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The USA PATRIOT Act is an insult to patriots
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October 30 — This year, the Libertarian Party’s organizational strength trumps Nader’s name recognition, says Tom Knapp, Badnarik’s media coordinator. “Without the Green Party’s ballot line and with the Democratic Party pulling out all stops to keep him off the ballot in key states, he’s dead in the water. Due to the work, past and present, of Libertarian Party activists, 98.3% of American voters will find Michael Badnarik listed on their ballots. Only half will find Ralph Nader.
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October 29 — “Osama bin Laden’s tape gives us the clear-cut evidence that we need to identify the perpetrator of the 9/11 tragedy. Our highest military priority should be to capture bin Laden and bring him to justice - as opposed to continuing the war in Iraq and stationing troops in 135 countries around the world. I believe that a Libertarian non-interventionist policy might have averted the 9/11 tragedy and reduces the likelihood of similar tragedies in the future.”
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October 27 — From the Advance-Titan at U. of Wisconsin Oshkosh: Badnarik, 50, would rather be instructing skydiving lessons than running for president, but the Democrats and Republicans aren’t providing a candidate that he is willing to vote for. “I’ve never wanted to run for president,” he said, contending that the federal government is failing in its obligation to protect every individual’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Badnarik said it’s not the government’s job to determine what is in people’s best interest; people do a better job of determining that for themselves. Read the entire article. Congratulations to activist Jacob Burns for organizing this outstanding event.
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October 27 — by Michael Badnarik Unlike the Republicans, I am not the least bit concerned that Kerry is insincere when he says, “In this entangled world, we need to build real and enduring alliances.” Nor am I worried that as president he will fail in this goal. What concerns me is the very real possibility that he is sincere, and that he will succeed all too much in turning Bush’s catastrophic war in Iraq into an international cataclysm. Read the full AntiWar.com article by Michael Badnarik here.
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