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Final Preview: Last man standing
21 April 2004, 16:23
This is it. The last game of the season is coming. Exceptionally set on Friday at 21 h (CET), the Final of the first International TM League will oppose the two favorites: the Rush Riders and the Grouik. Together, those two squads did not lose a single match over the entire season. On Friday night, one of these two wonderful squads will suffer their first loss of their TM history. .

- (Grouik)

Well, it started as a joke. When they announced the creation of their team on the forums and their inscription to the league, nobody in the league took them seriously. A team of piglets (very good friends in the real life), with a funny car, a disturbing horn and 5 megatons of jokes and silly humor. Maybe they would never be a contender in the league, but at least we would have something to laugh about. The [RZA], the [FrT], the {cC} seemed to be much better candidates to get their ticket to the playoffs in the Poule A (with the obvious favorite [TMF]) than the piglets. Right ?

But after a couple of games, the POD veterans started to earn some respect, being so overwhelmingly dominative. At first, the only player people were talking about was Vortex, with people arguing that he was the main reason for their dominance. I admit that I made the same mistake before meeting them (in week 4). But slowly, it became apparent that it was not only Vortex, but also Sik, Algor, and the other piglets who were an excellent bunch of drivers. And now, three months later, who would dare laughing at them ?

9 victories
0 defeat
30 maps won / zero lost…

And furthermore, the playoffs did not seem to slow them down. Victory 3-0 (30-4) against the Clodos in the Quarter Final. Victory 30-0 (30-6) against the TMF in the Semi Finals.

After starting the season totally unknown, the (Grouik) are now the favorites to become the first International TM League champion. According to the polls, 63% of the voters are expecting them to win the final.

- Rush Riders :

Historically (yeah, I’m talking history about a game which is something like 6 months old), the Rush Riders were the first team to challenge the dominance of the [TMF]. For long, they were the first team to have beaten the TMF in a game (before the Grouik did it twice during the regular season, of course). Created by Desperadjo and Frappe Foudre, this team was built around a few important guidelines: recruiting good players online, with some maturity, and to have people specializing themselves on one environment.

Being featured as the Grand Favorites at the start of the season, the Rush Riders stormed through their Poule, winning every single game without much resistance from their opponent. The things even got too easy at times, and some lack of motivation was felt at some point in the regular season. After a few scary games, and a map lost against the [NO²], the [RR] finally got together for the playoffs.

After a very though game against the [Rm] in the Quarter Final (3-0, Speed 7-3 / Snow 7-6 / Rally 7-0), the Rush Riders stormed through their Semi Final against the [NO²] with a 3-0 / 30-3 victory.

While they are not the favorites anymore, you cannot count them out. With the likes of YannBastian, TDMR, Nolo, Bob Vautreman, Pipoz, Deim, Delseb, Otra or Bugalood in the line-up, the Grouiks are warned that this could be their closest game of the season

TMF vs [NO²] :

At the same hour than the big Final, the two Semi Finals losers will face each other in a game for the Third Place.

Reminder !

- 7 points / map using the new set of alternative scoring rules
- Games will be played on the 1.2.5 or RC3 version of the game
- If an invalid time bug occurs during one race, everyone is invited to press DEL and restart the race
- maps for the Finals are: Alpine : Totomap_TL (Tom-TMF); Rally : ShYrA V@mpire 03 (ShYrA-TMQ); Speed : Alex4ndrie (benz-{cC})
- join IRC #TM.LEAGUES before and after the games (you're invited to join this channel everyday)
- take screenshots after each map to be sure to remember the score.
- give your results to benjisite ( or Mazzyfred ( Send screenshots (resized in jpeg) if necessary.
- the admins will enter final scores when they get confirmation of score by the leaders of each team.

On Friday night, everything will be all over for the first season of the International TM League. So join us on irc to follow the game with the players and the admins.


Posted by benz on 14 April 2004, 18:55
hehehe i love this last preview ! couldnt be better !
congratz to all your perfect reports mazzy. always different, always nice to read, always original!
Posted by (GROUIK) Grokon on 14 April 2004, 19:25
I like how you talk about us :)
Well, really, I am sure it will be a fair play and funny match. Grouik spirit is in both teams, so it will really be a good one, whatever the result is ...
Posted by Grizoor on 14 April 2004, 19:38
Good luck to both teams ;)

Next season comes the first german TM Team "Hal", you will be warned :P
Posted by (GROUIK) Sik on 14 April 2004, 22:04
Thanks a lot for this wonderful preview. Grouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik mazzy :o)))
Looking forward to seeing germans in this league :)
Posted by [RR]TDMR on 14 April 2004, 22:29
Hum according to you it will be a surprise if we win...
So anyone here can say that he don't like surprise ? :p
Posted by (GROUIK) Vortex on 14 April 2004, 22:41
@Grizoor - Haha Grizoor, bloß nicht zu große Töne spucken ;-) Das rächt sich normalerweise irgendwann :D Außerdem werden wir während der regulären Saison sowieso nicht auf euch stoßen, hehe.

@TDMR - I don't think he was trying to say that. But on the other hand you guys tend to be feel a little OVER-assured of your victory. You sound like you're already partying ;-) Maybe that's a mistake, I dunno, it's just a suggestion.
Posted by (GROUIK) Skubidou on 14 April 2004, 22:59
Thanks Mazzy for all the reports, the preview, ... (and everything else you made during this league) :-)

Silly humor?? Noooooo Grouik humor!! Yessssss (or Grokon humor? ;-)

Posted by mazzyfred on 14 April 2004, 23:05
lol... i was wondering earlier this afternoon how to make this preview... and so on... and finally decided to make a little bit of "history" by recalling how you can to the finals...

anyway... was fun to write...

and for TDMR, it is according to the polls... you have been the favorite according to the polls for every single game since the start of the season... now you are the underdog... it doesn't mean that i think you will lose...

i tried to stay fairly neutral on that one...
Posted by Grizoor on 14 April 2004, 23:29
@Vortex Naja, so bin ich halt, grosse Klappe und nix dahinter :D

Aber ne Frage: Warum können wir denn nicht aufeinander treffen in der regulären Saison??
Posted by [RR]TDMR on 15 April 2004, 4:07
I say it in french...sorry ;)
Vortex je peux t'assurer que nous some pas "OVER assured"de la victoire...mais alors pas du tout et si kkchose ke j'ai dit ou qu'un autre RR a dit te fait penser ça...ben c'est pas vrai du tout...
On s'entraine dur et on s'attend à un grand match en espérant surtout vous opposer une forte résistance...
Aprés pour dire qui va gagner...j'en sais fichtre rien...bien malin ki peut le dire...même si vous ètes favoris indéniablement.
Posted by [RR]TDMR on 15 April 2004, 4:08
Peut être que j'ai fait une erreur d'anglais...mais à la base c'était une blague...que je voulais faire ... :\
Posted by (GROUIK) Vortex on 15 April 2004, 8:38
MDR TDMR, lol, je sais que c'était une blague. :D
Posted by (GROUIK) Grokon on 15 April 2004, 9:26
Hehe TDMR, there is no problem, we all know that each team is training hard just because they know they will face mighty opponents ... those teams never met before, so as you said, noone can tell what will be the result :)
Keep the fun all ! And Grouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !
Posted by benz on 15 April 2004, 10:20
dont fight i'll strip(tease) for both teams, not only the winner :P
nah seriously both teams have already won in my eyes.
i dont think there's a big favorite for this match.
for me its 50/50
Posted by mazzyfred on 15 April 2004, 11:01
at this point, it's fairly impossible to say who is gonna win it... both teams have consistent and fast drivers, who don't make many mistakes... i anticipate the game to be very very close.
Posted by Delseb on 15 April 2004, 16:35
J'aime bien les petits reportages d'avant match, ça met dans l'ambiance, merci Fred :-)
Posted by (GROUIK) Vortex on 15 April 2004, 16:37
@Grizoor - Weil ihr als neues Team erstmal nur in die 2. Division einsteigt. Wir bleiben aber in der Ersten, deswegen. Allerdings müssen wir noch sehen wie wir das ganze organisieren, da so viele neue Teams sich gemeldet haben.
Posted by hal|Grizoor on 15 April 2004, 18:47
Achso thx 4 answer
Posted by benz on 16 April 2004, 11:41
Posted by benz on 16 April 2004, 16:33
Good luck to all teams for tonight.
Posted by (GROUIK) Vortex on 16 April 2004, 17:22

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[RR]-(GROUIK) 2-1
Semi finals
[NO²]-[RR] 0-3
Quarter Finals
[RR]-[Rm] 3-0
[NO²]-[C-K] 3-0
Clodos-(GROUIK) 0-3
TMF-[ETMS] 3-0

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