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10th November 2004
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Blouse And Skirt
UK, BBC, Satire/sketch, colour, 2000
Starring: Tony Morris, Curtis Walker, Gina Yashere
Blouse and Skirt

First seen, in a different format, as an element within the black entertainment strand The A Force (BBC2, 18 October-20 December 1996), Blouse And Skirt eventually evolved into a show in its own right. Much of it followed the format of a comedy spin on Question Time, with regulars Curtis Walker and Gina Yashere joined by two guests to take a satirical look at topical subjects, prompted by questions from the audience. In between there were observations from the X-rated Ragga Girls and the Nigerian 'fly guys' Femi and Adi (Gee and Nestor), and a witty black perspective on the news moderated by the urbane Tony Morris and featuring a host of guest stars, including Felix Dexter, Angie Le Mar, Roy Diamond, Jocelyn Gee, Slim, Helen Da Silva, Charlie Hale, Many Newton, Junior Simpson and Leo Muhammed.

Researched and written by Mark Lewisohn.

Gallery Images - Click for a bigger image
Tony Morris - Host
Curtis Walker
Gina Yashere
Robbie Gee
Eddie Nestor

Carlton Dixon - Writer
Angie Le Mar - Writer
Paul McKenzie - Writer
Robbie Gee - Writer and others
Eddie Nestor - Writer and others
Tracy Henderson - Director
Paulette Randall - Director
Angela Ferreira - Executive Producer
Michelle Metherson-Frederick - Producer
Transmission Details
Number of episodes: 8 Length: 30 mins
29 Feb-21 Mar 2000 � BBC2 weekdays mostly 11.20pm

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