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Those wishing to visit the BNP official website should go to: www.bnp.to since a very professional attack was made upon its provider. Without becoming paranoid, there is obviously some substance in the BNP's claim that this is Government inspired work - now being fought on many fronts - to try and cripple the BNP.
However, I am told that they will soon have their site back 'on air', via a new, attack-proof provider. And since HSBC has given them notice that (like Barclays) they will no longer provide the BNP with banking facilities they will be using a European bank.
These frantic attempts to try and close down the BNP at least indicate that they must now be a major worry to the establishment
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We must apologise for the disappearance of all reports on this website a few weeks ago. It is something that neither myself nor the website provider, Netthe.net, can explain. I did ask them if they had "pulled the plug because my views are politically incorrect", adding that although the site opposes Afro-Asian immigration it is not abusive of other races. They informed me that I would have been informed first. I take their word for it and we must see how long this site lasts.

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Train Driver Jay Lee has won an historic victory at an Employment Tribunal last month. It held unanimously that Jay Lee had been unlawfully expelled from his trade union ASLEF for his BNP membership. He is now entitled to claim thousands of pounds in compensation and costs.
Mr Lee has said that he plans to stand as an ASLEF official “to bring democracy back to the union.”

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Last year three British soldiers in Iraq shot dead an Iraqi who was trying to bludgeon their troop commander to death. Now their actions are being legally challenged not only by military investigators far from the realities of battle, but by the non-military Crown Prosecution Service who are now charging the three soldiers with murder!
The troop commander was long-serving Sergeant Steve Roberts who in the struggle to save his life died after he was struck by bullets fired from a British tank. He had earlier been ordered to hand his body armour to another soldier who had none. The Prosecution’s case for murder is that the three soldiers shot the Iraqi after Sgt Roberts was dead. As a Sunday Telegraph heading put it: “You are a British soldier. Don’t shoot, you die. Shoot, you live – oh, and you may be charged with murder. You have one second to decide.”
No wonder British soldiers in Iraq are not only furious, but despondent. Several officers have reported that this incident is seriously affecting morale and fighting efficiency.
New Labour, with full Tory approval, has left our men in this murderous environment with no foreseeable way out (the Lib-Dems would have them stay there under the United Nations flag). Nearly 70 Britons and over 1000 ordinary Americans have died in order to protect American oil interests and protect Israel. It is not in British interests. We should bring our troops home to keep an eye on terrorists within our midst.

* * *

There is a reek of corruption about so many activities of the EU’s Brussels ‘Commissars’ that the sacking of Marta Andreasen, the former chief accountant, for refusing to withdraw her warnings of the risk of widespread fraud receives only passing mention in the media. She has amassed more than 100 papers that she believes will shed new light on the EU’s poor accounting practices. Some of the documents are so sensitive that she has stored them in a bank vault for safe-keeping.
She has described the EU’s book-keeping as “Enron-style” and told the press that its £63 billion budget was “an open till waiting to be robbed”.
The heart of Mrs Andreasen’s complaint is that the commission lacks double-entry book-keeping, now routine in the private sector, allegedly making it possible to divert large sums of money without leaving an electronic fingerprint. She found a £130 million discrepancy between two sets of books for 2001, which has never been fully explained.
The outgoing European Commission that sacked her, without compensation, was guided by Neil Kinnock, the EU’s reform commissioner and former Labour Party leader. The charge they made was that she had committed an “irredeemable breach of trust” by going public with her claims.
In an interview that Mrs Andreasen gave to David Wastell of the Sunday Telegraph (17.10.04), at the hearing in front of 24 commissioners, headed by Mr Kinnock, she looked directly at Mr Kinnock as she told them that she found it strange how, five years into his reform programme, the commission’s computer system was still “incoherent”. He appeared agitated, she said, making “a lot of gestures”.

The actions of this former scion of the Old Labour Party call to mind some of the parodies of the Red Flag that we used to sing in my political youth. “The working class can kiss my arse, I’ ve got an EU job at last.”
* * *

Over 50 per cent in Dagenham and Keighley
What absolutely stunning council by-election results in Keighley and Dagenham last month.
And just when the old parties’ political pundits were trying to kid themselves that the BNP’s electoral support had passed its peak.
First came the news that Angela Clarke had won the Keighley local by-election in Guardhouse ward with 180 votes (53%) against 158 for a so-called ‘independent’. This ‘independent’ in fact evolved after a meeting in January of Labour, Conservative and Lib-Dem party managers called by Ann Cryer, the Labour MP for Keighley, on how to stop the electoral advance of the BNP. The voters saw through this ploy.
Without diminishing Angela Clarke’s magnificent result, the victory obtained the following week in the Goresbrook Ward for Dagenham and Barking was even more prestigious with its 1072 votes for Daniel Kelly of the BNP to give 51.9 per cent of the poll., which broke that presumed 'glass-ceiling' of attainable votes. The result was:
BNP 1072; Labour 602; UKIP 137; Conservative 111; Lib-Dem 85; Green 59

The by-election in Goresbrook with a BNP candidate pushed turnout up by
The result in this Goresbrook by-election, taken with the recent Valance
by-election in Barking & Dagenham, reveals the Labour and Liberal Democrat
vote in steep decline since 2002, by nearly 30% apiece.
So much for the Liberal Democrats benefiting from tactical anti-BNP voting,
they along with the Greens failed to even gain 5% of the vote, despite the
Lib Dems winning Goresbrook from Labour in 1999.

UKIP Votes Collapses
The result in the Goresbrook by-election for UKIP is also truly abysmal.
Having achieved 21.1% of the vote in the European Elections in the Barking &
Dagenham district, their vote has in just 3 months utterly collapsed.
Barking & Dagenham European Election results:
LAB 9947 (28.0%)
UKIP 7500 (21.1%)
CON 5384 (15.1%)
BNP 5266 (14.8%)
LD 3063 (8.6%)
GRN 1479 (4.2%)
RESPECT 1052 (3.2%)
OTHERS 1893 (5.3%)

The Goresbrook and Valance results indicate that the votes gained just 3
months ago at the European Elections significantly underestimate the
attainable electoral support for the BNP and with a vigorous BNP campaign
many more council seats across all parts of London are there for the taking.

UPDATE: On Oct.7th in another by-election in Village Ward, Dagenham, the result was: Lab 1085 - 44.7%. BNP 934 - 38.4%. Con 410 16.9%
Labour had workers drafted in from allover Southern England to fight this ward and did a deal with the Lib-Dems to stand, which ensured the 'left-lib' vote was not split. Investigations are underway over the BNP charge that there were some 'illegal' votes cast for Labour.

* * *

I was initialy surprised that the BNP did not contest the Hartlepool bye-election. In retrospect Nick Griffin and his election gurus made the right decision in leaving it to UKIP to hammer the Tories (who have mislead patriots for the past two decades
by doing nothing about immigration or our loss of sovereignty to the EU) while UKIP still had a good head of steam. However, much of that steam will soon be lost as the power struggle between Kilroy-Silk and present leader, Roger Knapman, intensifies. AND particularly now that the party's main financial backer, Paul Sykes who donated more than £1 million to fight the Euro Elections, has pulled the plug on further donations.
As a young man I heard Oswald Mosley speak at Kensington Town Hall in the fifties. In the extracts shown on TV of Kilroy-Silk's speech at the recent UKIP annual conference he reminded me of someone giving a third rate imitation of
Mosley, but without the charisma. I suppose it is hard to shake off the
mannerisms acquired after ten years as the host of a second rate chat show. His followers will soon realise that this is not what is required from a political leader.
I have spoken to some six or seven supporters, two of them women, in recent months and without exception I found them decent, patriotic people, although perhaps a little naive. In fact, just like the bulk of the people one saw at the UIP conference. And also like the people at the conference, all were over fifty with grey heads predominating. If their party is going to contest every Parliamentary seat at the forthcoming general election, where will they find the troops to do all the leg work?
I can reveal, on good authority, that the BNP has a target of 100 seats to be fought in the election (Remember, you read it here first!).
Priority will be given to those Parliamentary seats containing wards where there are BNP Councillors and also those containing wards where they have won 25% or more of the poll. Additionally, I understand that the BNP will also stand in many Tory marginal seats as part of their long term strategy to aid the break-up of the Tory party before "we can build anew". UKIP will be pursuing the same tacticts but without the more vigorous man/womanpower that the BNP can put out, particularly in canvassing.
Of course, if the Euro Elections are anything to go by UKIP will have the tacit support of much of the media who, like the old parties it serves, look upon the one-string fiddle UKIP - given to making vague comments about "asylum numbers" as a side issue - as a safety valve to syphon off support for the BNP.
Remember, before UKIP paid out a million to obtain the services of Max Clifford (a Labour voter) and the American Dick Morris (a leading adovocate for opening the door to Mexican and Asian immigrants during President Clinton's administration) they said nothing about Britain's immigration problem! Its then leading lights Nigel Farage and Roger Knapman are on record for speaking out against any patriots who called for restrictions on immigration. As recently as this August, in an interview in "The Times" Nigel Farange stated "...UKIP is basically a liberal party, which used to be classified as left-wing". As for Kilroy-Silk,on his BBC chat show he was renowned for denouncing as "racist" anybody who criticised our lack of control over immigration. Because the BBC sacked him for writing a newspaper article condemning Muslim extemists, misguided voters have been led to believe that he is the "strong man" who will call a halt on further immigration. This has as much reality as little pigs being able to perform aerial acrobatics.

* * *

How New Labour would be only too ready to use dictatorial power was shown in the manner in which they passed the law to ban hunting with dogs. On this occasion there was virtually no debate and the Government got it through by use of the Parliament Act, which is normally intended for extreme circumstances when the Government’s main policies are being blocked. We recognise that there are visitors to this site who have strong objections to hunting, as well as those who believe in freedom of choice for followers of minority sports. The former might say that this action was necessary because the Lords blocked the Bill to introduce this unnecessary law on two occasions and it has been the subject of debate for over six years. Our reply to this is that Blair gave the go ahead as a sop to his class war obsessed left wing to offset the rebellion on the back benches over his folly on Iraq.
We must also consider the influence of his wife. About a year ago a gossip columnist in the Telegraph gave a report of an Islington dinner party attended by the Blairs. Apparently the conversation came round to fox hunting and Cherie Blair is alleged to have said: “But Tony, you promised me it would be banned”.
Now couple this with the statement by Melvyn Bragg (Lord Bragg), a close friend of the Blairs, that Tony Blair was prepared to resign as Prime Minister back in the summer “due to domestic pressure” and we may have the answer to why the Government suddenly dropped its compromise plan for allowing licensed hunting and used the Parliament Act to force through a total ban.
I do not hunt, nor do I wish to, but I respect the right of those who do. For that reason I joined one of the marches in London organised by the Countryside Alliance some four years ago. There were farmers and landowners there, but among the hundreds of thousands of true Britons from all over the UK (including many from the cities) there were plumbers, farm workers, gardeners and men and women from all trades and professions. As for the Police, on that occasion, as with further marches, the overwhelming majority were very sympathetic and favourably compared our behaviour to that of the left rentamob. It has taken just four years for the Police to become a politically correct adjunct of the multi-culti Establishment, prepared to beat white female demonstrators as well as male around the head with truncheons. Did we see that behaviour from the Police when dealing with rioting Muslims in Bradford? Of course not!
Incidentally, farmers and landowners will still have the power to despatch foxes by shooting, trapping or poisoning that they think are a danger to their sheep in the lambing season or to game birds. Some five years ago I found a wounded fox lying in a ditch that bounds one side of my (rural) garden. He had been shot by a farmer three days previously and gangrene had set it. I called in the RSPCA who put the poor suffering animal down and told me that this was becoming fairly common. Although it is certainly not a pleasant sight, when a fox has his throat torn out by hounds he/she is dead in ten seconds.

* * *

We of the Radical Right are supporters of the small businessman and free enterprise. Nevertheless, we can have sympathy, if not empathy, with certain aspects of the left's militant campaign against global capitalism, even if we draw the line at attempt to do a 'twin-towers' job on the Lndon Stock Exchange or other world wide finance houses. Finance should serve the business of the country: not control it.
In this 21st century finance has set its horizons far beyond the nation state: it is now controlling the global market and the interests of individual nations are very much secondary to that objective, whether it is Britain or Brazil. As one British manufacturing base after another has been closed down and manufacture increasingly transported eastwards to "take advantage of cheaper labour costs", New Labour - with support from the other PODs (Parties of Decadence) - has told us in Britain that the jobs are being replaced by jobs in the service industry. Mark you, there is not much room here for ex-miners, shipbuilders and steelworkers, as most of the new jobs are for women. Perhaps the largest growth sector in the service industry is the call centre. Until about eighteen months ago we were told that it would soon be employing one in five in the UK.
However, we hear little of that nowadays as one call centre after another is either closed or reduced in size as these jobs are switched to S.E. Asia, mainly India. To date more than 60,000 British jobs(including banking and accountancy jobs) have been subject to the great Indian takeaway, with a further 7,000 going from Norwich Union in October(2004), making a total of 14,000 from this company alone. These global capitalist companies are, of course, exploiting the Indian and other Asian workers who are paid one tenth of the salary that their British counterparts need. Those of us who have worked in India know that there are countless thousands of Indians who have a good command of English. But what an accent! It takes a fortnight to crack the code.

* * *

"Our civilisation and culture is sick. It offers no defence. It takes pleasure in its own vilification and disintegration." - Oswald Spengler, "Hour of Decision".

* * *

Is it just a touch of arrogance that goes with old age, but I often think that there are more stupid people around than there were twenty or more years ago – and I am talking about our fellow whites. I was interested, therefore, to read that a leading Danish psychologist, Prof Helmuth Nyborg, the dean of the Psychology Institute at Aarhus University had come to a similar conclusion.
He is a strong believer in intelligence being hereditary. He has caused outrage in liberal circles by stating that: “The 15 to 20 per cent of those at the lower levels of society – those who are not able to manage even the simplest tasks and often not their children – should be dissuaded from having children. The fact is that they are having more children and the intelligent ones are having fewer.”
Prof Nyborg said he was raising the issue because average intelligence was falling in Denmark and the problem needed to be addressed. “The statistics show that more highly educated women use their time studying and at work before having children,” he said. “We could reduce the work-load of intelligent women and simply pay the less intelligent not to have kids.”
Needless to say, he has been subjected to much abuse and his views equated with the Nazis, particularly by Berthel Haarder, the Danish immigration and integration minister. Prof Nyborg insisted that his proposals could not be likened to extermination policies. “Hitler didn’t believe in eugenics. He just wanted to exterminate individual groups, and in fact exterminated the most intelligent among them.”

* * *
It will take a long time to forget the images of half-naked children, many of them wounded, running for their lives from the Beslan school in Southern Russia, and the burnt and shattered bodies in the wreckage of the gymnasium of other children and their mothers and grandmothers. Many of those who died in this massacre of the innocents were shot in he back as they tried to escape by grinning Muslim terrorists.
Those terrorists, including Arabs, were not just ‘fighting’, if that is the word for child killers, for Chechen independence, but for the long term objective of an independent Muslim state including all the states in the southern part of the Russian Federation that have a significant Muslim population. The religious fundamentalists (not necessarily supported by moderate Muslims) have no compunction in whom they kill to achieve their objectives; as Christian and Animist Africans in Southern Sudan, or Western civilian workers in Iraq, also know.
However, there are sensible Muslims who realise the damage that barbarism is doing to their faith. Abdel Rahman al-Rasheed, Director of the al – ‘Arabiyya TV network in Saudi Arabia, commenting on the Beslan massacre, has called for Muslims to put an end to a history of denial and recognise that: “It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain, and exceptionally painful. That almost all terrorists are Muslims . . .terrorism has become an Islamic enterprise; an almost exclusive monopoly implemented by Muslim men and women.”
He added that “neo-Muslim” radical clerics “reinvent themselves as revolutionary ideologues, sending other people’s sons and daughters to certain death”. He especially attacked Yusuf al-Qaradawi as one of these radical hypocritical Muslim clerics. While proclaiming that Islam is a religion of mercy and peace, he issues fatwas permitting the killing of American civilians in Iraq. While inciting young Muslims to suicide bombings that kill civilians, his own daughters study in the safety of “infidel” Britain.

Yet when Qaradawi visited Britain this summer he was applauded as a moderate Muslim leader by our establishment!

* * *

It is encouraging to note that there are now even commissioners within the EC who recognise the demographic danger that is threatening Europe as third world migration continues apace. One such is Fritz Bolkestein, a former leader of the Dutch liberals.
He set off a furious row (of course) last month after warning that Europe’s Christian civilisation risked being overrun by Islam.
He said the European Union would “implode” in its current form if 70 million Turkish Muslims were allowed to join. He predicted that Turkish accession would overwhelm the fragile system and finish off any lingering dreams of a fully-integrated European superstate.
He compared the EU to the late Austrian-Hungarian empire, which took so many different peoples on board in such a haphazard fashion that it eventually became ungovernable. That is exactly one of the main reasons why the BNP opposes the EU concept, and not because we are ‘anti-European’.
Calling demography the “mother of politics”, Bolkestein said that while AAmerica had the youth and dynamism two remain the world’s only superpower, and China was the rising economic power, Europe’s destiny was to be “Islamised”.
He quoted the American author Bernard Lewis warning that Europe would become an Extension of North Africa and the Middle East by the end of the century.

* * *

"TEN MILES FROM ANYWHERE - A Suffolk Chronicle"
My above book describes the changes in the life patterns of a typical English village in the last century. Although basically non-political, I have woven in the effects of "white flight" upon rural communities and explained why this flight to the countryside has come about! (154 pages, plus 'vintage' photos)
Published at £6.95 it is now available to visitors to this website at £5 post-free from PO Box 97, Newmarket CB8 8WT. Make cheques out to John Bean

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The following research was carried out for me by Arthur Kemp, an independent observer.
One of John Tyndall’s attacks on Nick Griffin has been the effect that the June 2004 Euro Election campaigns were a waste of time and resources.

“First, there was the fiasco of the June elections. After months in which Mr. Griffin was repeatedly telling the party that we were on course to get four or five MEPs into the European Parliament, the final result was that not one single one was elected . . . In other words, Mr. Griffin stands condemned, not for the party failing to win seats in Europe, but for targeting the impossible and wasting huge resources in so doing. “ - John Tyndall, writing in Spearhead, September 2004, http://www.spearhead.com/0409-jt2.html

But if we have a look around at Mr Tyndall’s previous writings on the BNP contesting Euro elections, we find directly contradictory opinions, particularly when he was BNP leader:

“(t)he fact is that in the two years before Mr. Griffin's takeover the BNP had increased its membership by almost 90 per cent. It put up a full slate of candidates in England and Scotland in the Euro Elections in 1999 and won TV time.” - John Tyndall, writing in Spearhead, October 2003, http://www.spearhead.com/0310-jt2.html

And this interesting (and entirely correct) analysis of the benefits of contesting Euro elections, penned by John Tyndall himself, in June 2000 once again portrays a completely different opinion:

“All this brings us back to what we must regard as the most important gain from the recent London mayoral and other local government elections - and from last year's Euro election - and from the 1997 general election before that. All these occasions provided us with the facilities and opportunity to win the interest of the "altruist" section of the population and to recruit from it - thus building up our organisation, our active cadres and our pool of future national and local leadership.

In this respect, the votes that we have won from the ordinary mass of people, very welcome though they are, are of less importance than the prospective new members and activists who will be recruited by our campaign literature. For these will determine our vote-winning potential in the future.

Let's hope that this and other literature used used in these elections bring in the new members and help the process of building the active cadres which are our vital need in the coming years of growth from minority party to mass movement.

For that is what electoral activity is all about. “

- John Tyndall, writing in Spearhead, June 2000, http://www.spearhead.com/0006-jt.html

An outside observer is thus forced to conclude that the “June 2004 Euro election was a waste” cry by John Tyndall is just a red herring against Nick Griffin.

* * *
Lib-Dem Paki Tells Porkies
Liquat Ali, a Liberal Democrat Councillor in Manchester, is not to be confused with his party’s boss, Liquid Kennedy, renowned for liking the ‘hard stuff’. Six years ago Liquat Ali claimed asylum in Britain on the grounds that he would be killed if he returned to Pakistan. This April he was eventually given indefinite leave to remain in Britain as part of an amnesty for asylum seekers.
Last month he returned from an 18-day break to his native country, with no reports on any attempt on his life.
He cannot speak English and needs a translator to understand council debates. We assume some White idiots in Manchester must have voted for him, no doubt beguiled by the Lib-Dem philosophy of all things to all men – including liars.
Note: I use the term 'Paki' here not in a derogatory sense but in that he is a person who comes from Pakistan, as Afghans come from Afghanistan, Tajiks come from Tajikstan, etc, etc.

* * *

"A home for everyone is a home for no one." - Jean-Jacque Roussea, the 18th century philosopher, more given to a "liberal" outlook than a nationalist one.

* * *

With the latest statistics showing that 47% of all school-age children in Greater London are now of non-white origin we should learn from the following comments describing Rome when it had passed its zenith and was beginning its inexorable slide into decay.
"Rome, the capital of a great monarchy, was incessantly filled with subjects and strangers from every part of the world, who all introduced and enjoyed the favourite superstition of their native country."
From p.28, Vol.1, Gibbons "Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire".
Again, from p.168, Vol.1:
"The nation of soldiers, magistrates and legislators, who composed the 35 tribes of the (original) Roman people, was dissolved into the common mass of mankind and confounded with the millions of servile provincials (i.e. colonials) who had received the name without the spirit of the Romans."
Prof. C.Northcote Parkinson writes in his "East & West" (1963) of 'hybrid' Rome:
"Rome came to be peopled very largely by Levantines, Egyptians, Armenians and Jews; by astrologers, tipsters, idlers and crooks."
The Swedish historian Prof. Martin ilsson wrote in "Imperial Rome":
"Of greater variety than elsewhere was the medley of races in the capital, where individuals congregated from all quarters, either on business with the rulers and the government, or as fortune seekers in the great city where great possibilities were open to all. It is almost impossible for us today to realise the motley character of the Roman mob."

* * *

The above titled paperback is sub-titled "British Roots of the New Right". It is a collectin of 20 essays by 15 authors on political and cultural heroes of Britain's past, whom Blair, Kennedy. Howard and their ilk would hope that we older folk might forget and the younger ones not know about. I highly recommend it as an inspiring read.
For further details contact: The Bloomsbury Forum, PO Box No.33776, LondonSW3 2WY. Price is £7, cheques made out to Bloomsbury Forum.

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