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Title: Memories of Moonlight
Author: Ainzfern
Series: TOS
Code: S/Mc
Rating: R
Parts: 1 (1/1)
Disclaimer: Paramount owns STAR TREK ... etc and so on and so forth!
My only pay here is personal joy
Summary: Leonard spies his beloved taking an early morning swim and he reflects for a moment on the previous perfect day. Part of the Bonded Souls series. Set not long after "Gathering Together."
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Author's Note: HUGE thanks as always to Janet for her BETA. I grovel at thy feet <G>.

Memories of Moonlight

Early morning.

Leonard McCoy opened his eyes slowly, coming awake gently in the soft light of this summer dawn. On his back, one hand behind his head, the other curled loosely over his flat stomach, he lay contentedly, watching the soft breeze, warm even at this time of the day, shift the light lace curtains at the bedroom window.

Blinking and stretching, a sensual arch of a lean body under cool white sheets, he turned to one side.

Spock was not beside him.

Unusual but not unheard of. Leonard concentrated for a moment, a slight frown appearing on his sun touched face. He smiled after a moment. His mate was not in the house. His sense of presence was a little further away this morning. He was at the lake. The small body of water had been one of the main reasons Spock and Leonard had decided to purchase this old house.

Located at the end of a short path that wound directly out of their back garden, it was surrounded by trees and low flowering bushes. A natural screen of privacy. It was a beautiful, peaceful place, a haven for birds and other small local wildlife. Leonard and his Vulcan mate had spent many a pleasant day on the grassy bank that led down to the small dock. They even had a little boat, which they would occasionally take out into the middle of the lake and just float together, idly talking about this and that, while the sun warmed their skin and the sweet song of the birds shimmered in the air all around them.

Rising slowly, Leonard yawned again and padded into the bathroom to wash his face and attend to morning business. That done, he plodded downstairs, absently scratching himself and pondering the enigma that was his mate.

Spock liked to swim. It had astonished Leonard at first, how quickly he had taken to it. For a being that originated from such an arid planet, Spock had a surprising ability in the water. Leonard could only surmise that his mother, Amanda, must have been a water baby.

The endearing image of his mate as a tiny pointy-eared water sprite came to him for a moment and he laughed softly, enjoying his own whimsical imagination as he stepped out through the sliding doors and onto the back porch. Crossing the lush and carefully tended back yard, he followed the little winding path and came quickly to the edge of the lake.

Where he stopped, entranced... simply watching.

Spock, naked, graceful and perfect in form, stood at the edge of the small dock. His eyes were closed, his face calm and composed... peaceful, caught in some silent communion with the dawn. The elegant lean lines of his body were touched with that peculiar golden glow that one sometimes sees within the summer sunrises. Here and there on his strong and slender body the sunlight caught the sleek curve and plain on his compact and powerful muscles, painting him golden and ethereal, giving him an appearance that was otherworldly and somehow magical.

Leonard fancied that he should not breathe for fear of making a sound that would break the spell and cause this vision to disappear.

For an instant, different images tormented him. His mate, resurrected from the dead but distant from him, cold and aloof. A stranger in a lover's body. Leonard had never known such agony. He had thought that nothing could be worse than the moment he had watched Spock's coffin as is was jettisoned into space.

He had been wrong.

The first moment he had looked into Spock's eyes following the Vulcan's rebirth... that had nearly broken him. To gaze into that well loved face and see no affection at all, to reach out with his mind and hear nothing but the aching, echoing sound of silence. It was almost more than he could bear.

He quashed the images forcefully out of his mind, pushing them away firmly. He knew Spock would quickly pick up on any emotional distress from him and he simply did not want to break this moment.

All bemused, he stood and stared, loving his mate. His beautiful, passionate Vulcan. Spock seemed to break from his own reverie then, and with a deep breath, he arched his body and launched himself forward, gracefully diving into still water, cutting cleanly through the mirror surface without a single splash. Only the expanding rings of ripples that flowed outwards from his point of entry betrayed the existence of the dive.

Smiling, Leonard walked forward and watched Spock swim. The Vulcan was heading out to the center of the lake. Leonard knew the routine. He would reach the middle, float for a while, and then swim back. Picking up the soft towel Spock had brought with him, Leonard hunkered down and waited, enjoying the feeling of the sun on his skin as the morning aged.

As he sat there, he began to replay the previous day in his mind. It had been a perfect day. Spock would tell him that from a logical point of view, such statement was ridiculous. Leonard chuckled softly as he thought about the response that *that* remark would have gotten his mate.

It *had* been perfect. In Leonard's mind there were no two ways about it. The funny thing was, in Leonard's mind *every* day that he had spent here with his mate had been prefect. It was a time of healing and renewal. A time to rediscover each other and make up for lost ground. They were free now, their love no longer hidden, the true depth of their commitment to each other known by all. It was liberating, and they no longer had any reason to hold back.

They had lingered late in bed the previous morning, lying closely wrapped in each other's arms, touching and talking with both words and thoughts. Planning the day, which in essence meant no plan at all.

Rising reluctantly, they had shared their repast on the front porch, seated close together on the swing chair. The old chair creaked back and forth as they swung lazily, sipping sweet tea and grazing on fresh fruit and new baked bread.

That day had been spent hiking around the perimeter of their property, a decent walk and one that was not too taxing. If they set a cracking pace, they could skirt their land in less than a morning. If they ambled, it would take all day.

By unspoken consent, they had ambled, stopping when and where they would to admire the view or investigate a beautiful bloom, or carefully peer into a bird's nest to look at tiny speckled eggs.

They had shared their packed lunch at the halfway point, lingering over the meal and soaking up the filtered sunlight that peeked in dappled patches through the canopy of leaves above them. Then they had moved on, arriving back at the lake just as the moon reached it full height.

They had both stopped, caught for a moment by the perfect reflection of the night sky painted across the surface of the lake. Dropping their packs, they had walked the length of the small wooden dock, stripped off their clothes and lowered themselves into the cool water.

They had swum for a decent amount of time, refreshing themselves and washing away the sweat and the dust of the day. Finally, in danger of becoming waterlogged, they had both returned to the dock, hauled themselves out and moved back to the soft grassy bank, sitting close together and letting the warm night breeze dry the water on their skin.

There, under the silver moonlight, Spock had moved to take him, to make love to him. Laying him down in the soft, sweet smelling grass, his Vulcan mate had kissed him deeply, over and over. Long fingers had touched his face, his closed eyes, stroking over his neck, through the soft hair on his chest and down over his flat belly. Warm lips had followed in their wake. Delicate sucking kisses, and tiny gentle nips with even white teeth trailed a path of shivering fire across his sensitized skin.

He had been so ready, so receptive. Willing and eager to be molded and shaped to his lover's desires. Needing him as much as he needed his own breath, needing him, wanting him, loving him utterly. When Spock had taken his hands and mouth to Leonard's achingly hard sex, the Human had groaned and gasped, spreading his thighs wantonly, offering up his body and his soul to this man who owned them both completely.

Oh and there, there in the silver moonlight, Spock had made him come, bringing him to orgasm so sweetly and tenderly that all Leonard could do was lie back and cry out with the joy of it, the sheer rightness of it. His blue eyes, dazed with pleasure, had filled with tears that reflected the starlight above as he arched back and wailed, giving himself over to his mate's loving hands, feeling the shudders wrack his body in the endless glorious bliss of completion.

Now, standing again in the new dawn, Leonard blinked, bringing himself back to the present and smiling as Spock easily lifted himself out of the lake and onto the dock, stripping the excess water off his long limbs with his hands before taking the towel from his Human mate.

As soon as Spock had dried his face, Leonard leaned forward and kissed him gently. "Mornin', beautiful."

"Good morning, beloved. Did you sleep well?"

Leonard grinned and winked. "You *know* I did."

"Indeed." Spock's mouth curled slightly and he wrapped the towel around his lean waste, falling into step with his mate, as they made their way back to the house.

"So, y'got any great plans for the day?" Leonard asked.

Spock turned and regarded him fondly, his dark eyes filled with slightly sultry speculation. "I have several, beloved," he replied softly.

"*Really*?" Leonard felt a certain familiar stirring in his lower body. "Well, why don't we just talk about that for a while, Hmmm? I'm sure we can work out a schedule."

Leonard smiled as he followed his mate into the cool interior of their home. Later, there would be duties. There would be new orders, new worlds to see, new frontiers to follow. But for now, there was just them, the two of them together in this beautiful endless summer of love and affection. Time aplenty to smother each other with the kind of attention they had so sorely missed during those long and painful months of separation.

And yes, it would be another perfect day.



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