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Check out this award-winning
 Modular Furniture!

modular cat With it's innovative design, you can change, arrange and add to it all you want!
 They are like Legos, but for your cats! Click Here

 1999 Cat Fancy Magazine Product of the Year

Now that's a tree!

sculpted cat furnituresculpted cat furniture Go ahead and let your cat's inner-nature come romping out, they'll love you for it!

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cat gym84" Double Cube Gym

The Ultimate Tree!

7 feet tall, swinging triangle, multiple places to stretch out, a big house to hide in, and more. You've got to check this one out!

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floor to ceiling cat trees94"-104" Deluxe Floor to Ceiling Tree


Over 8 feet of pure climbing, romping and lounging fun. This deluxe model has it all! A house to cozy in, 2 tubes to play with, 9 places to lounge, and plenty of room to climb!

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