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This blog is a journal I kept when I lived on what was once my grandparent's farm & ranch. Since I'm not out there full-time these days, I now tell about whatever is going on out there and other things of interest concerning gardening and rural life.

The farm is located about one mile west of what was the community of Pine Ridge, Oklahoma. At its heyday Pine Ridge had a church and a grocery store, but today only has the Pleasant View Cemetary.

Pine Ridge is located about 10 miles South of Ft. Cobb, OK, in Caddo County. It is located on the Old Ozark Trail, the main highway in Western Oklahoma before the building of US Route 66.

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Saturday, February 16, 2004
As of today this blog is no longer being updated. I am keeping it on this site in archive form. HOWEVER, Pine Ridge Journal will be revived as periodic publication of writings on the rural life starting in March of 2004. Be sure and check back!

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For anyone who is interested, I now have a new blog up for my garden in Newcastle at

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Click here to view a topo map of the Pine Ridge area. (To find the farm, go one mile west of the red marker for Pine Ridge on the map. Then on that section that is on the NW quarter of that intersection, look for the Southeast quarter of that section. That's the farm.)

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Thursday, November 14, 2002
The archives for this site are back up at (Click here to see the index)

Also for my Mom and anyone else who is looking for the pictures I took when I lived out there, here are the links to the pages that have them...

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Friday, November 08, 2002

Amazingly enough, the makers of my Grandpa's favorite brand of overalls Round House now have a website. I didn't know until recently that that are made right here in Shawnee, Oklahoma since 1903. After reading their website I'm even proud to own and wear a pari of them, since the company gives 10% of their profits to the Lord.

Here's something else interesting from their site:


    1. Shawnee Garment Manufacturing Company is the oldest manufacturing company in Oklahoma still operating.

    2. Americans continue to grow. Over the last 20 years, the best selling waist size has grown from 34 waist to 40 waist.

    3. The Santa Fe and Rock Island railroads had roundhouses in Shawnee. In 1907, an average of 42 passenger trains and 65 freight trains passed through Shawnee daily.

    4. Our factory uses 10.8 million feet of thread a month.

    5. Blue denim overalls were the traditional work overall while the stripe overalls were reserved for dress or church occasions (thus the name, "The Oklahoma Tuxedo").

    6. Biggest pair ever made here - 80" waist for a funeral in Texas.

    7. About 40% of the work force at Shawnee Garment is part American Indian.

    8. The paternal grandparents of the owner, Jim Antosh, were both Polish immigrants and were married with the help of a matchmaker in the U.S. Their last name, Antosz, was "Americanized" to Antosh.

If you've never worn a pair of Roundhouse Overalls, you should give them a try. They are the most comfortable clothes I own. You can buy them at Wal-mart and lots of other clothing stores in Oklahoma and in some parts of Texas, and you can also get them on their website too.

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Here's more resources on the Great Pine Ridge Earth Quake (on the Meers Fault). Here's another story that mentions the Meers Fault line

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