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13:17 2001-10-01
October 1 Russian TV Celebrates 70th Anniversary

The Russian TV celebrates Monday, October 1, its 70th anniversary.
It was 70 years ago that the Moscow radio transmission centre started regular optomechanical-type broadcasting in 30 lines and 12.5 frames. Soon programmes became available in Leningrad, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Tomsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and other Soviet cities.
The up-to-date TV equipment was designed by experts of the All-Union Electric Institute's TV laboratory in Moscow who used developments of Soviet scientists and home-made products.
TV broadcasting developed in Russia simultaneously with the most perfect foreign systems and managed to maintain a high scientific, technological, and creative level on all stages of its development, in spite of certain "warps of growth." The Soviet TV managed to accept the supreme sharpness standard already in 1948, despite the break of the war years. Later on this standard became spread in most countries of the world. Experimental colour TV broadcasting was started in 1953, and the first in the world live broadcasting from space was performed in 1962. The unique Orbita satellite television system was put into operation in 1967, and 1977 saw the introduction of the colour image standard in all central TV programmes and creation of a modern multi-programme multi-zone broadcasting system.

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Russian Geodesy Celebrates 20 Years In Space
Russian geodesy is celebrating twenty years in space. RIA Novosti today learnt in the Mikhail Reshetnev Academy of the Scientific-Production Association of Applied Mechanics that it was exactly twenty years ago that a Tsiklon rocket put the first Russian GEO-IK satellite into a circumterrestial orbit. More details...

October 1 Russian TV Celebrates 70th Anniversary
The Russian TV celebrates Monday, October 1, its 70th anniversary. It was 70 years ago that the Moscow radio transmission centre started regular optomechanical-type broadcasting in 30 lines and 12.5 frames. Soon programmes became available in Leningrad, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Tomsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and other Soviet cities. More details...

South Africa Week In Moscow Opens Monday
Monday Muscovites and guests of the capital can get an insight into South Africa's business, political, and many-sided cultural potential. The embassy of the South African Republic in Moscow opens a five-day festival named "South Africa Week in Moscow" at the Radisson-Slavyanskaya hotel. More details...

Russian Anti-aircraft Systems Arouse Great Interest At International Arms Show
Anatoly Aksenov, chief advisor to the Rosoboroneksport association and head of the Russian delegation to the fifth international arms show IDEF-2001, which finished in Ankara on Sunday, announced today that there had been great interest in Russian anti-aircraft systems at the exhibition. More details...

Moscow To Open 4th Eurasian Tv Forum Monday
On Monday Moscow launches the 4th Eurasian TV Forum. A spokesman for the organisational committee told RIA Novosti that the forum to end on October will gather 120 TV companies from CIS countries and the Baltics. More details...

International Festival Of Korean Culture Takes Place In Vladivostok
A fair of South-Korean goods opened in Vladivostok (the Russian Far East) in the presence of a great number of people on Monday. More details...

Putin Meets President Of Russian Academy Of Sciences
The problems of developing Russian science today took centre stage at a Kremlin meeting between Vladimir Putin and President of the Russian Academy of Science, Yuri Osipov. More details...

Bolshoi Theater Signs Agreement With Samsung Electronics
In the current 226th season the Bolshoi Theater signed a partnership agreement with Samsung Electronics again, the press service of the theater reported. More details...

85th Birthday Of Olga Lepeshinskaya, Famous Ballet Dancer
Olga Lepeshinskaya, a renowned ballet dancer, USSR People's Artist, celebrates her 85th birthday. More details...

Putin Congratulates Leading Light Of The Ballet World On Her 85th Birthday
The presidential press service has reported that Vladimir Putin has congratulated the famous ballerina and peoples' artist of the USSR, Olga Lepeshniskaya, on her 85th birthday. More details...

Fifth International Arms Show To Open In Ankara
The Fifth International Show of Defence, Aerospace and Naval Hardware, IDEF-2001, will be launched on Thursday in the Turkish capital of Ankara. The show is held once in two years under the aegis of the Turkish National Defence Ministry and with participation of the Turkish foundation for support and development of the Armed Forces. More details...

Best Samples Of Russian Weapons Demonstrated In Turkey
The Russian Rosoboronexport corporation demonstrates best samples of Russian weapons at the 5th international IDEF-2001 exhibition opened Thursday in Ankara. More details...

Russian Collector Returns Paintings To Dresden Gallery
The Russian Ministry of Culture announced on Thursday that a Russian collector would return three paintings to the Dresden gallery, during President Vladimir Putin's visit there today, as a gesture of good will. More details...

Seventh Togliatti International Motor Show
The 7th Togliatti international motor show opened on Wednesday, AvtoVAZ press-service said. More details...

Russia's Bazalt Enterprise At Idef 2001 International Exhibition In Turkey
At the 5th international exhibition of defense, aerospace and marine equipment IDEF 2001, which opens in Ankara on Thursday, the State Scientific-Industrial Association Bazalt showcases efficient weapon systems and ammunition for air, land and naval forces. More details...

Tula Cartridge Factory To Participate In Weapons International Exhibition In Turkey
The Tula cartridge factory, a leading enterprise of the Russian defence sector, will show "NATO-calibre" cartridges at the 5th international exhibition of the defence, aerospace and marine equipment IDEF-2001 to be opened in Ankara on Thursday. More details...

South Africa Week To Be Held In Moscow
From October 1st to 5th, the South African embassy will hold "South Africa in Moscow Week" in the capital's Radisson Slovyanskaya hotel. The festival is aiming to show Muscovites aspects of the "rainbow country's" business, political and cultural life. More details...

Vienna Modern Art Tower Project On Display In Moscow
Moscow has become the third city after New York and Los Angeles to see a daring project, Heavenly Gift: Modern Art Tower. The Shchusev State Architecture Museum displays how Austrian art critics decided to transform a building erected in Vienna during WWII. More details...

6th International Shostakovich Contest Of String Quartets Ends In Moscow
The 6th international Shostakovich contest of string quartets has ended in Moscow. More details...

Will Moscow Host World Expo 2010?
Should Moscow be chosen the venue of the World EXPO 2010, Russia will have a good chance to demonstrate its economic progress. The government is doing its utmost to win the bidding contest, Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov said Monday, opening a White House meeting of the national organizing committee that is to promote Russia as the host country of the World EXPO 2010. More details...

Russian Scientists Will Help Syria In Creating Its National Academy Of Sciences
The Russian Academy of Sciences will render assistance to Syria in founding its national Academy of Sciences and also in developing the basis for scientific research in the country. An agreement on this score was fixed in the memorandum on mutual understanding which was signed on Sunday in Damascus between the delegation of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education. More details...

Britain For Another Russian Culture Season
Great Britain is launching one of its regular Russian culture seasons, which will gather many top-notch performing musicians, dancers and singers. More details...

Donbass Delegation Gives Moscow Copy Of Famous Sculpture
On Saturday a delegation from Donbass, Ukraine, gave Moscow a copy of the Mertsalov palm. Now the copy of the famous sculpture will decorate Manezhnaya square of the Russian capital More details...

Alexiy II Begins His Visit To Armenia
The Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate has said that the patriarch's visit will be held within the framework of celebrations of the 1,700th anniversary of the adoption by Armenia of Christianity as its state religion More details...

Russian Culture Days Open In Croatia
Russian Culture Days are set to open in Croatia Saturday. Sources in the Croatian Culture Ministry said the event is the first of its kind to be organized in the country since Russia and Croatia established diplomatic relations More details...

Moiseyev Dance Company Gives Charity Concert In Cyprus
Igor Moiseyev's ensemble of folk dance gave a charity concert in Nicosia, Thursday, with the returns to go to construction of a Russian Orthodox church in Cyprus. More details...

Russia To Exhibit 180 Pieces Of Armaments At Idef-2001
Russian arms producers will exhibit 180 pieces of brand-new weapons and military hardware at the Fifth International Show of Defence, Aerospace and Naval hardware, IDEF-2001, which will be held in the Turkish city of Ankara on September 27 through 30. More details...

Khabarovsk Hosts US Art Exhibit
Khabarovsk, a regional capital in the Russian Far East, Thursday played host to an exhibit of US art from University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Fine Arts. More details...

6th International Dmitry Shostakovich Contest Of String Quartets Opens In Moscow
Moscow is getting ready to launch into the 6th International Dmitry Shostakovich Contest of String Quartets. Timed to coincide with the 95th birth anniversary of the great composer, the event begins on September 19 and ends on September 25. More details...

Anti-cancer vaccine invented by Russian scientist
Vet scientist from Maritime region Vassili Britov has taken out Russian patent N 2172182 which officially confirms the vaccine educed by him to be an effective mean against cancer. Patents for ⌠Britov▓s vaccine■ are being registered now in 130 countries. More details...

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