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Workshop Program

BAQ 2004 Workshop Program (DRAFT)BAQ 2004 Workshop Program (DRAFT)
[.pdf, 181.1Kb]

To ensure the participatory character of BAQ 2004 one-third of the time in each of the plenary sessions and sub-workshop sessions will be reserved for discussions. Please check this section on a regular basis for updates and further details on the Program. Authors who have submitted an abstract will be informed on or before 11 October 2004 whether their abstract is accepted for presentation.


These sessions deal with topics which are believed to be of interest to the majority of participants.

  1. Opening Ceremony and Keynote Address
  2. Air Quality Management in India
  3. Prevention vs. Control of Air Pollution in Asia
  4. Urban AQM and Transboundary Air Pollution in Asia
  5. Closing Ceremony

These are parallel, large-format sessions that cover broad themes on AQM in Asia.

  1. Air Quality Monitoring, Modeling, and Health Impacts of Air Pollution in India
  2. Indoor Air Pollution Management in Asia
  3. AQM and Society’s Role in India
  4. Management of In-use Vehicle Emissions in Asia
  5. Co-benefits of Climate Change Mitigation and Urban AQM
  6. Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia
  7. Air Quality Monitoring and Emissions Inventories
  8. Public Participation and Governance of AQM in Asia
  9. Costs of Air Pollution

These sessions provide opportunities for in-depth presentations and discussions on either policy, institutional or technical issues.

  1. Air Quality Monitoring Practice
  2. Particulate Matter Monitoring and Management
  3. Public Participation and Awareness Raising for AQM
  4. Public Health, Poverty, and Air Pollution
  5. Non-motorized Transport and Bus-Rapid Transit
  6. Ground-level Ozone and its Impacts
  7. Air Quality Modeling Theory and Practice
  8. Indoor Air Pollution Management
  9. AQM in the Industrial Sector
  10. Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia
  11. The Role of Inspection and Maintenance in AQM
  12. Emission Factor Development for Asian Vehicles
  13. Improving Fuel Quality in Asia
  14. Co-benefits of Local AQM and Climate Change Mitigation
  15. Air Quality Management Policies and Implementation
  16. Market-Based Mechanisms for Air Pollution Control

These allow countries and cities represented in BAQ 2004 to discuss AQM priorities among themselves. The networking session is conducted as part of the sub-workshops.


This is another possibility to share the results of your work on air quality management with other professionals. Posters will be displayed for the duration of BAQ 2004.

Here are some pictures from last year's poster session (BAQ 2003, Manila):

BAQ 2004 Secretariat at Fax: 00 632 636 2198