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iPodder, the cross-platform Podcast receiver

Core iPodder Team

Concept by Adam Curry

Erik de Jonge (dev)
Andrew Grumet (dev/gui)
Martijn Venrooy (design/gui)
Perica Zivkovic (dev)
Garth T Kidd (dev)

The team history

The team consists of four programmers, one interaction designer and one tester/concepter. Basically Erik de Jonge (rabshakeh) implements all features for Macintosh, did a lot of the core and created BitTorrent support. All windows functionalities are implemented by Perica Zivkovic (zivkovicperica). The GUI and overall design/ communication is Martijn Venrooy's (thirst) part of the job. Inspired by the fresh iPodder-tunes the lemon became symbol for iSpider.

Later on Robin Jans (fascin8) was added to the team, Robin is bringing new ideas to the front and of course joins us with testing the app. After that Andrew Grumet joined the dev-team. Andrew helped us allready with a foldering system and is working on iTunes support (for Windows) and other cool nifty features.

Lately we added Ray Slakinski as part of the team. We're glad to tell you he joined us. The first version of iSpider was inspired by Ray's python-code. Later on Ray added iSpider code to his pyPodder.. and now we're going to work together! Great news : )

We'd like to thank Aaron Mitti for his commitment in submitting the Linux installer and patches.

We'd also like to thank the Active8 company for giving us access to their hardware and resources. And letting us work on the project after hours. Also the discussions which we had over there where inspiring. Very much appreciated. Check them out

Added Garth T Kidd, from Australia, he's going to add another great python parts to the app!

Open source project

We could use some help with all of this, don't hesitate to contribute your part, each little piece will be appreciated. Logo Donate to this project

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