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(file) .cvsignore  1.3  9 months  fluxgen  update
(file) AUTHORS  1.17  7 months  fluxgen  update
(file) BUGS  1.34  6 months  fluxgen  update
(file) COPYING  2 years  fluxgen  Initial import
(file) ChangeLog  1.576  3 hours  akir  updated changes
(file) Doxyfile  1.5  9 months  fluxgen  update
(file) INSTALL  1.2  23 months  fluxgen  updated
(file) Makefile.am  1.4  13 months  rathnor  also add xft.m4 to EXTRA_DIST so that it gets packaged
(file) NEWS  1.37  8 weeks  rathnor  tweak
(file) README  1.11  6 months  fluxgen  update
(file) RoadMap  1.31  11 months  rathnor  little update on timing
(file) TODO  1.21  16 months  fluxgen  update
(file) autogen.sh  1.11  9 months  fluxgen  added ACLOCAL_FLAGS
(file) configure.in  1.71  8 weeks  akir  adds -liconv when iconv_close is in libiconv
(file) install-sh  2 years  fluxgen  Initial import
(file) ltconfig  2 years  fluxgen  Initial import
(file) missing  2 years  fluxgen  Initial import
(file) mkinstalldirs  2 years  fluxgen  Initial import
(file) stamp-h.in  2 years  fluxgen  Initial import
(file) version.h.in  1.2  8 months  fluxgen  check for compiler and version
(file) xft.m4  1.3  6 months  fluxgen  minor fix, patch from Frédéric L. W. Meunier (1 at pervalidus dot net)

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