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Feb 2004: Now Experimental Persian Digital Library is back and going to be prepared to move here. Please send your comments to digilib@bamdad.org as soon as possible.

May 2003: Check out our experimental Persian Digital Library. The new version will be moved here when it is stable.

This web site is currently under construction. At its final phase, it is expected to be a Persian (Farsi) digital library consisting of everything from literature and poems to legal texts and articles. It will be all free.

You are invited to provide free texts to be published on this site. If you wish to do so, please contact digilib@bamdad.org first, and tell us what do you want to submit.

You are also invited to participate in its development. Please send an email message to digilib@bamdad.org, and write about your background in programming, web development or system administration. Any software developed will be free, open-source, and available to everyone, so anyone anywhere can help to advance the functionality.

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