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Title: Return To Us
Author: Ainzfern
Series: TOS
Code: S/Mc
Rating: NC-17
Parts: 1 (1/1)
Disclaimer: Paramount owns STAR TREK ... etc and so on and so forth!
My only pay here is personal joy
Summary: A vignette dealing with what happened after Spock regained his memories, joined the line of accused in front of the Federation President, and then went to McCoy's quarters to claim back his mate. Another prequel (of sorts) to "The Day You Went Away"
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Author's Note: Once again, as always, HUGE thanks to Janet for her BETA.

Return To Us

The door chime sounded twice in fast succession. Looking up from his chair, Leonard McCoy's eyes widened with scarcely born hope.


One single name, yet the very act of repeating it in his mind, caused his heart to pound, his breath to catch. It had to be. It just *had* to be.

His mate had returned. Leonard *knew* it. When Spock had stepped down from the audience gallery and taken his place at the end of the line in front of the Federation president, announcing in no uncertain terms that he would "stand with his shipmates", Leonard had felt something that he had not felt in many a long month.

He felt Spock's touch. Just lightly... little silvery strokes of projected affection fluttering gently into his conscious mind. The first tentative steps towards re-discovering his mate.

He had felt the warmth, the genuine regret within that gentle once over. He had also felt the question within. It had been a surprisingly sweet and hesitant touch. As if Spock were not sure how he would be received after causing Leonard such pain.

That very thought nearly had Leonard on his knees in front of everyone, crying out with relief and need.

He had managed to keep it together. Only just.

Stunned, he had gone through the motions of accepting and giving congratulations after the President's announcement of their "punishment". Then, he had excused himself and returned to his quarters to wait.

He had not waited long.

Leonard stood and took a deep breath, fortifying himself for what he knew must lie ahead this night. Spock affected reserve and aloofness, he was well known for it. But Leonard knew the other side of the tall and esoteric Vulcan. Spock's passions ran deep. He would be hurting too. He would need to receive comfort just as much as he needed to give it.

"Enter," Leonard called in a slightly unsteady voice.

Spock stepped in, pausing for a moment to look at him as the door quietly slid closed behind him. He had discarded his uniform and wore a simple black Vulcan robe.

He was beautiful. To Leonard's eyes at that moment, he was everything.

Emotion hit him like a wall of fire, whether it was his or Spock's, he didn't know. Need, anguish, desire, desperate love... his heart throbbed and ached with it. He held out his arms.

"Oh God..." His voice broke, his eyes filled. "Oh God, c'mere..."

Spock literally lunged. No words. No preamble. He swept up the trembling Human into his arms, and with a few long strides, he was in the bedroom, laying him gently down.

Leonard pulled him down onto his body, his hands already busy with sliding the black material off Spock's sleek and well-loved body. "Need you, beautiful," he whispered into an elegant ear. "Need you so damn much."

Spock seemed in a near frenzy, almost desperate to get closer. His long fingered hands visibly trembled as he opened Leonard's tunic, stroking his palms across the lightly furred chest and smoothing over his soft belly. His dark eyes fairly blazed with passion and desire. He stripped away Leonard's trousers in one smooth motion and then paused, simply drinking in his mate's nakedness, reacquainting himself with the visual stimulation of seeing Leonard unclothed.

Leonard reached for him, and Spock grabbed his wrists with the snake like speed, pinning them down on the pillows beside his head. With the tiniest shake of negation, Spock leant down and covered Leonard's mouth with his own, lightly at first, just the tiniest sips. The kisses deepened quickly as Leonard moaned under the tender assault. Spock ran his tongue along Leonard's lower lip, silently demanding entry. It was given without hesitation and for the first time in too many agonizing months, the pair tasted each other truly, and reveled in that fact.

Spock shifted his attention to Leonard's neck, using lips and tongue and teeth, he worked his way down to Leonard's shoulder, along the soft underside of his arm before pausing a while to nip and nuzzle at his trembling fingertips. Then, he gave the same sensual consideration to the other side, working his way down from neck to fingers, with tiny, delicate bites and sucking kisses.

Groaning under the onslaught, Leonard struggled for a moment to loosen his wrists from the Vulcan's grasp, wanting so desperately to get his hands onto that warm, smooth skin. Spock would have none of it, holding him fast as he turned his attention to the Human's chest.

Leonard cried out sharply, an almost shocked sound, as Spock's teeth fastened over one nipple, nipping the tiny nub into a swollen point. A jolt of desire flashed into his groin so hot and strong that for a moment, Leonard's head spun. Back and forth his mate moved over him, laving and loving his flat and sensitive male buds until Leonard was writhing and gasping, trying to move away, trying to move closer.

Spock released his hands and as Leonard reached for him, he felt the Vulcan's strong grip about his waist. Spock hauled him up into his lap, Leonard's legs straddling his hard thighs, their erections pressing together between their bodies. Leonard sank his hands into his mate's soft hair and pulled him into a bruising kiss, plunging his tongue into the warm wet mouth, exulting in the taste of him, too long denied.

Chest to chest, belly to belly, one of Spock's hands slid up to cup the back of Leonard's head, holding him close. The other pressed against the small of his back, pulling him in, increasing the delicious pressure on the turgid shafts pressed between them.

As their motion increased, their heat rising, their sweat mingling, Leonard felt Spock's hands slide over his face, the fingers settling against his temples. He clutched at his mate's shoulders and closed his eyes in bliss and surrender.

"Oh God, yeah!" his voice ragged and husky, broken with the depth of his feelings, his joy. "Do it, beautiful. Do it now!"

The link burst open, that familiar awareness roared in, shocking him with the sudden depth of how much he had missed it. Unable to help it, Leonard flung back his head and wailed as the feelings flooded him. Spock's overwhelming love, his need, his utter sorrow and regret as he acknowledged and understood Leonard's loneliness and pain, all in the space of an instant.

Leonard's throat tightened, his eyes filled with tears. They rolled unashamedly down his face even as the pleasure of this long awaited re-bonding surged through him.

//Leonard? Leonard... beloved?// Spock leaned forward and caught his mouth again, the kiss searing... incendiary.

Twining his fingers into the Vulcan's damp hair, Leonard ground his hips into his mate's, feeling the pleasure build inside him, feeling it build inside Spock. //I feel you, sweetheart. Oh God, I finally feel you!//

Spock moaned, a deep and beautiful sound of abandon. His fingers slid into Leonard's hair as the two of them devoured each other in blazing, burning, open-mouthed kisses, the link between them now fully complete. //Such pain I caused you.//

Leonard's hands slid down to grasp Spock's taut buttocks. He held him tightly, using the leverage to brace himself while he rubbed his thrumming sex against his mate's, the heat between them rising as they came closer to shared ecstasy. //Doesn't matter, beautiful. We'll heal. You returned to us.//

Shifting their positions, Spock pushed forward so that Leonard was under him. The Vulcan grabbed one of the Human's lean legs, his hand curling around a firm thigh as he held him in place. His strokes over Leonard's twitching sex grew faster, slickened by sweat and the shared essence each man's shaft wept as they raced towards orgasm. //My one. My Leonard. Oh, I have found you. I love you. I will not let you go.//

The wave that carried them crested and broke. Leonard clutched at his mate's slim, surging hips as he felt Spock's quickening sex jerk hard and start to pulse between their bodies, shooting the heat of his release over their stomachs. He convulsed a second later, a harsh scream torn from his throat, searing white pleasure surging though his legs and belly, pouring in endless pulses from his groin. It was incredible, the intensity amplified by the almost desperate need to reach this moment. He could feel Spock's own climax echoing inside him, and he knew that Spock was feeling the same. The ultimate pleasure, the ultimate expression of his love. //Oh Spock! I'm home, beautiful. I'm home at last!//

Trembling and spent, the lovers clung to each other. Only the sound of their harsh breathing filled the room. They were silent in their communication, as their fingers gently caressed and explored, rediscovering old territory, soothing past hurts. They did not speak and yet they talked endlessly within each other's minds. Late into the night, they communed and re-acquainted themselves, and when the need became too much, they made love again, gentle and passionate, healing and wonderful.

And finally, in the deep heart of the night, they slept and knew peace.



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