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The TwinTowers didn't collapse, they exploded outwards as far as 70 m.
See the analysis by Eric Hufschmid in his book "Painful Questions"

Watch the Sept11Videos carefully:

The Twin Towers exploded outwards as far as 70 m.

  • The tremendous force exploded the walls and entire structure out horizontally.
  • The buildings came down in about the same time as a free fall - there was no friction of a collapse.
  • The buildings were exploded into fine dust, not collapsed pieces. "Where does the energy come from to turn all this reinforced concrete into dust?" asks King,Jeff.

Jet fuel can't melt steel:

  • No fire in history has lead to the collapse of a steel office building, even after hours of raging fires; when the Twin Towers exploded, the fires had almost gone out.
  • The temperatures measured of the core of the rubble, five days later, exceed the maximum temperature for a kerosene fire.
  • The maximum temperature for a kerosene fire is insufficient to melt steel; to use jet fuel to melt steel would be an amazing discovery: MuslimsSuspendPhysics

The buildings came down in the free-fall time:

  • Both demolitions took place in about 15 seconds, which is about the time it would take for a free-fall from that height. The buildings were demolished in a [WWW]prefectly synchronized wave.
  • The demolition of the Twin Towers was not a conventional Controlled Demolition like the Building7Collapse. A more exotic process must have been used to get the buildings to explode outwards, as far as 70 m. See Sept11Physics.

The planes are not the commercial flights the propaganda claims:

(!) See our pages: Guardian (WTC Demolition Links), Sept11Physics and MuslimsSuspendPhysics.


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