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April 2002

This is a sequel to The Hobo - but don't stop reading if you don't like sequels or you haven't read The Hobo. I have tried to write this so that it can stand alone.

A lot of people said to me after I wrote The Hobo, but what happened next? At the time I didn't feel that I had any more to say - I didn't write it with the idea of ever doing a sequel after all. Then, several months ago I got an idea for taking the story forward, and I wrote about two thirds of it. However real life got in the way and I pretty much abandoned it. I hate not finishing things, so as soon as I got the chance, I finally did.

Like the Hobo it picks up on Angel's comment in "City Of" about the Depression, so no spoilers for anything.

16,500 words. Rated R (language)

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