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In Memoriam
Annette Pypops (1962-1998)

After a courageous battle against breast cancer, Annette Pypops died peacefully at her home in Cantley, Quebec on December 23, 1998. Annette served as a MATCH Program Officer from 1988 to 1995 during which time she worked tirelessly to promote a greater awareness of violence against women and to develop support for victims of such violence world-wide. A true feminist, her boundless energy and enthusiasm encouraged others. She loved life, and lived it to the full with compassion and caring.

No staff member could have better carried out the aims and ideals of MATCH than Annette Pypops. MATCH is privileged to have been one of the means through which Annette devoted her commitment and dedication in the pursuit of the liberation and fulfilment of women everywhere.

Norma E. Walmsley O.C., MATCH Founder
Suzanne Johnson-Harvor, MATCH Co-Founder

Current and former Board members of MATCH and MATCH staff

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