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Collagenous Colitis Support - For Collagenous/Lymphocytic/Microscopic Colitis
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Welcome to Collagenous Colitis Support - For Collagenous/Lymphocytic/Microscopic Colitis. If you would like to post a message, you first need to register. It's completely free to register and post messages.

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General Message Board
This is where the action is! Post all your General Messages here.
9410 50672 29-Oct-04 23:10 Sally
New names for us - funny!!
2 11 08-Oct-04 18:25 Sally
  For Newcomers 
Welcome to New Members
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS TOPIC. Use the General Message Board. Thanks!
9 22 23-Oct-04 17:31 Sally
Good Overview of MC
Good for newcomers to the Message Board
2 11 09-Oct-04 02:15 Sally
Gaea's Article on Treatments for MC
We think this will be helpful for newcomers.
3 12 18-Oct-04 16:52 Sally
Polly's Letter to Newcomers
1 4 27-Aug-04 22:10 Sally
Donna's Pattern of Grief
This is a MUST read for anyone who comes to this Message Board.
1 3 27-Aug-04 22:10 Sally
MC 101- A Husband's Perspective
Another must read, particularly for the partner of anyone with MC.
1 15 27-Oct-04 16:12 Sally
1 11 08-Sep-04 20:11 Sally
In Memoriam-A Prayer For Robert's Soul
5 8 26-Feb-04 00:57 Sally
  Please do not post GENERAL MESSAGES below this point.  
Conversation about possible causes of MC
This discussion is very important and I didn't want it to get lost in the jumble of the General Message Board. Please join in.
3 17 03-Aug-04 00:05 Sally
For talking about success or failure with the GF and the SCD diets. Also a place for questions and answers about following the diets.
1439 8075 29-Oct-04 21:58 Sally
Please use a different topic for each recipe and put GF after each title if the recipe is gluten free. Thanks.
157 344 29-Oct-04 02:23 Sally
Dr. Heller's Article on MC and Katy's Response
2 6 27-Aug-04 22:02 Sally
Frequently Asked Questions
I hope to gather here some quick answers to the most common questions. They may not all be about Microscopic Colitis.
27 78 29-Aug-04 08:25 Sally
The Snoopy Survey Room
No, not Charlie Brown's dog! How old are we and where do we live? We are nosy!!
73 88 22-Oct-04 14:26 Sally
Links Room
When accessing Links, please copy and paste URL to your browser.
63 78 17-Sep-04 11:10 Sally
Articles Room
Please send articles for this Forum to me before posting. My address in inside.
47 76 18-Sep-04 20:19 Sally
Case reports and abstracts on this corticosteroid (budenoside) which has just recently been released in the US after being used in Canada for years.
20 44 12-Apr-04 12:47 Sally
Members Medical Profiles Room
Members' medical histories.
36 82 17-Sep-04 08:39 Sally
Medical Questions/Comments Room
Please do NOT post General Messages to this Forum. It is for discussion of medical matters ONLY. General Messages need to be posted to the Message Board.
43 269 21-Sep-04 02:08 Sally
The Birthday Room
Please write the month and day of your birthday so you will get lots of cards!!
78 218 27-Oct-04 12:44 Pegster
Members Personal Profiles Room
How old are you? Where are you? How many kids, if any, do you have? Etc.
50 153 28-Oct-04 22:12 Sally
How Did You Meet Your Honey?
Be sure to include juicy details and romantic encounters.
26 99 22-Oct-04 13:43 Sally
Jokes and Other Ha Ha's
Need I say more???
148 393 29-Oct-04 13:33 Sally
The Fiber Discussion Room
Adventures and, principally, MISADVENTURES with fiber.
8 43 05-Sep-04 14:02 Sally
  The Nitty Gritty  
Technical Support
Having a hard time using this site? Can't find a message you want? Help with using this site is at hand
29 107 18-Oct-04 12:56 Sally
Abbreviations and Techno Tips
Want to know what ROTFL means? Or btw? Or IMHO? Look here!
10 29 28-Aug-04 20:26 Sally
The Ladies' Bathroom
3 25 12-Oct-04 07:14 donnabrock
The Gents' Bathroom
Be sure to knock before entering if you are not a Gent.
5 21 07-Jul-04 15:51 geoffnroberts

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