T H E  B I G  O ' S  W E A P O N R Y

The Big O has so many weapons, I've had to create an entire section devoted to them! Herein lies every single kind of weapon that the Big O has used throughout the anime series and manga.

First, I shall go through the melee and the otherwise "unexplosive" weapons, then the much heavier arsenal.
Look, ma! Only one hand!

Big O tearing apart the Kimera.
One must keep in mind that the Big O is more powerful than most, with its weapons or without. However, what weapons and how much arsenal it uses really depends on its enemy.

The Big O is the only robot I've ever seen that has pistons in both its arms (I say "robot" because the Third Angel from Neon Genesis Evangelion has a similiar thing called a "bio-spear" in its right arm).

Roger intitates the piston/s by clicking a button on one or both of the joysticks in order to give Big O's punch a little more... well... "punch".

I personally find it really neat that the piston "jumps" out as it's charged, and that steam fires out as it is initiated.
Big O showing Dorothy I “what-for”.
Notice the shockwave.

This unfortunate mech went down after only two blows.
Sometimes even its pistons are powerful enough to take down an enemy.

Instead of using all that power for the pistons, Roger can instead use it to make the Big O produce a very strong shockwave. It's so intense that it can go through several buildings.
Shockwaves, for that ranged attack. The wave goes through the buildings like they were paper.

For protection, the Big O has ginormous armored plates on both its arms (but it usually doesn't really need them, anyway).
Arm shields... For use against those really annoying enemies.

Big O saves the Major from being crushed by Dorothy I.
Big O's hips can be shot out and then is drawn back in by a massive chain. They are equiped with rocket boosters, and can also be automatically replaced if they get cut off.

If used right, these things can be very, very useful, in more ways than one...
Big O is rounding up Beck Victory Deluxe.

In Act 14, we see a "slight" variation in the way Roger uses the hip rockets. This time, many more of them are intiated at once in order to take out multiple targets.
Fear the hip rockets...

Powering up.
There are several weapons the Big O has that are unique to the manga. They often replace its entire arm or both of the arms. This one is an electric generator that Roger used to defeat the electric bug enemy from Chapter #2.

In another chapter, the Big O's arm was switched for a giant drill in order to make a whirlpool in the ocean and help destroy enemy ships.

Also, the Big O was equiped with a huge rocket-propelled ball that was used to take off the Archetype's head.
Not very practical around the house, though.
Looks like one of those funny vibrating ball thingies! Remember those?

Well... So much for that, Schwartzwald.
Last but not least, Big O's hands are rocket propelled. This was very... har-har-har... "handy"... when it came to defeating the Big Duo.

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