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10 is secret with US 90, except east of downtown Jacksonville, and in the Pensacola area, where 10 is US 90A.
Exit list (Main St Br - Jacksonville)

enters Alabama (16 (US 90))
Escambia Mobile Hwy, W Nine Mile Rd, E Nine Mile Rd, Scenic Hwy
Santa Rosa US 90, Caroline St, US 90, Old Spanish Tr
Okaloosa Old Spanish Tr, W James Lee Blvd, E James Lee Blvd, Old Spanish Tr
Walton Old Spanish Tr, W Nelson Ave, E Nelson Ave, Old Spanish Tr
Holmes Old Spanish Tr
Washington US 90
Holmes US 90
Washington US 90
Jackson US 90, Lafayette St, US 90
Gadsden US 90, W Washington St, E Washington St, US 90, N Main St, S Main St, US 90, W Jefferson St, E Jefferson St, US 90
Leon New Quincy Hwy, W Tennessee St, E Tennessee St, Mahan Dr
Jefferson Mahan Dr
Leon Mahan Dr
Jefferson US 90, W Washington St, E Washington St, US 90
Madison US 90, W Base St, E Base St, US 90
Suwannee US 90, Howard St, US 90
Columbia US 90, W Duval St, E Duval St, US 90
Baker US 90, E Macclenny Ave, US 90, Lake City Rd, US 90
Nassau Lake City Rd
Duval Lake City Rd, W Beaver St, [N Main St, S Main St](E Beaver St, N Ocean St, S Ocean St), S Main St, Prudential Dr, Kings Ave, Atlantic Blvd
ends at 3rd St (A1A)


10A is a bunch of alternates to
10. Section 1 goes thru Pensacola with US 90, while 10 (US 90A) bypasses. Section 2 is a bypass of 10 (US 90) around Lake City. Section 3 is a short connector in eastern Jacksonville, signed TO 10 EAST and TO 115 NORTH.

ends at W Nine Mile Rd (10 (US 90/90A))
Escambia Mobile Hwy, W Cervantes St, E Cervantes St, Chipley Ave, Scenic Hwy
ends at E Nine Mile Rd (10 (US 90/90A))
ends at US 90 (10 (US 90))
Columbia W Baya Ave, E Baya Ave, SR 10A
ends at US 90 (10 (US 90))
ends at Southside Blvd (113/115)
Duval Arlington Expwy
ends at Atlantic Blvd (10)


11 connects DeLand to Bunnell.

ends at N WOodland Blvd/Glenwood Rd (15 (US 17))
Volusia SR 11
Flagler SR 11, W Moody Blvd
ends at S State St/N State St (5/100 (US 1))


12 connects Quincy to Havana.

ends at South St (20)
Liberty SR 12
Franklin SR 12, Green St, Selman St, SR 12, US 90, W Jefferson St, E Jefferson St, N Madison St, E King St, SR 12, W 9th Ave
ends at S Main St/N Main St (63 (US 27))


13 runs south from Jacksonville along the east shore of the St Johns River.
Exit list (Acosta Br - Jacksonville)

ends at SR 16 (16)
St Johns SR 13
Duval San Jose Blvd, Hendricks Ave, Prudential Dr, Acosta Br
ends at Riverside Ave/Broad St/W Bay St (15/228 west (US 17)) northbound, N Jefferson St/Water St (15 south/228 west (US 17 south)) southbound


14 connects
8 (I-10) exit 36 with Madison.

ends at I-10 (8 (I-10))
Madison SR 14, S Range St, Millinor St
ends at S Duval St (53)


15 runs from Belle Glade to Holopaw secret with US 441. There is a short gap, partly filled by CR 15, and it picks up in southeast Orlando, where it runs by itself, signed, to downtown. Once downtown it becomes secret once again and runs with US 17 to Jacksonville and US 1 to Georgia.
Exit list (Roosevelt Blvd - Jacksonville)
Exit list (20th St Expwy - Jacksonville)

ends at SR 80/US 441 (80)
Palm Beach US 441, Everglades Ave, US 98
Martin US 98
Okeechobee US 98, S Parrott Ave, N Parrott Ave, US 441
Osceola Holopaw Rd
ends at Space Coast Pkwy (500 (US 192))
ends at Bee Line Expwy (528)
Orange Narcoossee Rd, Hoffner Ave, Conway Rd, Lake Underhill Rd, [Lake Underhill Rd, E South St](E Anderson St, S Mills Ave), S Mills Ave, [E Jackson St, S Brown Ave, N Brown Ave, E Jefferson St, N Mills Ave](S Thornton Ave, N Thornton Ave), N Mills Ave, S Orlando Ave, N Orlando Ave, Dixie Hwy
Seminole US 17/92, Orlando Dr, S French Ave, N French Ave, US 17/92
Volusia US 92, S Woodland Blvd, N Woodland Blvd, US 17, S Center St, N Center St, US 17, Bennett Rd, US 17
Putnam US 17, S Summit St, N Summit St, US 17, Reid St, US 17
Clay US 17, Orange Ave, Magnolia Ave, US 17, Roosevelt Blvd
Duval Roosevelt Blvd, [Post St](Roosevelt Blvd, College St, Margaret St), Post St, Riverside Ave, [Riverside Ave, Broad St, W Forsyth St, E Forsyth St, N Ocean St, E State St](N Jefferson St, W Bay St, N Main St), N Main St, 20th St Expwy, New Kings Rd
Nassau US 1, Kings Rd, US 1, Kings Rd, US 1
enters Georgia (4/15 (US 1/23/301))


One section is a western bypass of DeLand. Another is a semi-freeway spur off
8 (I-10) exit 58 in Jacksonville to 15 (US 17). It is signed TO US 17 SOUTH and TO I-10 EAST.
Exit list (Roosevelt Expwy - Jacksonville)

ends at S Woodland Blvd (15/600 (US 17/92))
Volusia W Taylor Rd, SR 15A, S Spring Garden Ave, N Spring Garden Ave
ends at N Woodland Blvd (15 (US 17))
ends at Roosevelt Blvd (15 (US 17))
Duval SR 15A
ends at I-10 (8 (I-10))


16 runs west from St Augustine to Starke, and then leaves Starke to the northwest.

ends at SR 121 (121)
Union SR 16
Bradford SR 16, Raiford Rd, W Brownlee St, E Brownlee St, SR 16
Clay SR 16, Idlewild Ave, Ferris St, Orange Ave, SR 16
St Johns SR 16, SR 13, SR 16, Picolata Rd
ends at San Marco Ave (5A (US 1B))


17 is a couple old routes of
25 (US 27).

ends at US 27 (25/700 (US 27/98))
Highlands Lakeview Dr, S Ridgewood Dr, N Ridgewood Dr, SR 17, Arbuckle Creek Rd, SR 17, E Cornell St, S Memorial Dr, E Main St, W Main St
ends at US 27 (25/64/700 (US 27/98))
ends at US 27 (25/700 (US 27/98))
Polk S Scenic Hwy, N Scenic Hwy, S 5th St, N Scenic Hwy, E Main St, Center St, N Scenic Hwy, S 10th St
ends at E Hinson Ave (600 (US 17/92))


18 serves the small town of Brooker.

ends at Main St (121)
Union SR 18
Bradford SR 18
ends at Charlotte Ave/SR 235 (235)


19 connects Groveland to Palatka.

ends at W Orange St/E Orange St (50)
Lake S Lake Ave, N Lake Ave, Howey Rd, SR 19, S Palm Ave, Palm Ave, SR 19, S Duncan Dr, N Duncan Dr, US 441, S Bay St, [Paul Brown Pkwy, S Grove St, N Grove St, Eustis Grove St](S Bay St, N Bay St), N Bay St, SR 19, S Central Ave, N Central Ave, SR 19, Main St, SR 19
Marion SR 19
Putnam SR 19
ends at US 17 (15 (US 17))

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