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The Final Review: What a Game!!
21 April 2004, 16:24
After more than three months of competition, 12 official games (for the finalists), and numerous hours of hard training, the first season of the International TM League is now over. The two best teams of the league were facing each other in the final, and they delivered an amazing show (you have to download and watch the replays). Despite being the underdog for the first time this year, the Rush Riders apparently enjoyed their new status. They found lots of courage a poise, and became last night the first champion of the league.

All hail the Rush Riders !

Rally : the [RR] jumped off their starting blocks

For the followers of the league, this map was a highly expected event, as it featured two of the best rally drivers: YannBastian for the [RR], and Vortex for the (Grouik). For the first time of the year though, the (Grouik) drivers seemed to be under pressure when the game started, maybe because it took quite a while before Algor was able to join the server. Vortex did not seem at his best on this map throughout the game, while YannBastian’s play was nearly flawless. He also benefited from the strong outings from Nolo and TDMR.

The 1st race was an all RR performance, with a 1-2-3 (Yann-Nolo-TDMR) finish to take a 1-0 lead. On the 2nd race, Nolo led almost all the way, but Yann and Algor jumped in front of him one turn before the finish line. For the second map in a row, Vortex seemed to be under pressure and finished at an unusual fifth place. With the [RR] leading 2-0, the (Grouik) needed to react. But YannBastian continued to put the pressure on the piglets, and he made a masterful ride during the 3rd race (in front of Sik and Nolo) to grab the third point for the Rush Riders. And the same story repeated in the 4th race, with YannBastian flying to the finish line in a 55’35 time, after Vortex made a costly mistake midway though the map. The question now was: what could the Grouik possibly do against such a demonstration from Yann ? Would Vortex find his marks and drive the piglets back in the race ? Well in the 5th race, Vortex hit the same pillar as in the previous lap, and finished the race last way behind YannBastian and Nolo.

In the 6th race, the piglets finally won their first point of the night, finishing in a row behind [RR] Nolo. Thanks to the alternative set of rules used in the league, the Grouik were given the victory. But Vortex’s love story with the stone pillars would not stop right away, as he hit another one in the 7th, and was rapidly 2 seconds behind the rest of the pack. Though in that seventh race, almost all the drivers made mistakes, and it was TousDansMesRetros who was able to escape the mess to cross the line in the first place, before Algor (who made a crucial mistake in the last turn while he was leading) and YannBastian (who made a couple of small errors on that race), to get the RR a 6-1 lead. And in the 8th race, Vortex finally was in front from start to finish, but the Rush Riders finished 2-3-4, to grab the final point.

[RR] Rally team: YannBastian (5 wins) – Nolo (1 win) – TousDansMesRétros (1 win)
(Grouik) Rally team: Vortex (1 win) – Algor38 – Sik

Final Score: [RR] 7-1 (Grouik)

Desert : The map of the championship

After showing consistency and poise during the rally map, the Rush Riders knew they were half-way to the final. But on the speed map, the Grouik team finally started to get into the groove, and this delivered on of the most astounding battle of the season.

From the 1st race, the piglets showed they were back in the race, scoring a 1-2-3 victory with Vortex leading the pack in a time 1’11’23. But the Rush Riders answered back very rapidly with YannBastian winning in front of Vortex, in a race where the lead changed at least ten times between players. Third race, and another gem from Yann, who led this one almost from start to finish, with “Papy” Delseb clinching the second place to get the Rush Riders a 2-1 advantage on this map. And during the 4th race, Yann did almost the same lap, winning his third map in a row. Though this time, the (Grouik) managed to finish behind 2-3-4, which gave them the point to tie the game. The 5th race witnessed Algor’s first victory, who battled throughout the map with Delseb and Yann, but managed to make a better reception on the last big jump. Though this was not enough as the [RR] grabbed the fifth point thanks to a better team play. But the (Grouik) showed their team play on the 6th race. After YannBastian and Delseb made mistakes early, they flew away to a second 1-2-3 finish, with Algor winning on an astounding time of 1’10’87. And Algor continued to roll in the 7th, winning his third map in a row before On The Road Again to get the (Grouik) in front 4-3 for one of the first time in the game.

Things were finally heading in the right direction for the Grouik, right ? But at this precise moment where it seemed to get better for them, they all committed little mistakes in the 8th race, giving the Rush Riders a 1-2-3 finish and a score tied at 4-4 (on a YannBastian win). (Grouik) Sik finally got his first win during the 9th race, but the [RR] nevertheless grabbed the point thanks to alternative scoring rule and their better team performance on that map. And the exact opposite happened on the 10th map: for a long time, Delseb led this race, but made a costly mistake and lost all the benefit of his strong play. YannBastian won the race, but the point awarded to the (Grouik) who finished 2-3-4 behind the Rush Rider. Score tied at 5-5. And guess what ? The alternative rules again came in action in the following race, as Algor got his fourth wun, but was followed by Delseb, OTRA and Yann after Sik hit several objects on the road, and after Vortex fell in love with a green container in the early part of the track.

6-5 for the Rush Riders. And on the 12th map, YannBastian took his sixth speed victory (and his eleventh with the rally), closely followed by Algor and Vortex. Though the most crushing event happened to Sik, who got out of the track while he was in the fourth place. This allowed Delseb and OTRA to finish at the 4-5 positions, and ensure the [RR] with the last point they needed to win the round, and the Championship.

Little mistakes on the two last races made all the differences here, and once again, the Desperadjo’s boys were the more consistent in these crucial moments, and they got the last laugh thanks to an incredible performance of YannBastian who won 11 of the first 20 maps played.

[RR] Speed team: YannBastian (6 wins) – On The Road Again – Delseb
(Grouik) Speed team: Vortex (1 win) – Algor38 (4 wins) – Sik (1 win)

Final Score: [RR] 7-5 (Grouik)

Snow : And the piglets started to run

With all set and done. With nothing left to lose or win but pride and honor, the last round involved less tensions and there were much less mistakes than in the previous two maps, with lap times around the 58 seconds, with records set by Algor and Nolo (in two different races) in 58’46. In my life, I’ve never seen such close races than on this snow map.

And just like they got into the game so nervous on the rally map, the (Grouik) started the snow map at full speed, with Algor and Vortex packing the first point on the 1st race, and getting a second one rapidly despite Nolo winning the 2nd race (thanks to the alternative rules). Nolo got his revenge (and another win) on the 3rd race, as he received some support from Pipoz who finished third. And the piglets took a 3-1 lead after the 4th race, won by Algor followed by Nolo, Vortex and Pipoz. Over the four first races, Nolo and Algor were the only ones to finish at the first two places. And Nolo was once again masterful in the 5th race, but the Grouik got another point thanks to the alternative rule with Vortex (second), Algor (third) and Grokon (fifth) being better placed than Nolo’s teamates. On the following race, Nolo nevertheless made an unusual mistake, which allowed Algor to fly to an easy victory and a 5-1 lead for the (Grouik).

At this point, you could believe that, having secured the title, the [RR] would be thinking more about the MSN party than about winning this last map. But they are champions, and they did start to fight back. The Rush Riders won their second point despite a new map win from Algor (after Vortex and Grokon committed mistakes in the first half of the track), and a third point after finishing 2-3-4 behind (once again) Algor on the 8th race. Enough was enough, and Grokon finally provided the support Algor needed in the 9th race, which allowed the Grouik to get to 6-3, on point close to a well deserved map win. At this point of the game, Algor had been finishing first or second in all the nine races of played on this map. Though in the 10th race, Algor started to lose his concentration, which allowed Nolo and Pipoz to get an easy victory. And the Rush Riders made it even closer after the 11th as Nolo (first) and Deim (third) turned the score into 6-5.

And the last map featured two very unusual mistakes, as Algor completely missed the last tube while he was second, and Deim (who took the second place) almost got out of the track on the last straight line. This allowed Vortex to get his first snow win, and Grokon to secure the seventh point for the piglets.

[RR] Snow team: Pipoz – Nolo (5 win) – Deim
(Grouik) Snow team: Vortex (1 win) – Algor38 (6 win) – Grokon

Final Score: [RR] 5-7 (Grouik)

Over the final, YannBastian (11 wins on two maps) and Algor (10 wins on three maps) and Nolo (6 wins on two maps) were the most consistent players, while Vortex’s performance (3 wins on three maps) was probably slightly disappointing for the (Grouik) supporters.

The season is now over. The Rush Riders are the first champions of the league. We all want to tell all their team members (YannBastian, TDMR, Bob Vautreman, Psycho, Nolo, Deim, Frappe Foudre, Desperadjo, La.Miss, Bugalood, Delseb, On the road again, Pipoz) a huge GG for their wonderful season and for being so well prepared for the final. And also a GG to the (Grouik), who came so close to winning the first championship. Be sure that they’ll have a revenge in the next season, which should start in early May


Posted by benz on 18 April 2004, 16:37
at last the website is back :)
poor mazzy - he made this review just after the game to add it on the site.
this is a great sum up of the final, and a cool conclusion of the season 1!
Posted by (GROUIK) Vortex on 18 April 2004, 17:22
Woohoo, amazing report Mazzy!!! I'm happy to see my screenshots were used :D

Oh yeah, and thanks for pointing out those "disappointing" 3 wins, lol. A 2nd or 3rd place are just as important.

Anyway, I fell in love with a whole lot of things that night. Pillars, containers and.....TDMR :D haha, Insider-Joke for those who have seen the screenshot I mean.
Posted by [RR]TDMR on 18 April 2004, 17:51
Arf arf Vortex :D like I said ... they said to me to follow you at all cost ;)

GG for the report Mazzy :)
Posted by YannBastian on 18 April 2004, 18:50
supertbe rapport de match...
je me sens toute chose d'etre autant cité ^^.
en lisant tout ca j'ai revecu le match, que de sensations ^^

trop fort ces truies :D
Posted by VanRon on 18 April 2004, 20:11
Joli rapport en effet, et gg aux deux equipes pour cette superbe finale.
Posted by (GROUIK) Grokon on 18 April 2004, 20:19
Le rapport est ENORME ...
La course etait ENORME !

Report is AWSOME ...
Races were AWSOME !
Nah, really a good good night ! I wish we do close races like that next time !
Posted by Delseb on 18 April 2004, 20:44
Superbe report GG Fred, magnifique boulot :-)
Posted by [RR]Deim on 19 April 2004, 0:18
ok... it has already been said... but you deserve a big up for this pretty long and great report mazzy.

no need to say it really give an accurate feeling on how close was this final between the two contenders!

GG all !
Posted by [FOW]smallboy on 19 April 2004, 7:49
Great report mazzy!

Congratulations on your victory [RR].
Congratulations (GROUIK) for making it so far. Oink :)
Posted by benz on 19 April 2004, 9:45
Shame the Grouik were not in the mood.. coz i'm sure the game would have been more incredible. but that was already close.
gg to RR who managed to control their stress more than the pigs.
Posted by mazzyfred on 19 April 2004, 14:55
thanks guys... i loved doing this report on friday night, watching the replays in slow motion and listening to the radio, with the wonderful interviews of ogro and the game comment by dudu (and clash + all the team members who came on the radio on that night)...

Posted by mazzyfred on 19 April 2004, 14:56
at least now, you know why i was on the game server on that night.. lol
Posted by [FOW]JayPee on 19 April 2004, 14:57
great report Mazzy and all hail to RR for winning the league :)
Posted by Darkyoshi1 on 24 April 2004, 17:23
Where's the download?

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