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Holistic Health or Healing

What is holistic health?

holistic medicine

The term holistic health or holistic healing comes from the word whole, meaning complete. There is no one standard definition of holistic health, holistic healing, holistic medicine or holistic therapy. To doctors or healers, the term holistic health refers to using some form of natural therapy that does not include conventional medicine. Holistic therapy often includes mind-body medicine, acupuncture and any modality that looks to treat the whole person with non-invasive measures.


Where do you receive training in holistic healing?

Many doctors or healers seek out a holistic health school to train in holistic medicine or holistic therapy. A Naturopathic medical school trains students in the art and science of Naturopathic Medicine, a holistic medicine approach where, in addition to the basic medical sciences, doctors are trained in holistic therapy and holistic health including: therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy and mind-body medicine.

holistic health

Does Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine teach holistic health?

Absolutely. The curriculum at Southwest College is one of the strongest in holistic healing and holistic medicine among the Naturopathic medical schools. Students are trained in all of the Naturopathic modalities with a very strong foundation in traditional holistic therapy. Students are trained to become healers or doctors proficient in all holistic healing modalities as defined by Naturopathic Medicine.

holistic healing


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