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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A worm in the Apple. Update your iTunes or no tunes for you!


As reported a few days ago, Apple made a sad attempt to block iPod owners from copying their music from their own iPods back to their own iTunes library with the release of iTunes 4.7.

Apple has now taken things a step further. Not content to block unsavvy users from engaging in perfectly legal activities, they are now blocking users of older iTunes versions (4.2 and earlier) from being able to purchase or download anything from the iTunes Music Store.

I predict that within a week or two someone will have figured out how to circumvent this little inconvenience too!

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Public Service Announcement: VOTE!

Apologies to those of you outside the USA, but we ‘mericans have one of our most important civic duties to do today and just in case a single US citizen reading this has been living under a rock until today, I wanted to make sure they knew that.

For these purposes, I don’t care WHO you vote for. I only care that you do, in fact, vote. As I have said in this space before, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain…

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Quark 6.5 shipping now, if you care

Acoording to Quark’s press release, version 6.5 “represents a shift in thinking at Quark by offering expanded power, versatility and the creative possibilities of QuarkXPress software, at no cost to current QuarkXPress 6 customers.”

I think they are trying to tell us it sucks slightly less than the previous version. A “shift in thinking”???? You mean they have stopped thinking Mac users and desktop publishing pros around the globe are morons who will contunue buying their overpriced inferior product just because they set the “standard”, without bothering to consider the superior alternatives available these days?

I was reminded of this brilliant “translation” of Quark’s 6.0 press release last year, by John Gruber.

For an excellent Quark vs InDesign assessment , check out Pariah S. Burke’s post from May on The Design Weblog.

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iPod Download giveth, Apple taketh away. But not for long!

As has been previously reported, Apple’s iTunes 4.7 disabled the functionality of the very handy iPod Download utility, which keeps popping up for download all over the ‘net despite Apple’s attempts to squash it.

Thank the French for bringing iPod Download back to life! It appears the code used to disable this specific utility can be overcome by simply forgetting how to spell :)
this ipod download 1 becomes this ipod download 2 (look closely…)

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Et tu, U2?

ipod u2

It figures that all the big news would happen while I have been on hiatus. Sorry for the lack of updates, folks. I’ve been dealing with a pressing family matter. My family is one of the few things that takes precedence over my Mac-addiction, my work, my writing, etc. So here’s what happened while I was gone. I feel the need to recap since I’m certain all of my loyal readers don’t ever go to any other Mac-related news site, ever, to get the scoop, right? :)

  • iBooks got a speed bump.
  • A non-virus made a few Mac users nervous. Which, of course, made a few anti-virus software developers ecstatic. It’s much ado about nothing if you ask me.
  • U2 decided if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em and partnered with the Apple and Universal Music group to release a special edition iPod.
  • Apple trumped their iPod U2 announcement by following it up with a new iPod Photo device. Yum.
  • Not to be confused to the Apple Store mini, Apple also unveiled their new online iPod store.
  • With Winter around the corner, Apple wants to be sure your iPod stays warm and toasty. ipod socksSo they announced another innovative concept: iPod Socks. Yes, I said socks. Buy one in every color so you can be sure they’ll always match your belt and your handbag. I guess I don’t have to carry my iPod around in my Pink Fluffy KrooPouch anymore. Although I did have my heart set on one of these iPod cozys.
  • iTunes Music Store readies launch in EU and Canada
  • John “the C is for Cranky” Dvorak gets it wrong, as usual, on Podcasting.

My posts may be sporadic still for the next week or two, but I’ll try to keep you updated as often as possible!

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Google Desktop in Firefox

While Google says that Internet Explorer is required to use the new Google Desktop Search, intrepid developers have released the Firefox Toolbar that extends the Desktop Search to the Firefox browser on Windows and the Google Toolbar to Firefox on the Mac. This new toolbar allows one-click access to Gmail and the ability to search your Gmail account.

Adding Google Desktop Search to the toolbar in Windows requires an easy “hack” but it is one Google themselves provide to add Google Desktop Search to their own Deskbar. I’ve hacked my Google Deskbar and it works fine.

The Firefox Toolbar works with Firefox 0.9 and the PR1 release.

NOTE: This post has been updated. I originally indicated (incorrectly) that this toolbar enabled Google Desktop Search on the Mac. As a reader pointed out in the comments to this post, Google Desktop Search requires an .exe file that is currently only available for Windows 2000 and XP. Sorry for the error.

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Analysts Positive About Apple Stock

Brad Gibson at Technology News says—Apple Stock on Upward Momentum; Analysts Positive.

According to this article, it is the ‘halo effect’ of iPod sales and iTunes music that continue to garner positive ‘buy’ ratings for Apple stocks  from seven Wall Street analysts.

An excerpt:

”...Apple said it expects to post a first-quarter profit of between 39 cents and 42 cents a share on revenue between $2.8 billion and $2.9 billion. Before the company’s update, Wall Street analysts had been estimating Apple would earn 28 cents a share on revenue of $2.52 billion…”

Go Apple… (-:=

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IBM still unable to meet Apple’s demand for G5 processors

g5 cpu

Despite hugely successful Q4 earnings, Apple might take a big hit this holiday season if IBM doesn’t come through with the G5 chips Apple needs to get the new iMac G5 into the public’s hot little hands.

MacNewsWorld reports “While it’s difficult to quantify the impact of the processor shortage, it is clear that Apple is taking a hit on G5 system sales.

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer was quoted during the conference call as saying “We believe IBM has placed enormous resources to resolve this situation.”

The continued lack of chips could hit Apple hard in the wallet. While they will still enjoy strong iPod sales through Christmas, not having iMacs in stock is potentially devestating. IBM had previously implied they would be meet demand back in August. Two months later, they are still falling short and not even close to meeting their commitments.

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Friday, October 15, 2004

New iBooks next week?

A German Mac news site, MacGadget, seems pretty confident that Apple will be releasing new iBooks this coming Tuesday. If this were only posted on a rumors site I wouldn’t pay it too much attention, but I have a good hunch that it’s accurate. I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday!

Here’s a loose translation from their site.

(16:20 o’clock) New iBooks on Tuesday.  Apple will announce on coming Tuesday a revised iBook G4 product line.  Apart from the usual technical improvements, speed bumps and price reductions for all three iBook G4 models are expected. The improved iBooks are alreadyen route to dealers and distributors.

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Tiger, Tiger, burning bright… Not

Just a few minutes ago, Amazon’s link to pre-order Tiger was an error page.

Now the page has returned, saying “This item is not stocked or has been discontinued.”

amazon tiger

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