Dragon's Lair is an animated fantasy adventure where you control Dirk The Daring, a knight on a quest to rescue Princess Daphne from a dark & sinister castle. Within it's dark depths, you will discover traps, monsters, puzzles & maybe if you're lucky, you'll face Singe, the dragon guarding the princess in the final battle. Have you got what it takes?


The arcade classic Dragon's Lair is back, and this time, it actually looks like it should. To true fans of this game earlier releases of this arcade classic on Sega CD, 3DO & the PC by Readysoft may have seemed like they were missing something. They were! Several scenes, like The Falling Platform, The Breathing Room, The Fire Ropes (shown right) and others were cut due to several reasons, not the least of which was pixelization, as the visual constraints of the machines they appeared on were VERY tight.


Visually, this game is near perfect. An exact copy of the arcade laserdisc video with very little pixelization. The animation by Don Bluth Studios (An American Tail & Secret of N.I.M.H to name a couple) is wonderful & smooth, a real treat for the eye. As to sound, durring the video, it's dead on. Perfect & impressive. However, durring the display of score between scenes, some of the sound effects are grating and horrible, which is detracting from the game. If you have a stereo on for the game, you need to mute it or be nearly deafened by the high pitched sounds that occasionally for no other reason than to give the display screen some sound.


While the sound problem may be forgivable, the overly touchy controls really are a pain. Originally, the arcade game had a beep and buzz to let you know if the control was accepted or not. However, it's not present in the CD-i edition. Plus, to make the game differ from the other editions out, they added quick reflex moves, so some moves might be "down then quickly right". Miss that, and you're up the creek. Also, this makes most on-line guides for the game useless as most just list the generic walkthrough for the 3DO or PC. A real bummer.


  Many newer players may not see the replay value in this game, or why it has lasted as long as it has with fans. Simply put it's entertaining. Sure, the only change when you play is the order of the levels, but since there is very little in the way of dialogue, it doesnt get on your nerves like most FMV games do with the bad acting.

Overall, the game is a fun occasional play. Not really one you should solve, then jump back into again. Still, the great visuals (and tuneless humming of Dirk) make it a fun cartoonish adventure not to be missed.


Number of Players : 1
Requires DV Cart : Yes
Rec. Controler: 3-Button Pad

Graphics :
Sounds :
Control :
Replay :

Overall rating :