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False Rape Reports from Adults


Refutation of Brownmillers' "Only 2% are false" claim
This famous figure was based on very thin scholarship
Susan Brownmiller responds.
False Rape Allegations - Kanin
False allegations appear to serve three major functions for the complainants: providing an alibi, seeking revenge, and obtaining sympathy and attention.
Notes on Unfounded Rape Allegations
`Unfounded' incidents and the Vassar college case.
The "NORMA" Award for False Rape Claims
In the Tailhook scandal, Lt. Elizabeth Warnick admitted that she'd filed a false rape claim. She wasn't punished. But look what happened to the men...

Studies and Statistics

FBI's Uniform Crime Reports found Inaccurate
Grand Rapids has the highest rape rate in the country? No, the process is broken.
More UCR stats
From the 1991 volume of "Crime in the United States"


"Sexual Harassment on the Flight Deck" from FAA Aviation News
"The first officer admitted that she had falsely accused the captain because she was tired of receiving criticism of her flying skills."
Police chemist's perjury sends "perhaps hundreds" to jail falsely
One victim missed a death sentence by only a single vote.
Police Chemist Falsifies Huge Number of Rape Cases
More coverage, and a conviction.
The False Rape Allegations in 'Roe v Wade'
Norma McCorvey cried 'rape', and Roe v Wade was the result. But she lied...
Man battering and false allegation
A personal account by a guy who's been through it.
Abuse experts reprimanded over exam!!
Finally, the courts couldn't stomach the Medical Examiner's improper procedures. But the father still hasn't seen his girl, and it's been four years.
Where's the Evidence?
John Ewing was convicted of rape. Afterwards, the police said that all the evidence that could have exonerated him mysteriously disappeared, according to his defenders.


Opposing the Child Safety Act
Stuart Miller: The bill is oblivious to the violence that women commit against their children.
The Violence Against Women Act
The text of the bill, and some commentary

Date Rape

Discussion of Antioch College Dating Code and Date Rape
A student code to classify most every passionate act as assault.
Refuting Mary Koss' position
Mary Koss found that one out of four women had been raped. But the 'victims' themselves reject her definition
It sounds like I raped you! From REASON magazine.
Bad or confused feelings after sex become someone else's fault.
The Campus Rape Scare
73% of the college students classified as rape victims by Koss did not think they had been raped.

Motivation for false rape allegations

Essay on the motivation for false allegations of rape
The factors which make rape such a hard crime to prove make it a tempting one to falsely accuse.
Princeton's 'Take Back The Night', march 1991
A rally results in false rape charge.
Economic/Legal incentives for a reconstruction or creation of abuse
"Monetary Recoveries for Victims, etc"
"False Accusations Of Rape Happen"
"Sometimes there's loneliness, a need for attention, a need to feel important."
How and Why Steve Titus' life was ruined by a false charge.
Accuser cries, "Oh my God, what have I done to Mr. Titus?"


Brief Takes
Newsclipping about false allegations
False allegations of sexual contact or rape
From a MacLeans article on false allegations in Toronto.
Divorced fathers told to beware
Medical Conditions Mimic Abuse Symptoms

False statistics about rape

Conviction rates for rape
Refuting rape activists' bogus statistics.

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