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Gregory Fossedal's Direct Democracy in Switzerland, a tour de force of what may be the most advanced democracy in the world.  More information.  

Photo Becky Norton Dunlop critiques the politics of environmental science in Clearing the Air. For reviews, click here." For ordering information, click here.

Photo The Real Rx for America's medicocracy? Newt Gingrich has the right prescription in his cogent "Saving Lives and Saving Money."

Photo Former FCC Chairman James Quello examines a life well worth living, of American battles from Omaha Beach to the FCC in "My Wars."

Tocqueville's works
Hard-to-find quotations, correspondence, books, and reviews from the complete works of Alexis de Tocqueville.
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Photo VOIP, a tax cut for government
A switch to voice-over-internet-protocol technology could reduce the combined telephone bills of U.S. federal, state, and local agencies by $4.5 billion or more annually. Not to mention bringing technology out of the 19th Century. Budget managers, legislators, and taxpayers, call your office -- er, well, send them an email, until you get upgraded. To read recent press and commentary, click here. To access the paper, click here.

Photo U.S. withdrawal? Let Iraqis decide
In a hopeful sign, both the Kerry and Bush campaigns say they believe in democracy for Iraq, and a phased withdrawl of U.S. troops as soon as the people of Iraq are "ready." When will that be? Let's ask, hmmm, well... maybe the people of Iraq, says Tocqueville senior fellow Gregory Fossedal -- starting with January's elections. For Fossedal's perspective, click here.)

Photo Clone wars: Brown responds
In Linux kernel controversy

Welcome to, ground zero for the global controversy over the hybrid-source operating system, Linux. To purchase a copy of Samizdat, click links for: Booksurge advance order, Booksurge e-book. For updates on the discussion, click here. For an archive-in-progress of key statements in the dispute, click here. Tocqueville maintains an open mind in the case, but tends to credit the account of Eric Raymond, the chronicler Laureate of Linux, who writes:

"Linus Torvalds... didn't actually try to write Linux from scratch. Instead, he started by reusing code and ideas from Minix, a tiny Unix-like operating system...."

Photo SBY spells leadership for Indonesia
Tocqueville's statesman of the month is Indonesia's Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, or "SBY." He's valuable to his people, and democracy around the world, as a moderate Moslem with plans to improve both halves of the country's political economy. The dominoes are spreading, from Turkey to Kazakhstan to the Philippines. For a profile of a promising new face, here.

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