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Welcome to Applied Computing Sciences ePrints Service

Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Computing Sciences eprints server, running GNU EPrints 2.36. This service is intended for researchers and academic staff wishing to archive the full text or merely bibliographic details of their publications. These records will be made available on the main faculty research website as part of an academic CV for each staff member, project and research group.

Alternatively, you may search the repository using the provided links.

At present the service is in experimental mode, as such, please read the contact and policy information and the on-line help before requesting an account by e-mailing David Nutter. When the service is more stable, on-line registration will be enabled.

More information is available about the archive.

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Applied Computing Sciences ePrints Service is running on GNU EPrints archive-creating software, which generates eprints archives that are compliant with the Open Archives Protocol for Metadata Harvesting OAI 1.1 and 2.0.

The GNU EPrints archive-creating software is available for free at