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Beer drinkers must swap a shoe for a pint

A landlord is demanding drinkers hand over a shoe before they get a beer in his Kent pub.

It's to ensure they bring back an elaborate wooden frame and special glass used to serve a Belgian beer.

Kwak beer comes in a ball-shaped glass and the frame is needed to keep it upright. Drinkers get their shoe back when they hand back the frame.

Landlord John Brice puts the footwear in a basket and raises it to the ceiling. When the drinker returns the frame his shoe is lowered.

Jon, who runs the Frog and Toad in Gillingham, says no one has yet gone home in one shoe after a night on the 2.60 a bottle beer, which is twice as strong as normal lager.

He told the Medway Standard newspaper: "I got the idea in Belgium but a landlord there told me the frames are regularly stolen.

"They cost 5 each so I can ill afford lots of them running off, so we stop the customers in their tracks by taking a shoe. They think it is hilarious."

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