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    I often imagine myself as an artist from the 70's. I just think my music
would've been so embraced in that more organic time. I'm so happy I was able
to experience the 70's even as a little kid. It felt like a more hospitable
time on the planet with Sesame Street on the tv, "The Secret Life of Plants"
a bestseller, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's "Ohio" on the radio...

    I am serious to a fault, sometimes. I believe it's an artist's duty to raise
consciousness through their art. I aspire to the Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye,
KRS-1, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Tracy Chapman, Paul Robeson, John
Lennon-style artform that combines love, spirituality, and yes, politics. I
distinctly thought of "Ohio" when I wrote "My Hero, Mr. President"; but I
also thought of Michael Moore's advice to "be funny." So, it quickly became a sardonic piece.

    I am saddened by these times. I feel sometimes like the last Indian in NYC. I
wish we were in a time when independent radio dj's could play what they
wanted, and that people felt free enough to publically question the
government and the media more. So....forgive me for my soapbox moment, but in
my core, I feel it is my responsibility to say something.

    Don Henley, an eloquent, caring and extremely smart man, e-mailed this NY
Times article to me. (Click here for New York Times article)

    My little demo will probably never be played on today's radio, but with the internet, there is still some freedom!

    all good things,

    ps. Recorded a Dolly Parton song (not Jolene!) for a Dolly Tribute album
forthcoming later this, fun, fun!

Paula's Thoughts On "My Hero, Mr. President!"

Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to bring some light as to why I posted the song. It's just a home demo; not an album track. I wrote it originally because I needed to get those feelings off my chest: I literally needed to write "My Hero, Mr. President!" in order to unblock my writing process, and let the other songs behind it flow. Also, I was supposed to do a benefit for Rock For Choice (which never happened) and I wrote the song for my appearance there. And so I sit in my silence... Harboring these songs...I knew "My Hero..." was relevant only NOW, so I put it up on the site: I didn't even tell Warner Brothers. It probably won't be a single. Who knows, maybe it won't even make the album(?)... I simply thought it should be heard by people who care. I was curious, too, about your thoughts. There are no designs! This song is aberrant from the rest of the material. Most of the songs are confessional stories; emotional; melodic. I can't wait to finish up the album and be out there again making music. I miss it so!

    All good things,

Muses from Paula
    Paula, still in the studio recording tracks for her next album with renowned producer Hugh Padgham, looked forward to taking time out and answering questions directly from her devoted fans. Click here for Paula's responses. Stay tuned to for more opportunities to submit your questions to Paula in our continuing Ask Paula forum!

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