern Ave (127)
    Gloucester Main St, Bass Ave, Thatcher Rd
    Rockport Thatcher Rd, South St, Mount Pleasant St, Main St, Beach St
    ends at Granite St (127)


    128 is the beltway around Boston. Until some time in the 1960s, it extended to Hull roughly along
    3 and 228. In 1997, it was chopped off at the south end; it used to extend along I-93/US 1 to 3 in Braintree. Around this time, MassHighway tried to truncate 128 much farther north at I-95 in Peabody, which is why most 128 shields on the multiplex are posted on sign assemblies on the side of the road rather than on BGS.
    128 is mentioned in the Jargon File [Alex Harris]. Note that it talks about the now defunct (as of 1997) I-93 multiplex. The situation was even worse before the mid 1960s, when 228 was part of 128; 128 south went directly north there. Caridnal directions were rarely if ever used on signs back then, however, so it was likely not a problem.
  • freeway with 51 interchanges
    Exit list

    ends at Southwest Expwy (I-95)
    Canton Route 128
    Dedham Route 128
    Westwood Route 128
    Dedham Route 128
    Westwood [doesn't enter Westwood](Route 128)
    Dedham Route 128
    Needham Route 128
    Wellesley Route 128
    Newton Route 128
    Weston Route 128
    Waltham Route 128
    Lexington Route 128
    Burlington Route 128
    Woburn Route 128
    Reading Route 128
    Wakefield Route 128
    Lynnfield Route 128
    Wakefield Route 128
    Lynnfield Route 128
    Peabody Route 128
    Danvers Route 128
    Beverly Route 128
    Manchester By-the-Sea Route 128
    Essex Route 128
    Gloucester Route 128
    ends at Main St (127A)


    128A was given to sections of old
    128 north of Boston as the new freeway was being built. Soon after, it was decommisioned.


    129 runs from Chelmsford to Marblehead. In 1996, it was realigned to go thru downtown Lynn, and the old alignment became
    129A. In 1997, it was extended past one block before the current end to the Atlantic Ave/Pleasant St intersection [Thomas Lee Jr]; the final block on Ocean Ave became the last bit of 114. However, it was truncated back to its original end before late 2002. There used to be a TEMP 129, running along 128 near Reading. This map (1964) shows it.
  • folded diamond at US 3 (exit 29)
  • folded diamond at I-93 (exit 38)
  • rotary-diamond at I-95/128 (exit 40)
  • cloverleaf at US 1
  • diamond at US 1

    ends at Chelmsford center (4/110)
    Chelmsford Billerica Rd
    Billerica Chelmsford Rd, Boston Rd, Floyd St, Salem Rd, Andover Rd, Salem Rd
    Wilmington Shawsheen Ave, Richmond St, Main St, Lowell St
    Reading Lowell St, Salem St, [Salem St](Bay State Rd, Haverhill St)
    Wakefield [Lowell St](Main St), Lowell St, Main St, Water St
    Saugus Water St, Walnut St, Newburyport Tpk
    Lynnfield Newburyport Tpk, Salen St, Lynnfield St
    Lynn Lynnfield St, Broadway, Boston St, Washington St, [Washington St, Broad St](Central Ave, Exchange St), Broad St, Lewis St, Ocean St, Eastern Ave
    Swampscott Humphrey St, Atlantic Ave
    Marblehead Atlantic Ave, Ocean Ave
    ends at Pleasant St (114)


    129A is old
    129 in Lynn.

    ends at Boston St (129)
    Lynn Chestnut St, Western Ave, Waitt Ave, Eastern Ave
    ends at Ocean St (129/1A)

    Thanks to Ted Blackler for corrections on 122 and 122A.

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