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It’s Mavs time :)

Posted Oct 31, 2004, 12:36 PM ET

It’s time to go to work. Dallas Mavericks style. Once again the “pundits” and sportswriters are dismissing the Mavs for any number of reasons. Once again, we are going to use it as motivation to prove them wrong. I love what we have with our team.

I love the balance and depth we have at all positions. I love the comraderie the guys are showing on the court and off. I love the yin and yang of Avery Johsnon and Nellie working together. I think this could be a very exciting year.

Already in pre season there have been highlights that are memorable. Watching Avery coach in practice and seeing Nellie just smile and watch him. Culminating with AJ coaching against the Spurs. The General without question found his new calling. I sat next to Stack during the game, and as he said “This guy is going to be good.”

Watching Jason Terry interact with the fans before, during and after games. We have a lot of guys who go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to making our fans and customers happy, but JT the Jet has raised the bar to a new level. From running through the crowd and high fiving everyone during his introduction to fans, or his rousing pre game speech letting everyone know there is a new Big D in Dallas and its called Defense. His energy is going to be infectious.

The development of DJ Mbenga and Devin Harris have been a joy. The DJ of summer league vs now is night and day. The kid has an amazing story, and is incredibly smart to go along with his athleticism. He has improved every game and practice. With his blackbelt in judo. If i ever run out on the court again, im taking him with me.

Devin Harris as the number 5 pick is expected to be good, but his demeanor, his passion and his ability are a great combination. Devin was Nellie’s pick. Watching film, Nellie pushed us all in Devin’s direction and he was right on. A little tidbit on DH. When we got the #5 pick, we sent up our team psychologist to NY to meet with as many of the kids we thought had a chance to be available at #5. We couldn’t talk to everyone we wanted to, but of the kids Don did speak to, without knowing what our scouts and Nellie thought about their playing ability, Don immediately started going on and on about Devin. Tough (he delayed getting a spleen operation in High School so he could qualify for a scholarship for college), smart, a good listener, leadership qualities, a quick learner, he went on and on. All of which contribute to the success Devin has had so far in the preseason. Its going to be fun watching DH grow as a player and person this year.

The new vets coming in also have been fun to be around. Alan Henderson is healthy again, and is bringing Bobby Knight basketball, great fundamentals to the team. Hendu won’t outrun, outjump or outshoot anyone, but he knows where to be and when on the court, and he practices so hard he makes the rest of the team better.

Since Stack has been hurt, I have had a chance to spend more time talking to him. A great guy. Chomping at the bit to get out there. He just wants to win. The 6th man role is unusual for him, but its ever more unusual for him not to have the pressure of carrying an entire team. I think he is recognizing and enjoying both. He has pushed himself to get back to practice ahead of schedule and looked amazing in practice yesterday.

Damp is a character. He has a sly sense of humor. Won’t say much, then out of no where, bam, some witty comment that will have guys cracking up. If you want to keep score, watch how many times he can get me with a towel when he comes out of a game. Minute I turn my head. Pop! On the court, he is getting more and more comfortable with his role. He knows he doesn’t have to score on set plays for us to win. That Dirk, Fin, Josh, whoever, will find him with the ball when teams rotate. All he has to do is catch and dunk. The real suprise from Damp, and I think one of the biggest benefits we will see from him, is the way he seals opposing centers creating layup lanes for him, or for a driving fin, devin,stack or JT. Thats something we have never had since I’ve been here and probably ever. A couple of those per game and Damp will have an impact that won’t showup in the stats.

Tuesday is when it gets real. I won’t say what i really think about the genius that started the season on election day since it’s probably the same person that started the season on Halloween in previous years. There’s only a presidential election 1x every 4 years. We start on that day..Genius. Let’s see, which are going to get more highlights and press coverage Nov 3rd. The kickoff of the NBA season or the election. The NBA has a great idea to feature “Premiere Week” and we start it on Election Night. Brilliant. It’s had an impact on us. We sold out our pre season home games, but we still have plenty of seats left for the home opener and also for the first couple games of the year. To help balance the brilliance of NBA marketing starting us off on election day, we created a special 3 pack of tickets. $25 dollar tickets (regularly 30 or 39 dollars) for 3 the first 3 games, for $75 dollars. Get em before they are gone!

On the Mavs entertainment front, we have all kinds of goodies planned for in game entertainment. We are proud that we get voted the best gameday presentation in the league, and we plan on raising the bar again this year. Let”s see what they fine me for this year!

One last note. One of my proudest moments as owner of the Mavs came at our last exhibition game with the Kings. At the prompting of Michael Finley, during the National Anthem, all of our players and staff stood with their hand over their heart. The fans saw this and did the same. With all the diversity of backgrounds and opinions, everyone used the moment as a sign of respect. It was great to be part of it.

nelly with players
mavs lineup 2004/2005

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Two Good Reads

Posted Oct 25, 2004, 5:34 PM ET

People always ask me for reading suggestions, so here are 2 very simple ones:

The first is one of the best stockmarket columns available. This guy doesn’t get the credit he deserves, but in my opinion his column is a must read. His name is Chris Byron, and he writes about stocks and the markets for The NY Post.

Chris unlike many has no problems taking on issues that aren’t popular but that protect the individual investor. His column today should be required reading for any small investor thinking of investing in penny stocks.  He nails the problems with Reg D offerings, gives examples and most importantly follows up to confirm just how slimely some companies are that are using this instrument.

The SEC might not watch out for small investors, but it’s great to know that Chris is. Read his column!

Switching topics to career advice. The book is called “ Going Corporate: Moving up without Screwing Up.”  If you are just getting out of school and already in the corporate world, this book probably isn’t for you. You already know what’s in it.

For those new or about to be college grads who want a funny, laugh out loud catch up on the things your future co-workers will be doing for you, with you and to you when you start your new job, buy this book now.

This book isn’t just for new entries into the workforce.

If you run a company, manage one, or are the CEO of any company with cubicles or rows of desk anywhere you pay rent, this book is definitely for you. You have no idea what is happening next to and on all those computers humming away in the office. This book will give you the rundown on all the things you never had the guts to do when you started out in the business world. Read this book as a primer, and a good laugh on just what runs through the minds of those twenty somethings that call you sir to your face, and something completely different behind your back. Good things of course :).

Read ‘em and have fun!

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Getting My Attention

Posted Oct 22, 2004, 5:27 PM ET

Please, please, please. Do not get the Mavs office address, or the address of any of my companies and send me a package with a shoe or a fake foot so you can get “your foot in the door”. Do not send me a rubber chicken because you read it in a book.

You may think it’s clever. I don’t. If you are trying to be clever, be clever and unique. If you aren’t sure if something you are trying is unique, it probably isn’t.  That said, the value of clever is that it might give me a chuckle. It won’t help you accomplish whatever you are trying to get done, only substance will do that.

If you are looking for money for any of the millions of wonderful or painful reasons someone might ask for money, DO NOT send it to me in a fed-ex or overnight delivery package. My first thought is always, if they need money so badly, why are the spending so much to send me this package.

If you are trying to raise money for a business. Your chances with me are slim and slimmer. If you want to risk it by sending me something, that is your choice. One thing that will immediately kill your chances is if you send me junk. Don’t send me a golf shirt, a coffee mug, a pen, a flashlight, or anything for that matter. It’s all junk to me and it only makes me wonder why you spent time and money on junk rather than on selling more of whatever it is you sell so you won’t need money.

Trash Triggers

If by chance I read whatever it is you send me, if the first page starts off with something like…The (your industry here) is a multibillion dollar industry.

That is an immediate reason for me to trash it. The first sign I look for to throw out a plan and not read further is someone trying to pull the “we only need a small percentage of a big market” nonsense.

The 2nd trashtrigger is nonsense sales projections. If you have projections for a business that doesn’t exist its gets trashed. Anyone can make up numbers. Sales projections you pulled out of thin air are meaningless. A 6-year-old can make up numbers.

The 3rd trashtrigger is the sob story about banks, friends, your last employer, your family, whatever, whoever. I will feel bad for you, but it means you are emotional more than logical about the business. I don’t need that.

What gets my attention?

Send me an email with a link to a website. I almost always will take the 10 seconds to link to that website and check it out.

The website should have everything and everything someone would want to know about your business and how it works. If I think its a great idea, I will get back to you. I don’t care if it’s on a free hosting site. I don’t care about the URL. I care about the substance of the site.  If you send me a password to get into the site, the chances of me checking it out are far diminished.

That’s is how I work. From there it’s up to you.

BTW,, I found out about it via email and invested in it BEFORE I ever met the founder.  He had a site. It worked. He put everything I needed to know in an email. He responded quickly to my requests without any bullshit. Now we are partners.

The host of this blog, One of the owners, Jason contacted me via email. I had met Jason before, but we didn’t have a single meeting before I invested. We did EVERYTHING via email.

Now these guys are the exception, I usually meet and interview and dig in, but these guys impressed me a lot. They work like I work. They got my money.

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Movies that make a difference…from Magnolia Pictures

Posted Oct 19, 2004, 11:55 AM ET

Vertical integration and the ability to control the supply chain. That’s the vision for the entertainment properties that Todd Wagner and I have put together. We have acquired great companies like  Rysher Entertainment , Landmark Theaters  and Magnolia Pictures We have also created great companies like HDNet and HDNet Movies , HDNet Films and 2929 Entertainment, with more to come.

The goal in putting all of these companies together is to be able to control our own destiny. We want to be able to create films in HDTV format via HDNet Films and 2929, acquire them through Magnolia and then distribute them digitally to our Landmark Theaters.  We also have the ability to  sell, show and distribute them in whatever (DVD, HD, etc) format we think consumers want, rather than what Hollywood dictates . Our goal is to provide entertainment to consumers, how, where and when they want. As Todd says, “what a concept, give the consumer what they want, rather than have someone tell them what they want.”

Things are going great, but there has been a side benefit that I had hoped for, but never really expected to happen so quickly. We are making and distributing movies that can truly impact peoples lives. HDNet Films is completely a documentary about the Enron debacle called Black Magic, which should be out this winter. Magnolia has taken the idea of movies that change peoples lives to an even greater level with the release of two movies:

Woman Thou Art Loosed and Voices of Iraq

Woman is a movie featuring Bishop TD Jakes and Kimberly Elise that is an adaptation of Bishop Jakes’ self-help novel, chronicling a woman’s struggle to come to terms with her legacy of abuse, addiction and poverty. It has had an amazing impact on the African American community and although the subject is very difficult, the message is uplifting. It’s a movie that we are very proud to have been part of. The movie extends to a very wide release across the country on October 22nd, so if you get the chance, check it out.

Voices of Iraq is another amazing film. It’s the one film that EVERYONE should be required to see before they vote.  Former MTV producers Eric Manes and Martin Kunert partnered with actor and Gulf War vet Archie Drury to distribute more than 150 digital video
cameras across Iraq.  Beginning amidst the Falluja uprising in April, going
through the marshlands in the South and Kurdish communities in the North and
ending less than a month ago, thousands of ordinary Iraqis became filmmakers. The 450 hours of tape they created show all the things the media never has access to. The real life of Iraqis. Eric, Martin and Archie edited those tapes into a powerful view of life that our media has no access to.

Honestly, when they sent the first cut of the movie to me, I sat down to watch it merely out of curiousity.  Once it started, it was immediately obvious that this wasn’t a documentary about Iraqis. It was “the real story” behind all the rhetoric we are receiving from the media and our candidates.  As I watched, with each scene and interview, it was if I was on a political rollercoaster. Jumping back and forth between “Bush was right for invading”, to “no he wasn’t. It was a mistake” I won’t tell you how I came out, but in watching this movie I felt far more informed and ready to vote. You will too. The movie opens in 10 cities October 29th. We are also working to get it out on DVD for those who can’t make it to theaters before election day. Watch the blog for more details.

Two great movies that I’m very proud of. I hope you will see them and let me know what you think.

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Applications for your future TV…

Posted Oct 17, 2004, 10:12 PM ET

These are businesses I would be looking at starting, and software I would look at writing if I were so inclined.

Instead, I decided to throw them out — free for all. Maybe someone has already thought of the ideas, maybe someone hasn’t. Doesn’t matter. 

If I were a patent terrorist like some, I could probably even patent these ideas. Isn’t it a shame that in this country today, you can have nothing more than an idea, do nothing with it, but still have a chance to make money?

All you have to do is be the first to file and get approved on a patent for your idea or process. Then send it to the lawyers to steal money from companies that have enough brains to come up with the idea independently of you, with no idea of who you are, or what you did.  They are able to do what the patent terrorists couldn’t — turn an idea into a product or service and make a business out of it. That’s a crime in and of itself…but I digress.

Here are the ideas (Patent away):

1. When is the one time we all stare real hard at the TV and give 100pct of our attention? When we are fast forwarding using our TiVo/PVR units. TV never has a greater share of our attention because we all want to stop the fast forward right when the show starts back up. It would be real easy to write software to pull one of the 30 frames per second that are marked for the device, and hold that as a billboard ad for the product being sold until the commercial is over.  The viewer won’t see it if they don’t fast forward, and if they do, they see the equivalent of a billboard for the product being sold. Viewers staring hard at your ad. That can’t be a bad thing.

If PVR providers want to get fancy, in a high-def world, they can pull identified frames and bits and reassemble a full ad at lower resolution…again, not difficult at all to do.

2. When I had we were testing software that let the user program their own TV stations. Just take any of our programs that were available on demand from our site, and plug it into a schedule that you create for your station. You can even insert a live program as part of the schedule and the software just changes the channel to the one you want.

Today, with PVRs and Media Center PCs, this doesn’t have to be about the net. With very simple software, you could pull content from the net, or more importantly Video on Demand sources and program your own personal TV schedule.

Search through your comcast or charter VOD programming guides, and schedule the shows you want, when you want.

Of course, this is not different than an MP3 playlist from any music player, so it would just be days till Personal TV station playlists would be shared. Want to watch Mark Cuban TV (don’t know why, but if you did), just subscribe to my TV Sched PlayList RSS output from my blog, and you can watch what I watch, when I watch it.

3. Here is the one app that I think could really mess things up. The cable network emulator.

I don’t know if it ever happens, but it could really toss a wrench into things. If you can schedule your own TV network, you can emulate someone elses. So if I wanted to recreate the schedule of Spike TV, USA Networks, etc, etc., it would take minutes to download their upcoming schedule and then run a search through your local cable provider IPG and see what they have on demand. The program will then  come back to you with which hours from the emulated schedule are available VOD and schedule it the same time as Spike, USA, whichever network you are emulating. Voila’ you have created your version without subscribing.

The more programs available on demand and online, the more the power of the program expands.

Where the real trouble starts is as more TV shows and movies are available via VOD and the net, then the programs will also be able to do a cost comparison. Is it cheaper to buy programs on your own and emulate your favorite network or buy the network?

Could it be better to buy basic digital cable, the SVOD package, an external source of content like Netflix or an internet content service then it is to buy more expensive packages?

It’s going to be fun to find out and to see if and when these software programs appear.

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Some Investment Opportunities I Have To Share…

Posted Oct 12, 2004, 10:36 AM ET

First, let me say that this is a real email I received this morning.  It also is adult in subject matter. If you are offended by any references to sex, please stop reading now.

If you are not, this is real. It’s not something I made up and will give you an idea of some of the investment ideas I get every day!

I’m passing on the idea, so if you want his email, let me know :)

hi mark,
im looking for an investor for my new product “the handjobber”. There are plenty of dildos for women out there, but there are no good masturbators for men. until now. The masturbator is designed using precise aluminum machining and plastic molding. I figure it would retail for 299$. this isnt some stupid blowjob toy with an air pump, this is a true handjobber!
the sex market is huge and i figure i can get these manufactured in china for as low as 20$ / unit for the first 100k units. I need the money (2 mil) to get the product launched. the product would evolve from the handjobber, to a fully interactive handjobber unit that can be used by two people over the internet. a dildo like device with censors would be manipulated by a person at one end of the internet connection relaying the data to mimick the actions to the wearer on the other side of the connection. evolution of the product from there is a full cyber suit and robotic doll where a couple can have true cybersex.
could be good for a quick 10 point pop for you mark. let me know.

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The Benefactor will continue next week…

Posted Oct 12, 2004, 10:34 AM ET its normal time.

So set the Tivos and plan the evening around the show!


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Only in the Dallas Morning News…

Posted Oct 11, 2004, 5:07 PM ET

So I’m reading a column by Steve Blow in the Morning News a few minutes ago. The article refers to a hustler who got in trouble masquerading as a gynecologist. The guy took out ads in our local free weekly, The Dallas Observer. Funny stuff. The ad was mixed in with all the sex ads and offered his services for “fantasy exams for couples” among others. The suspicious nature of this ad was noticed by authorities who investigated the guy, and brought him up on charges.

All fine and good. Great article Steve. On to the next page in my copy of the Dallas Morning News.

Lo and behold, what’s on the the next page… A full page ad. What is the headline of the ad ?

A Child’s Secret to Winning on Wall Street… Soccer Kid’s portfolio up 355% in six months.

The ad is hysterical. It reads like a Saturday Night Live skit…Christian began trading at age 12 when his parents said he was old enough. Home schooled by his mom, Treva, and experienced WizeTrader (the software they are trying to sell), Christian was introduced to Wizetrade as part of his general education. (Good work mom. Who needs biology when you have WizeTrade!)

Christians younger sister Summer, paper trades only, which means she uses Wizetrade to assess theoretical trades and then tracks their progress in real time. (Treva’s kids dont need no stinkin’ video games. They are homeschooled with WizeTrade!)

Treva says, “Investing without the Advantage of Wizetrade would be ‘Like a surgeon trying to do surgery without his eyes.’” (I didn’t make this up.)

the ad goes on…

Still, 12 year old Christian is the family’s budding superstar. “He made $720 a few days ago on one of his trades. He’s tickled” says Treva.

What a great ad. Except that we know that someone is going to show up at the 3 Seminars they are holding around Dallas this coming weekend. Three rooms with suckers. Three rooms with people that hopefully will have the same authorities who picked out the Fantasy Gynecologist for prosecution warning them before they waste a nickel of their hard earned money.

Call me a cynic, but did no one at the Morning News notice this at all? Does this section have Ed Bark’s editor?  The ad would be hysterical if it weren’t for the fact that the paper took the money knowing this was a complete sham.

This really isnt a slam of the paper. I’m sure there are papers all over the country who took the money from these people and closed their eyes. I’m sure there are radio stations doing the same thing. I get really mad when I hear the ads touting “earn X% trading options and futures with the pros”.

To take the hypocrisy to the next level, while this is going on, our trusty government is using tax dollars to stop online gaming sites by preventing them from advertising. Online Gaming sites are safe compared to Wall Street scams.

A little tip for the traditional media out there — If you want people to take you more seriously than us little blogs, don’t take ads from people trying to scam your readers.

Unless of course it’s an ad from some guy in Nigeria whose father was in the government and had to leave quickly and needs our money to access to his huge bank account. For just 100 bucks he will give any of us access to the 20mm he has in the bank and put it in our name!

This is for real. I know it is. Little Christian told me he learned it in home schooling.

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It’s Crunch time on The Benefactor!

Posted Oct 10, 2004, 10:19 AM ET

Ok, let me answer all the questions I have been getting via email.

With each test, I am looking for specific things. I cut based on those specific things. In putting together the basketball teams, I was looking for organizational skills. I always tried to stick to evaluating the skills the tests were based on.

Did I like it when the kids were harassed by some of the contestants? Of course not. Did I take it into consideration? Yes, but not as the primary consideration. 

Now that I have gotten to know the remaining contestants, I have been accumulating the “brownie points” and the “cut points”. Things like how they dealt with the kids. How they have treated and reacted to both me and the other contestants. Those haven’t gone unnoticed. I just tally them up, ready to use them if there is a toss up in making a decision between two contestants.

Why not just cut on the spot? Because there is only 1 reward on this show (with the exception of the bribe). That reward is winning the million dollars. There is not added value if a contestant goes further but still doesn’t win. They walk away with the same amount of money as The Rich, the first contestant cut.

In fact, a wise viewer might surmise that I recognize that some people appear to be excelling by simply not failing. They would be right.

I will give every remaining contestant the chance to win. They will have to do so by excelling at the tests, not by not making mistakes or just getting lucky.

Some more twists for you to watch for…

Character tests come in to play starting this episode. If you thought there was something good or bad about a person, it comes out Monday.

This Monday has the funniest response to any test. I don’t know how they thought of it, but they did.

There are a lot of built up frustrations released by the contestants on Monday night…at each other.

As always, thanks for reading and watching!

And one more tidbit. The best place to search for info on The Benefactor is via a new feature on It’s the blog Search. Forget what traditional media is saying. The fun stuff is on blogs. Check it out

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Self-Inflicted Wounds

Posted Oct 8, 2004, 9:58 AM ET

I used to work as a bouncer the summers of my junior and senior years in college. The bar was called Chances Are, and it was in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. Mixed crowd. There wasn’t a whole lot of trouble, a fight here and there that was never too difficult to bust up, and if it got too big, there were always cops with their dogs down on the corner sipping coffee from the Dirty O’.

One night this guy walks up, already trashed. I wouldn’t let him in. He stumbles away muttering. About an hour later, this fool comes stumbling back up and pulls out a switchblade. He flips the blade and mutters something to the effect about how he could cut me up. I calmly pointed to the cops and their dogs and suggested that it wouldn’t be too wise.

He glanced down the street, reconsidered the situation, gave me the, “Don’t you know how much of a hard ass I am” glare, and while trying to stare me down, decided to close the knife with his hand against what turned out to be a very sharp blade, and proceeded to gash his hand. With blood flowing, he turned and stumbled away while I signaled for the cops to come and take him away.

I have been reminded of this event multiple times while reading stories that reference me and The Benefactor in the Dallas Morning News. For those that don’t know, The Dallas Morning News is owned by the Belo Corporation. Belo also owns WFAA TV, the ABC TV affiliate in the Dallas market, which shows The Benefactor on Monday nights.

The relationship between the entities suggest that there would be the opportunity for mutually beneficial cross promotion. It could also suggest that there could be the risk of being perceived as being less than journalistically objective if any favoritism was displayed. Call me crazy, but the businessperson in me says that the best way to deal with the situation would be to just convey the facts in any reference used.

You would think that this would be a simple task for writers like Ed Bark at the Morning News. Nope. A little bit out of his range. Seems like the entertainment writers want to make Sam Smith appear to be worthy of a Pulitzer Prize.

It all really comes down to how they are writing about and referring to ratings of The Benefactor. Are our ratings as high as I, or ABC, or anyone involved like them to be. No. Nor are they as bad as Ed and his cohorts at the Morning News want to make them out to be.

First of all, in Dallas, where the Dallas Morning News not suprisingly is published and most widely distributed, The Benefactor has won its time slot every single week. Our numbers have remained very good, taking on all comers and winning going away. In fact, when ABC repeated the first episode, the repeat won its time slot as well and actually showed better numbers than the first running.

Has the Dallas Morning News written about, or even mentioned any of these facts? Not a single time that I have seen.

Instead, their man in the trenches Ed Bark, and several of his peers have chosen to write about our national ratings. Nationally, we have been about the 80th ranked show in the country. That’s an easy number to pick on, but it certainly doesn’t tell the entire story.

EVERY SINGLE NETWORK program that appears above us in the rankings is shown in every major television market in the US. The Benefactor is not. Because Monday Night Football is a live event, what time the show is on, and whether or not it is even shown on Monday night at all varies by market.

Want to watch The Benefactor on Monday night and you live in Denver? Can’t do it. Can’t do it anywhere in the Mountain Time Zone either. Want to watch it on monday in Indianapolis, Nashville, Miami and other cities? Can’t do it. Did you want to watch it in DC before the Redskins game? Couldn’t do it. These NFL cities pre-empt the show for local football or news shows.

Want to watch the show on the west coast? Good luck. First of all it depends on when Monday Night Football ends. If it goes late, the Benefactor is going to be on late. That is, if its not pre-empted, or joined in progress like it has been in several west coast cities every week. San Diego decided to join the show half way through. Seattle did the same thing.

With the show  missing or bumped around in so many large markets, its has had an expected serious impact on the number of viewers for the show. To compare our numbers to any other major network show, as Ed Bark and others have tried to do, is either misleading by design or proves how inept some writers can be.

Had the writers had any interest in providing some semblance of balance in its reporting there would have been some context in the story. Has the Dallas Morning News provided any of this context for its readers? Nope. Not a word. Not only do they not write about our success in Dallas, or other markets for that matter,  but they continue to mislead their readers about how well The Benefactor has done with viewers nationally.

So what makes this a self-inflicted wound and not just shoddy reporting? As I told one of their writers, painting the show as a failure could lead to 1 or more Dallasites not watching the show. If one or more of those people is in a Neilsen home, that is a ratings hit for the local ABC channel, which just happens to be part of the same company that he works for, that pays him and in which he has profit sharing. And which happened to announce the day after I talked to him that they were laying off 250 people.

I am certainly not suggesting that they write anything positive about the show. I’m going to be more than Ok regardless of what they write. My livelihood will not be impacted one way or the other. I am suggesting, as a businessperson, that whatever they write about The Benefactor, or any show they have a vested interest in, that they make a little bit of effort to get facts and context correct. Misreporting information about a show your employer owns certainly could , and should, impact yor ability to get a raise…

Call me crazy, but I am a huge believer in the butterfly effect. I do believe that one customer can make the difference between success and failure. That the one prospective viewer, buyer, seller, that you mislead, ignore or mistreat could have been the difference between layoffs and none, a bonus or none, the stock price going up or down.

The throwaway and misleading comments in the Dallas Morning News aren’t going to change my life one way or the other. They could change the lives of the people who wrote them. That’s a self-inflicted wound that could have been avoided.

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