Just when you thought there was nothing worthwhile on TV anymore…

The Underworld’s Hippest Show

Well, they remade the Munsters (in color, yech!!!), they repeat Bewitched with new Dick, and the Groovie Goolies never made it to reruns.
Things look pretty sad in TV land. Not only is it low on the spook-ometer, but it seems as if people there don’t dig Rock N’ Roll anymore.
For example: there is MTV and VH1 (!?!).

Oooh! Choose away you little drubkins!

But hey, what’s that cheer echoing throughout the marble orchard?

“Put a head on a pole and have a party!”

Squeal the little boys and ghouls

Here comes Vlad and Creighton, direct from the old country, swinging the shovels from their part-time jobs high in the air as they gallump their way to the TV studios and bring us another episode of Ghoul A Go-Go!

It’s not always pleasant to go to TV land; but let Vlad and Creighton take you to that part of TV land where the ground under your feet all of a sudden gets really soft.

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