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Title: Prelude To Loss
Author: Ainzfern
Series: TOS
Code: S/Mc
Rating: NC-17
Parts: 1 (1/1)
Disclaimer: Paramount owns STAR TREK ... etc and so on and so forth!
My only pay here is personal joy
Summary: Part of the Bonded Souls series, covering an evening in the period of time Spock and McCoy spent on Earth prior to TWOK. Set a few *long* months before "Return To Us".
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Author's Note: Inspired with grateful thanks by Janet and her challenge: **Write an S/Mc that explains the day before TWOK started.** Gracious and deep thanks for the BETA too, Janet. I just don't know what I would do without you!

Prelude To Loss

"Ohhh, I gotta tell ya', beautiful," Leonard walked out of the small bathroom toweling the last of the water out of his hair. He tightened the belt on his warm blue cotton robe and turned slightly so that he could toss the towel back through the bathroom door. "You can extol the virtues of sonic showers all you want. *Nothing* beats hot water."

Spock looked up from his data padd. He was currently seated on the sofa in the living area of the quarters that had been assigned to him by Starfleet Academy. Resplendent in a black robe of heavy, soft velvet, his long legs curled up under his lithe body, he looked incredibly attractive to his Human mate as he blinked catlike and slow, regarding Leonard with a fond sparkle in his dark eyes.

"I must confess to acquiring a fondness for them myself since my involvement with a certain Human began," he remarked softly.

Leonard smiled, plopping himself down next to his mate and stretching his legs out over Spock's lap. His grin became slightly wicked. "That's only 'cause you discovered how much fun it was to bang me up against the side of the shower stall."

An elegant eyebrow shot skyward. "Your penchant for colorful idiom never fails to astonish me, beloved."

The grin widened. "You love it."

Spock sniffed in splendid disdain, but his eyes remained warm. "You will not hear me say so, Leonard."

Leonard laughed and crawled forward slowly, almost languidly making his way up the side of Spock's lean body, winding his own long limbs around him and straddling his lap. He delighted in the way that Spock's dark eyes became notably darker as the Vulcan watched his progress with something akin to fascination. Leonard wrapped one arm around Spock's shoulders, while the other hand plucked the data padd from his unresisting fingers and tossed it over his shoulder. "That's the beauty of being a bondmate, beautiful. I don't *have* to hear you say it."

Spock's hands slipped slowly down Leonard's back, cupping his buttocks and squeezing gently. Leonard, as always, felt the strong stirrings in his groin as his Vulcan mate's distinctive scent of arousal assailed his senses. "You do realize, Leonard, that you just threw away the coming week's training schedule for the graduate class?"

Leonard nuzzled his neck gently, inhaling deeply, glorying the warmth and the smell of the man in his arms, letting his body respond as it would. "Beautiful," he murmured against smooth warm skin. "I commute an hour and a half from the hospital by ground car, every night so that I can jump ya'. The *least* you can do is leave your work at the office."

Spock drew back slightly, looking at him somberly. "I can come to you, Leonard. I shall if you desire it." He touched Leonard's face with gentle fingertips.

Leonard kissed them as they passed over his lips. "It's easier for me to come here. No one questions it. I guess it's expected that I would be a regular visitor with nearly all my old crew lurking about the place in some capacity or other." He shrugged, his eyes bright with secret delight. "Besides, I got an answer on my application from the Academy Dean. They're overjoyed that I want to take few classes here. So I'll be here for three days a week, starting tomorrow."

"When were you intending on informing me?"

Leonard smiled, unrepentant and privately amused at getting a rise out of his taciturn mate. He smothered that reaction carefully, briefly reflecting on how *some* things never changed. "It was supposed to be a surprise."

Spock relaxed and squeezed his backside again. "A most pleasing one, beloved. I am gratified by this."

Leonard pressed closer, sliding his hands into Spock's satin hair and rocking his hips against the Vulcan's groin, feeling an answering hardness, a rising heat. "How gratified, beautiful?" he asked softly, his mouth a breath's whisper away from Spock's sensual lips.

With the slightest upward tilt of his head, Spock captured Leonard's soft mouth with his own, kissing him deeply, tasting him with delicate dips of a satin smooth tongue. //*Most* gratified, beloved. Would you have me illustrate further?// He slipped an elegant hand between their bodies and under Leonard's robe. Fingertips tickled delightfully up the soft skin of the inside of Leonard's thigh before curling under the Human's heated sex.

Leonard moaned softly into Spock's mouth, arching his back slightly and pressing his aching member against the Vulcan's warm palm. He was rewarded by a slow sensual caress as Spock rubbed his shaft firmly, building the flames banked low in his belly, actively widening the link between them as they moved towards their coupling.

//That's so sweet, beautiful. Feels so good. // Leonard gasped and tightened the grip of his fingers in Spock's hair. He moved against his mate with renewed passion, the kiss between them deepening, become hungry and heated, lips bruising against teeth, breath catching, temperatures rising.

//You feel good to me, beloved. Your pleasure is mine.// In one smooth move, the Vulcan uncoiled from the sofa and stood, lifting Leonard in his arms.

With his long legs wrapped around his mate's lean hips, ankles linked at the small of Spock's back, Leonard felt himself being easily carried into the bedroom. The Vulcan's arms wrapped tightly around him for a moment, and Leonard closed his eyes, laying his head over Spock's sleek shoulder and relishing their closeness, before he was carefully lowered down onto the bed covers.

Spock pushed open Leonard's robe and bent his head down over him, closing his mouth over a small male nipple, teasing with teeth and tongue until the tiny velvet bud was aching and hard.

Leonard writhed slowly as Spock turned his attention to the other side, giving the same careful attention there. //Oh, beautiful... what you do to me...// He clutched at Spock's shoulders, growling softly as he felt velvet under his fingers. With impatient hands, he pushed the material off and down, sighing again with pleasure as he closed his hands on the soft, smooth skin of Spock's shoulders and back, loving the warmth and firmness of his flesh, loving the way those sleek muscles grew taut and began to quiver as the Human stroked and massaged them.

He felt Spock's hand sweep down between his legs again, gripping him, firm and confident, stroking him up towards ecstasy. Groaning low in his chest he opened his eyes and looked down, watching as his mate worked on him, watching Spock's face, naked and openly hungry. He exulted in the fact that this expression, this beautiful, powerful picture of want and need, was his and his alone. No one else had ever seen this. No one else ever would.

With a sharp feeling of shock he realized he was very close to orgasm. It was Spock's face that did it, he realized almost ruefully, even in the depths of his rising pleasure. It never failed. It happened nearly every damned time. Desperately, he clutched at Spock's shoulders again, pushing the Vulcan down onto his back, projecting what he wanted through the miraculous mental and emotional link between them.

//As you wish, beloved. But hurry. Please.// That last word, touched with a desperation that matched Leonard's own, drew a deep moan from the Human's throat. He paused in the act of reaching for the night table draw, closing his eyes for a moment and fighting for some semblance of control.

//OK, beautiful. OK... OK.// Leonard's soothing thoughts were as much for his own benefit as his mate's. It frightened him sometimes. Overwhelmed him. The depths of his love, his desire, his lust for this marvelous creature who was the sum total of his reason for living. He had never felt such passion for another being before. Leonard had by no means lived a monk's life, but after entering the life bond with Spock, he had very quickly realized that all which had passed before was but a pale washed out sepia landscape. In many ways, he had come as virginal to this union. He had never before realized that this depth of connection was actually possible.

Marginal control restored, he quickly grasped what he was after and returned to his mate's side. Of course technically, he knew that this could be done without any additional assistance, but Spock always insisted. He did not wish to harm his mate in any way. With the deft touch of a surgeon, Leonard quickly prepared his mate's solid erection, keeping his strokes light and brief, knowing how close Spock was.

Tossing the small tube to one side, he threw one long leg over the Vulcan's supine and trembling body and mounted him without preamble. Using one hand to steady the Vulcan's shaft, he plunged himself down onto Spock, yelling aloud as the pleasure spiked through him, as he felt himself stretched and filled.

Spock gasped, his strong hands clamping around Leonard's supple hips as he arched up from the bed, thrusting himself in deeper. //Ahhhh, beloved... my one... my only.//

Leaning forward, Leonard braced his hands on Spock's shoulders and began to ride, deep and hard, meeting the Vulcan's quickening thrusts with powerful undulations of his hips. Sweat broke out over his face and chest and his breathing grew ragged and harsh as he spiraled closer and closer to the peak, stimulated beyond his ability to describe by the hardness and heat that was buried inside of him. //God, Beautiful... I can't... Oh, God... so close.//

Spock removed one hand from Leonard's hip and wrapped it around the Human's shaft. Mindful of their heaving bodies, he rhythmically squeezed and pumped, his thumb brushing over the glans as he urged his mate to join him in his climax. //Yes, beloved. With me... Be with me...//

Leonard came, flinging back his head and howling as the pleasure tore through him, searing and burning like a wildfire through his belly. He felt his sex twitch and erupt within his mate's loving hand. He heard the Vulcan's answering cry of completion. Felt the heat of his release flowing into his body in sharp pulses, felt the echoing wave of his mate's climax rage through him on the heels of his own, tearing another ragged cry from his throat.

Trembling and spent, Leonard collapsed into Spock's waiting arms, pressing his hot and sweaty face against the Vulcan's damp neck. //Love you, Spock. Love you. Love you. Love you...//

Spock's arms tightened around him. A gentle hand cupped the back of his neck. //You are all I will ever need, my love. I feel it is time we considered allowing our true status to be known.//

"You mean that?" Stunned, Leonard spoke aloud, rising up onto his elbows so that he could look down into his mate's well loved features.

"Yes, beloved, I do." Spock touched his face gently, stroking his cheek, pushing the damp hair back out of his eyes. "We will, of course, need to discuss the timing of our announcement..."

Leonard grinned. "You mean, no blurting it out during dinner with Jim? Y'know...Spock and I are mated, please pass the salt?"

Spock's mouth twitched. "Indeed."

Leonard sighed and rested his head on Spock's chest, listening to his heart, loving the sound of it. "Well, *you're* no fun."

Spock squeezed his rump meaningfully. "I have reason to believe you truly think otherwise, beloved."

Chuckling, Leonard kissed his shoulder. "You got me there. So, when do you want to do this? After the graduate class leaves?"

Spock nodded. "I would accept that as an adequate solution."

"Why thank you."

"There would be little opportunity to arrange a suitable meeting between ourselves and our friends prior to that time in any case." Spock stroked Leonard's back, slow and soft.

"You really wanna do this, huh?" Leonard rose up to look at him again.

"Are you concerned?" An elegant eyebrow quirked.

Leonard grinned, knowing that his mate already knew the answer. "Nah, beautiful. Relieved. After this many years, it's about time we came clean."

"I concur, Leonard." He pulled the Human back down to him and held him tightly, projecting his contentment with the decision, this moment and life in general.

Felling very good about the universe, Leonard McCoy fell into a deep sleep, knowing that his mate was there. That he would always be there.



"...Of my friend," Admiral Kirk intoned in faltering voice, "I can only say that of all the souls I have encountered, his was..." He trailed off, swallowing deeply to regain enough control to continue. "... the most Human."

The Admiral nodded to Saavik, who armed the torpedo guidance control that would launch Captain Spock's body out into space. Towards the new planet born in the shadow of his sacrifice.

Towards Genesis.

To the haunting strains of Amazing Grace, the mortal remains of the beloved and respected officer were committed to the great void of space.

Standing rigid and pale faced, tears in his eyes and scorching in his throat, Leonard McCoy fought with all that was within his soul no to scream in despair as he watched the coffin disappear from view.

All that he knew at this moment, the only thought that battered and clanged within his tortured mind, a mind so full of grief and agony that it could hardly function, was that he no longer carried his heart with his chest.

It lay in that beautiful black coffin. Resting with the cold body of his one, his only, true love.



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