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2.3 TERRAIN EFFECTS (clarification)
Terrain applies only to hexsides. A hexside is considered Clear unless clearly more than half covered by Mountain, Marsh, or Escarpment terrain. EXAMPLES: Beda Fomm/Antelat , Msus/Msus E1, and Skeleidimaer Regima are Clear hexsides.

NOTE: the 2 southern hexsides of Mechili W1 are not mountainous, and this hex may be entered from the south (as well as from the east along the trail).

2.5 ROAD BONUSES (clarification)
Trails and tracks in the same hex which don't connect are functionally separated. Supply Lines and "bonus" movement do NOT automatically jump to a disconnected trail or track in the same hex.

2.6 ROMMEL BONUS (clarification)
The Rommel Bonus can be applied once every Axis Turn (i.e., more than once per month), but not to movement (Withdrawals) during enemy Turns.

2.7 FORCED MARCHES (omission)
Units may attempt to Force March to a Regrouping destination hex, but if unsuccessful they are disrupted at their original location. (In a Regrouping, units which cannot reach the destination hex cannot move at all.) Units failing a Force March when disengaging lose ONE STEP in addition to being disrupted.

2.8 MOVEMENT INTO BATTLES (correction)
The hexside limits on units entering Enemy or Battle Hexes during each Movement Phase (not Turn, as stated in the rules). During the second Movement Phase of a Blitz Turn the limits re-apply.

3.4 BATTLE FIRES (clarification)
Units fire individually. Once enemy mandatory target units are eliminated, unfired units are free to fire at any unit-type. At the end of a Battle Turn, leftover single hits against double-step units are wasted .

4.4 THE BLITZ TURN (correction)
During the second Movement Phase of a Blitz Turn, the hexside limits on movement into Battles re-apply, so that additional units may cross Battle hexsides.

4.5 THE WITHDRAWAL (clarification)
Withdrawals are the only kind of movement possible without expending supply. A player may make one Withdrawal Move when Passing his Turn (no combat is possible). Any movement during an enemy Turn (e.g., to Rout or Refuse Combat ) must be by Withdrawal only.

A Withdrawal Move is a Group or Regrouping Move which satisfies the following conditions: 1) A Withdrawing unit must move toward its source of supply (Home Base or Fortress), following a friendly Supply Line. No portion of its Withdrawal move can take it further (in hexes) from that source. 2) Withdrawing units may not engage undisrupted enemy forces. They may Rout disrupted enemy units unless they are Retreating by Withdrawal. 3) The Withdrawal must result in the shortening of at least one friendly Supply Line by a hex or more.

Partial Retreats no longer force combat in that Battle. Instead, the option to have combat in that battle passes to the opponent for that turn only. If the opponent forces combat, the moving player acts as the defender, firing first and receiving applicable defensive benefits. Mark Partial Retreats with a coin until combat.

6.0 DISRUPTION (clarification)
Disrupted units should be placed face-down on the mapboard (tip back toward the owning player to preserve current CV). Disrupted units are immediately Routed when engaged, unless undisrupted friendly units are also in the hex. In such cases, the disrupted units take no part in the resulting battle (remaining face-down), and cannot recover while enemy units remain in the hex.

7.0 SUPPLY LINES (clarification)
Supply Lines are determined by the position of units at the beginning of a phase. Unit can have several valid supply lines. Supply Chains cannot be traced so as to "loop" back into the same hex. A Supply Network consists of all friendly Supply lines taken together. Opposing Supply Networks can pass through the same hex without affecting each other.

Unoccupied Fortresses remain friendly to the last occupant, but cannot help form supply chains.

7.2 JALO OASIS (clarification)
Jalo is a special 'off-board hex' which functions as a normal hex in all ways. Units which cannot reach the oasis must remain on the map. A Supply Line may be established to or through Jalo along the noted trails.

Defending Armor (and Recon) units do not receive double CV Battle fire in Fortresses.

(Clarification) Units must occupy a Fortress at the end of a phase to capture it, not merely pass through. (Change) Bonus Supply is awarded during Buildup, if a Fortress has changed hands during the month, .

9.2 BUILDUP POINTS (BPs) (addition)
Players can save a maximum of 20 BP's at the end of a Buildup. Excess unspent BP's are lost if not spent.

Tripoli. The Axis must spend 2 BPs to receive a Reinforcement unit in Aghiela (unless it is immediately moved by sea to Benghazi, Tobruk, or Bardia).

Early Arrival. A unit's "scheduled" month of arrival into the game is indicated on its counter label. However, Reinforcement units have a 33% chance of arriving one month early (NOTE: units can never arrive early in the first or last month of a scenario).

During Buildup, all Reinforcements scheduled for that month which haven't yet arrived are placed in Base. Any Reinforcements scheduled for the following month are checked for Early Arrival. Keeping its identity hidden, the owner rolls one die for each unit in turn:
1-2: Early Arrival. Place unit in Base.
3-6: Scheduled Arrival. Unit arrives next month.

Example: During Month 2 Buildup (1941), all four Allied Month 2 Reinforcements arrive (none could arrive early in the scenario's first month), while all four Axis Month 3 Reinforcements are checked for Early Arrival.

(correction) Units may be Redeployed out of Battles as long as at least one friendly unit remains behind (i.e., no Retreats). Units may not be Redeployed into or through battles.

(omission) Units may never be Redeployed within the enemy Supply Network (when Supply Networks overlap). A Supply Network may be reduced, but not enlarged, as a result of Redeployments during Buildup.

9.41 REFIT (addition)
During Buildup, units may be Redeployed by land to Base at no cost in BP's for Refit. Units under Refit are placed face down near Base (tip backwards to maintain CV), and are unavailable for rebuilding or any other use for one month. During the next Buildup, they recover normal status in Base (turn upright), and may be rebuilt and redeployed normally.

9.7 MINEFIELDS (Omission)
IMPORTANT: Minefields may not be constructed in Battle hexes. During Buildup, two minefields may be secretly dismantled in exchange for one new one built.

9.8 RE-SUPPLY (Change)
When Axis Resupply is only 2 Supply cards per month (i.e., during all of 1941 and when the Malta Group is in play in 1942), the Axis must pay 15 BPs (not 10) to draw an extra (real or dummy) Supply Card.

11.0 SCENARIOS (omission)
Free Deployment units must always be deployed in a supplied location. The Allies may deploy on "border" hexes left vacant by the Axis.

11.3 CRUSADER (correction)
ALLIES Deployment: Maximum of FIVE units in Tobruk, which is mined.

11.4 THE 1942 CAMPAIGN (omission)
ALLIES Deployment: Supply -- 5 cards.

(correction) ALLIES Deployment: Free deployment in (or east of): Acroma, Sidi Mufta, Bir Hacheim, the track to Bir Gubi, and the trail to Jarabub Oasis.

(clarification) SPECIAL RULES-- Gazala Initial Buildup: Following the initial deployments, each side receives 30 BP's to spend before beginning the first Month of play, the Allies building up first. All other Buildups in the game proceed as usual.

11.7 THE 1941-42 CAMPAIGN
(clarification) Axis "M" (Malta Group) units become available as optional Axis reinforcements (as per 11.4) beginning in Month 11 (February 1942).

14.0 DESIGNER'S NOTES (clarification)
In the Allied Unit Substitution chart, a single month noted indicates a permanent substitution.

Game Record Sheet (omission)
2. Players must declare the number of Redeployments and steps rebuilt.

Optional Rules
Exchange Move (experimental)
In addition to Group and Regrouping Moves, players may also make Exchange Moves, which involve the transfer of units between two groups. Only units in the two exchanging groups may move, and they must move into the other group if they move at all.

Fortress Supply Destruction
During Buildup, the occupant of a Fortress may destroy its Fortress Supply capacity by spending 10 BPs to do so, and noting it secretly. If a Fortress's supplies are destroyed, it can no longer support isolated units, nor is any Bonus Supply awarded for its capture, but its Fortress defensive benefits remain intact.

Fortress supply can only be rebuilt by spending 5 BPs for each point of port capacity. This is noted secretly during Buildup.

Allied I-tanks
The Allied "Army Tank" brigades (1st and 32nd AT) consist largely of slow, heavy 'Infantry Tanks'. I-tanks move only 2 hexes, but in combat it takes 2 hits to reduce them one step. These units can be marked as "I-tanks" by filling in the ovals in the unit symbols.