November 1st, 1999

Mubarak receives calls of condolences from Clinton, Weizman, Barak, Arafat, Abdullah II

    President Hosni Mubarak received late Sunday phone call from US President Bill Clinton, where he offered heartfelt condolences over victims of the Egyptian passenger plane. Clinton underlined that US authorities are doing their best to reveal the mystery of the crash.

    Mubarak, also, received a phone call from Israeli President Ezer Weizman and Israeli Premier Ehud Barak who voiced sorrow and conveyed condolences to families of the victims.

    Palestinian leader Arafat late Sunday cabled condolences to President Mubarak over EgyptAir passenger plane tragedy. King Abdullah II of Jordan sent a cable of condolences to Mubarak where he voiced deepest sorrow over the incident.