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All Links Updated & Checked in September, 2004
New Weblog Links Added in October, 2004

ELECTION 2004 Was Stolen!  The 'Fix' Was In !

Two major investigations are underway now into the "Stolen Election" of 2004

Black Box Voting.org - One of two investigations ongoing, Donate to help them get Electronic Voting Machine activity logs

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Is now thoroughly investigating the Stolen Election of 2004 Vote Fraud

Thanks to these www.airamericaradio.com Hosts for spreading the word about this Stolen Election and 'Black Box' Voting Fraud

Randi Rhodes, Laura Flanders, Mike Malloy, Ray Taliaferro, Peter Werbe, and Reno  THANKS also to Keith Olbermann for his coverage


Florida's Sunshine Law - A blank request form is here,  you can request to inspect the optical scan ballots in Florida

Voter Fraud Action Alert - Nov. 7, Specific actions you can take at this point in time, very good links to sites and news articles about Vote Fraud

The People's E-Mail Network - Send an e-mail here for free to the Kerry Campaign, The Democratic National Committee, and the GAO

E-Mail to Cameron KERRY, John Kerry's brother, send suggestions before Dec 13, when the Electoral College performs the vote that really matters

**Election Fraud - How You Can Help and What You Can Do - Nov. 9 Buzzflash News Alert, from Citizen's Alliance for Secure Elections in Ohio

Pledge of Action to Stop a Stolen Election - Four things you can do to demand Democracy, on No Stolen Elections! website


**Obvious Florida Vote Fraud - MUST SEE! - Data Charts comparing voter registration to 'actual' votes in Florida counties

**Vote Count in Florida altered on easily manipulated Optical Scan Machines - The obvious is here, also some Ohio Voting data

**Exit polls compared to actual results with Machine Tallys using Paper ballots vs Electronic Touch Screens

**Very big discrepancies in Florida Vote Totals - Compare the Electronic Machine Totals with counties that used easily changed Optical Scans

Fraud Looks Probable - Vote Totals do not match Exit Polls where Electronic Voting Machines were used, Nov. 3, DU Underground

Cuyahoga County Precincts - Showing all precincts, Ballots Cast compared to Registered Voters, 30 are above 100% !

Graph of the 2004 Presidential Election Analysis, Florida by County By Voting Machine Type - Good analysis of some recent data

Voting & Party Registration in Florida - Very revealing alphabetical table showing the % Difference in Votes and Registration

eRiposte Election 2004 - Very good links here, also a good graph not seen elsewhere, Halfway down, Florida Election Results

Exit Polls vs Final Results - Comparing States With and Without Voter Paper Trails, Graphs show Only Bush's Counts Improved, on BradBlog Nov. 6

Exit Polls vs Machine Tally - The graphs that started a lot of analyses, Medium size and printable

An examination of the Florida Elections - Nov. 7 by Brandon Evans, Some New Graphs here & more info, statistics

Florida's Amazing Election 1 - Graphs showing the difference between the number of Registered Voters & Actual Voters on TOUCH SCREENS

Florida 2 - Graphs by Fla. county (A to H) showing the difference between the number of Registered Voters & Actual Voters on OPTICAL SCANNERS

Florida 3 - Graphs by Fla. county (J to W) showing the difference between the number of Registered Voters & Actual Voters on OPTICAL SCANNERS

Election Fraud Section - Features the complete GRAPH that shows the Exit Polls vs the actual votes in Florida, Many Links to Resources Here


**The stolen election of 2004: welcome back to hell - Nov. 5, How the Bush Election Machines were fraudulenly manipulated in 2002 & 2004

*Kerry Won - It's my job to tell you who got the most votes in the deciding states. Tuesday, in Ohio and New Mexico, it was John Kerry.

***Computers Threw the Vote to Bush - Nov. 9 Letter to Bartcop.com, COMPLETELY lays out the facts behind the Stolen Election & rigged voting machines

*Another Rigged Election? - Nov. 9 Commentary on Buzzflash, Very good overview of what just occurred

*Bush's 'Incredible' Vote Tallies - Nov. 9, Lot of good updated information and numbers/statistics HERE

*Stolen Election. America Hijacked. - Excellent commentary on buzzflash.com by Chuck Muziani, Reasons for Falluja offensive

*"SenderBerl is going to give you an important and grave responsibility. We are going to beg you to contact every Senator, Congressmen
(in the hope that some honest ones remain), every newspaper, every Internet site, and anyone else you deem relevant to tell them how
to prove the election fraud." (Excellent compilation of the HARD EVIDENCE) Read to CNN Red, White, Blue graphics halfway down page

A Stolen Nation - Excellent detailed summary, from the easily manipulated Voting Machines to who comes up with the numbers (TV Networks)

The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy - Privatizing the Vote Counters, Nov. 4 article on Commondreams.com by Thomas Hartmann

Florida Numbers compared to 2000 numbers - Something is wrong! Detailed analysis by Daily Kos Weblog on Nov. 3

Election Was Rigged and Stolen! - Where is the Outrage? When Will the Biggest Demonstrations in US History Happen? by Rob Kall

Exit polls and 'actual' results don't match, Evoting states show greater discrepancy - Nov. 3 article on Blue Lemur, one of the first


Every Vote Will Be Counted! - Nov. 9 Statement by the Ohio Democratic Party, Where things stand now, Dates, Recounts, Vote Fraud

An Examination of the Florida Elections - Analyzing by county what per cent of votes went to Bush, the 13 counties with more votes than voters

Did Bush fix the elections? - Good overview of the situation, Nov. 9 on Pravda website in Russia

American Resistance - If the will of the people no longer matters, do we have democracy or dictatorship, freedom or despotism? Nov. 8 Article

Another Stolen Election - Nov. 9 by James K. Sayre, Sen. Kerry won a landslide victory by between two million and five million votes. Secret Vote Counting.

Cuyahoga County Precincts - Revised - New explanation, Registered Voter Counts, Ward & Precinct Vote Totals, Click EVIDENCE for more data

Unravelling the Mystery of the Cuyahoga County vote totals - Nov. 9 Posting on DU showing some identical 'markup' numbers in the county

Voting Problems in Ohio Set Off an Alarm - Nov. 7 story in the New York Times, good overview of Ohio and vote problems

The Blogging of the President: 2004 - "Thinking about Vote Fraud" Nov. 9 posting on good weblog, Home page has lots of Vote Fraud links

Ten Questions About Campaign 2004 - Nov. 8 article, Interesting questions, Several good links in the article which is on Commondreams.com

Hacking The Presidency - October 30 article by Tom Flocco, covers in detail how the machines could be easily hacked, GEMS software, Vote Fraud

The Ohio Code - Nov. 9 on Eschaton Blog, has some strange numbers that seem to be identical, in the Total Votes for each Ward & Municipality

Did Republicans steal the Florida election by rigging optical-scan voting machines? - Good summary on The Blue Bunny of Battle weblog

Pre-Election Observation Resources - On fairelection.us, many official links for Florida and Ohio

Keith Obermann Breaks Votergate Story - Nov. 8, This election was stolen and now mainstream media is in lockdown, denying you the truth, until now

Bloggermann - Blog of Keith Olbermann, the only national mainstream media person covering the Stolen Election, Good Postings

Video of Keith Olbermann on MSNBC "Countdown" show on Ohio Voting Irregularities

What you can do about election fraud - Lots of Election Fraud Links, contact for Representative John Conyers & George Soros


Ledge of Liberty - It's Official: Election Stolen - Good site, Several links to Vote Fraud stories, Graphs Nov. 6

Steal Your Election - Excellent collection of links to Vote Fraud stories, Categorized

Vote Fraud Links Collection - Many good Vote Fraud Links and similar Posts & Info at Democratic Underground Message Board

None dare call it voter suppression and fraud - Very good roundup of stories about Vote Fraud on Freepress.org

A Media Blackout: Media Blacks Out Voting Problems - Nov. 8 story on International Labor Communications Association, Lot of info here

A lobotomy for democracy - Good article in the Nov. 7 Jamaica Observer, How the sure win for Kerry changed into a Stolen Election again

Media Black Out on Vote Fraud Allegations - Good article by David Swanson on Counterpunch.org, How the media has not investigated fraud allegations

Hacking the Presidency - Very good & thorough article on Nov. 8 by Tom Flocco, on his site, about all the Vote Fraud & cheating

Tom Flocco - Great site, 'For honest Government in our lifetime' Excellent News Headlines concerning the recent Stolen Election

Bev Harris and Howard Dean Hack the Vote - In 90 seconds they show how Cheney & Rove did it, changing totals in the central tabulator

Footprints of Electoral Fraud: The November 2 Exit Poll Scam - The anticipated fraud from the "black box" machines supplied by GOP corporations, Nov. 5

Why Kerry Conceded Defeat despite Electoral Fraud - Speaking out would challenge the myth of American democracy, Nov. 7

The E-Vote Factor: Kerry Conceded But Did He Really Lose? - November 8 Interview with Bev Harris on Democracy Now!

Voting Fraud in the USA: A Tale of Two Brothers - Some good information not found anywhere else, also about the founders of Diebold & ES&S

The Election was Rigged, in No Uncertain Terms - Electronic Fraud Charges Increasing - Recent posting on Libertyforum,org of the one on Rumormill News

If this Election is Stolen Will it be by Enough to Stop a Recount - Very good Nov. 1 article by electronic voting expert, Lynn Landes

All the President's Votes? - Excellent older article (October, 2003) on Common Dreams thoroughly explaining the realities of Diebold, HAVA, DRE's

November 7, 2004 Vote Fraud Links

Questionable Tactics by the GOP - Nov. 6 on the Boston.com site, good article by Anita F. Hill

More Evidence Of Possible Fraud in Darke County Ohio - Nov. 5 posting on DU with two links to the data mentioned

Electronic Ballots - Major Media Reports Major Problems, Several Voting Fraud links & an essay by Victoria Collier

Nations Do Go Crazy Sometime - About the best commentary on the recent Stolen Election and our refusal to take enough action

Joe McGinnis Fired - for violating election protocol, being on a vital computer that compiles votes.
Ken Nuss claimed that Joe McGinnis, a former employee of Election Systems and Software (ES&S) was on the main computer that is used
to create the ballot and compile election results, which would go against election protocol.

Voters Across US Report Nearly 1,100 Problems With Electronic Voting Machines - Associated Press article on ABC News.com

Florida rigged the optical scanners - Graph and brief article on Democrats.com Blog, Commentaries by several readers

Diebold Magic Anyone? Florida's Amazing Election - Good info on granniesagainstgeorge site, Links to graphs, Commentary from Zepp

The Smoking Gun - Florida's election was an utter sham, and Putsch stole the state again, Nov. 6 by Bryan Zepp Jamieson, much data here

Count Every Vote - A project of Congressman Rush Holt, author of the bill in Congress that puts paper trails on Electronic Voting Machines

National Ballot Integrity Project - Committed to voting integrity, working to avert the threat of electronic vote rigging in elections

Secure, Accurate and Verifiable Elections - S.A.V.E. Democracy, restoring the sanctity, integrity, openness & legality of our electoral system

Votescam - The Stealing of America, Bush Coup 2: The War has begun, The Book that exposes the Establishment thieves stealing the votes

Massive Voter Suppression and Corruption in Ohio - Nov. 6, Good summary of Election 2004 Vote Fraud & Voter Suppression

Have the people really spoken at the polls? - Short article about the Voting Machines programming, and paper trails

The End Game: Divide And Conquer - Nov. 5 article, Short, To the point commentary on the Stolen Election

Election Fraud - Exposes the owners of ES&S and Diebold, extremist "Christian Reconstructionist" backers, CIA influences

Never Say Die-bold: So You Don't Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again - Excellent article by Jackson Thoreau

The Day America Died, The Mugging of Democracy - Very good Commentary by Anthony Wade, Nov. 4 on opednews.com

The Blogging of the President: 2004 - Republican Election Theft Roundup with many links updated daily, Numerous comments

Ohio Whitewash - Nov. 4 article, Basic report from Columbus, Good brief commentary on Z-Share by Ray Beckerman

Software flaw found in Florida vote machines - Nov. 5 short article from Palm Beach Post.com

Analysis of an Electronic Voting System - Older article summarizing the findings of experts after a study of the Voting Machines

Citizens' Alliance for Secure Elections - Dedicated to secure, reliable, and voter verifiable elections in Ohio

Feedback for Democrats - Tell Terry McCauliffe what we need to do to win, Like TRASH THE CROOKED VOTING MACHINES!


Democracy Fails - Corporations Win - Nov. 4 by Peter Phillips, How the software was developed by former members of the CIA & Pentagon
Democracy is the people making decisions about the important issues in their lives. Freedom is the ability to act on these decisions. Without
an electoral choice democracy is non-existent and freedom only means the right to choose your own brand of toothpaste. Without an active
independent media informing on the powerful, we lack both freedom and democracy.

Ohio Whitewash - Nov. 4, How hundreds of thousands of people were disenfranchised in Ohio, assembling a database of irregularities
Touch screen voting machines in Youngstown OH were registering "George W. Bush" when people pressed "John F. Kerry" ALL DAY LONG.
This was reported immediately after the polls opened, and reported over and over again throughout the day, and yet the bogus machines
were inexplicably kept in use THROUGHOUT THE DAY.

House Democrats Seek Election Inquiry - Nov 5 on Wired.com, Three congressman asked the GAO to investigate voting machine irregularities

In Duval County, Florida, 219,251 votes for Bush, only 190,111 registered Republicans - Nov. 6 posting, other voting irregularities in Florida

Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked - Nov. 6 Story about Questionable GOP Tactics by Thom Hartmann

Florida Voting Statistics - The easily hacked optical scan machines repeated an alarming pattern, see the last two columns

Evidence of a Second Bush Coup? - Nov. 6 article by Robert Parry on consortiumnews.com, About the CIA 'Cyber-warfare' abilities

Democrats' Leader decries voting glitches - Voter disenfranchisement in Mercer County, Pennsylvania caused concern for Bob Lark

Broward, Florida machines count backward - Nov. 5 in Palm Beach Post, How ESS Machines malfunctioned again

The Open Voting Consortium - Dedicated to the development, maintenance, and delivery of open voting systems

Was the Ohio Election Honest and Fair? - Statements by six reputable people on what they saw and experienced

Presidential Votes Miscast on E-Voting Machines Across the Country - Nov. 5 article on bellaciao.org, reprint of a story on KC Infozine

Broward County, Florida Miscounts Thousands of Ballots - Nov. 5, There was a 'shocking discovery' of 70,000 votes for an amendment

Global Eye Vanishing Act - Old article by Chris Loyd predicting the end of American Democracy via Voting Fraud, Lays it all out in detail

Who runs ES&S Voting Systems? - The company that handles most US elections, Bob Urosevich is also CEO of Diebold Voting Systems

How They Could Steal the Election - by Ronnie Dugger, July 29 article, very informative by a leading expert on fraudulent Electronic Voting

Warren, Ohio Vote Tally Walled Off - Nov. 5, County officials blocked anyone from observing the vote count & locked down building on Nov. 2

November 5, 2004 Vote Fraud Links

How a private company counts our votes on election night - Good informative article by Christopher Bollyn on votefraud.org

*The stolen election of 2004: welcome back to hell - Nov. 5, How the Bush Election Machines were fraudulenly manipulated in 2002 & 2004

Too many voting 'irregularities' to be coincidence - Nov. 5, Circumstantial evidence is a mile high, on Bellaciao.org

*A Stolen Nation - Excellent detailed summary, from the easily manipulated Voting Machines to who comes up with the numbers (TV Networks)

Some observations of the 2004 election - Good short article by Alex Satanovsky, Numbers are 'crunched' & suggest vote fraud

More election theft stories - Large number of stories related to election theft and vote fraud in Election 2004

Computer Loses More Than 4000 Early Votes in Carteret County, Ohio - Nov. 5 on WSOC, officials claimed not to know the storage limit

Group tallies more than 1,100 e-voting glitches - Nov. 3, on Network World Fusion

Election Problems - 257 'problems' recorded in detail on 7 web pages on Voters Unite!

Should America Trust the Results of the Election? - Nov. 5 Commentary on Washington Dispatch by Shane Cory, Good summary

Machine Error Gives Bush 3,893 Extra Ohio Votes - Nov. 5 story on Yahoo! News, how Gahanna County showed more votes than voters

Vote Fraud in Ohio? - Short article and several comments posted in reply to it, Nov. 5 on Washington Dispatch

Broward County, Florida voting machines count backward - Nov. 5 Palm Beach Post story on a Voting Machine that subtracted votes

A Full Investigation is Required - Nov. 4 on Znet, The number of GOP voters increased by 8 million? Something is very wrong!

Palm Beach County Logs 88,000 More Votes Than Voters - Story on Washington Dispatch, with several interesting posts commenting on it

Our position is that fraud took place - A statement by Bev Harris on Democratic Underground message board

StolenElection.com - New website sponsored by Voter March & Louis J. Posner, good collection of recent voting fraud stories

It is critical that we keep the largest issue at the forefront at all time: Why are We The People allowing private, for-profit corporations,
answerable only to their officers and boards of directors, and loyal only to agendas and politicians that will enhance their profitability,
to handle our votes?

The rallying cry of the emerging "honest vote" movement must become: Get Corporations Out of Our Vote!

Republicans blocked Rush Holt's bill in Congress calling for all Computer Voting Machines to have paper trails.
Now we know why. Florida voting shows 75% Democratic precincts voting 75% for Bush???

WhatReallyHappened - Best frequently updated News Source for Voting Fraud Stories

Planning for the Anti-Bush party in DC on Inauguration day?
E-Mail to
dmr_332@msn.com  or rastasitar@yahoo.com  or  bartcop-protest@bartcop.com  to join in

November 4, 2004 - Mostly Election Fraud Links

Fixed - The Stealing Of Another Election - In a statistical analysis of swing states, EVERY STATE that has E-Voting but no paper trails has
an unexplained advantage for Bush of around +5% when comparing exit polls to actual results.

In EVERY STATE that has paper audit trails on their E-Voting, the exit poll results match the actual results reported within the margin of error.

So, we have MATCHING RESULTS for exit polls vs. voting with audits vs. a 5% unexplained advantage for Bush without audits.

Election Stolen in 2004 - November 4 article on Guerilla News Network, Greg Palast & Randi Rhodes reported today that the state of Ohio
was stolen by the Republicans. One County in Ohio with electronic voting machines reported a NEGATIVE 25,000 votes.

Kerry Won - It's my job to tell you who got the most votes in the deciding states. Tuesday, in Ohio and New Mexico, it was John Kerry.

Citizens for Legitimate Government - BREAKING NEWS - Through chicanery, lies, deception, polling intimidators (Brownshirts), Swift Boat Liars
for Rove, Diebold, touch screen 'voting' machines, Kenneth Blackwell, Wally O'Dell, Therese LeGOPWhorePore, Dictator Bush now has 269
electoral votes, according to MSNBC. Why did exit polling indicate a Kerry victory? The same reason that exit polling indicated a Gore victory,
in 2000: because Gore won. Another Bush coup d'etat is underway...

Election Was Rigged and Stolen! - Where is the Outrage? When Will the Biggest Demonstrations in US History Happen?

American Democracy may be on its Deathbed. The exit Polls Worked in Non-Electronic Voting Sites. But in the sites where un-recountable
electronic voting took place the exit polls were off and in Bush's favor. This is the smoking gun. This is the clear sign that the failure of the
Republicans in the house and senate to support paper ballot legislation was intended to enable the theft of the presidency and further
congressional seats. This election has zero credibility and must be overturned.

Electronic-Voting Critics Scrutinizing US Election - Bev Harris is requesting internal audit logs of all computerized voting machines

Bev Harris said it's "insane" that the U.S. conducts elections without any formal way of auditing the votes.
She said that no candidate should concede an election until after this occurs.              

Investigation Launched Into Discrepancies of 2004 'Election' - By Citizens for Legitimate Government, Thorough Vote info here also

Exit Polls vs Machine Tallys - For NC, NM, NH, FL, OH, PA This chart makes the trend obvious, 3 Paper Ballot States, IL, ME, WI

Presidential Votes Miscast - On E-Voting Machines Throughout the Country, Nov. 4, Infowars.net story

More Votes that Voters - A Post on DU Underground shows numbers for a precinct in Franklin County, Ohio, with 4000 mysterious votes for Bush

Huge Vote Fraud in Ghanna, Ohio! - The analysis in a posting at DU Underground shows major vote fraud in Hamilton County, Ohio

Screenshots Prove CNN is tampering with the Exit Poll data to cover the fraud - From a posting on DU Underground

Grand Theft Election - November 5 article on globalresearch by Wayne Madsen, Very good info on the fraudulent Machine Totals

Mike Moore's Election Watch - Lots of stories about Ohio voting fraud & disenfranchisement of voters

What Went Wrong in Cuyahoga County, Ohio? - Story on INN has many details & numbers from each Ohio County

Twelve Ways Bush is Stealing the Ohio Vote - Good pre-election story on Freepress.org, Details some of the Vote Suppression in Ohio

Offical Vote Results by County in Ohio - This page has many details but is created by the Ohio Secretary of State, a major Bush supporter

Global Monitors find faults with US voting - International monitors said voting procedures fell short of the best global practices

The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy - Privatizing the Vote Counters, Nov. 4 article on Commondreams.com by Thomas Hartmann

Florida Numbers compared to 2000 numbers - Something is wrong! Detailed analysis by Daily Kos Weblog on Nov. 3

Surprising pattern of Florida - The numbers in detail, CLICK on bottom of the page "Some interesting plots of this data"

Fraud Looks Probable - How the Numbers do not match up where Rigged Electronic Voting Machines were used, Nov. 3, DU Underground

Election 2004: Sour Grapes or Voter Fraud - November 3 Commentary on Buzzflash.com, All about how E-Voting machines were rigged

To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe: - That the exit polls were wrong & (Thirteen unbelievable discrepancies)

See this DU Posting also

Stolen Election thread - At Democratic Talk Radio Message Board on November 4

Exit polls and 'actual' results don't match; E-Voting states show greater discrepancy - Many details are in this story on bluelemur.com

Election 2004: Shoplifting the Presidency - Interview on Democracy Now! Greg Palast describes how New Mexico, Florida, Ohio cheated

The Case for Fraud - Good commentary on Cannonfire Blog
Here we find grounds for suspicion. Electronic voting machines figured heavily in the final tabulation of the results in Ohio, Florida,
and New Mexico. Moreover, in all three, paper audit trails do not exist.

These states therefore offered the best, safest opportunity for manipulation of the final count.

States with electronic voting machines gave Bush mysterious 5% advantage - Nov. 3 Commentary on News Target Network

Rage Against the Machines - The Web wonders if electronic voting machines stole the election, Many links to stories (Slate.com)

Post-Election Protest Erupts in Burlington, Vermont - Photos of the November 3 Protest are HERE

Staged Election: Several Republicans Win by Exact Same Amount of Votes ( 18,181 to be exact ) VOXFUX Headlines on Propaganda Matrix

Never Say Die-bold: So You Don't Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again - Nov. 4 article by Jackson Thoreau

Map Showing Voting System Used in all US Counties - Clear color codes identify the type of voting system for every US county

E-Voting Equipment Map - A State and County Database Map showing which machines were in use in each county. Good info


Protests Against Stolen Election Planned Across the Nation - Four pages of events scheduled, Details, By United for Peace & Justice

Twelve Students in NY Arrested in Protest Against Fraudulent Bush Win - Nov. 3 story on Newsday.com

Portland Protests Stolen Election - More than 100 protestors were met by police, Nov. 4 story in Seattle Times

San Francisco Marchers protest war, fraudulent election - Nov. 4 story from SFGate.com, about 2000 people marched

Students Rally in Copley, Massachusetts - They claim Bush Stole the Election, voiced other concerns

Protests Against the Stolen Election - Some Photos of the protests that are starting now are HERE

Beyond Voting Protests in over 30 cities - Democracy not Empire - Because Getting Rid of Bush is Only the Beginning!

Students at Colorado High School Protest Bush Fraud - 85 students camped out in the school library, Nov. 5, Yahoo! News

Outrage in Ohio: Angry residents storm State House in response to massive voter suppression and corruption - Nov. 5 on Michigan IMC

Hundreds March in Seattle In Anti-Bush And Anti-War Protest - Short Nov. 6 article with details and a photo

Election stolen, group suspects - Gathering of about 60 like-minded people at the University of Wisconsin for a "No Stolen Elections" meeting

Police Arrest 4 War Protestors - About 1000 protestors gathered in Los Angeles, Hollywood to rally against Bush's re-selection, 4 arrested

How The Election Was Stolen - An e-mail from Roz Hill says:
Taxpayers get hit with a bill for $3600 (or more) for EACH of the touch-screen "voting" computers, which are nothing more than
dedicated COUNTERS except that they are marketed by Republicans (who vowed to ensure a Bush victory); and the American people
have not been allowed to examine or certify the software in these units.

Here is how easy it is to "make magic"

-- we need COUNTERS - (B) = Bush; (K) = Kerry; (V) = Vote; (T) = Tally

1. If V = B, add 1 to B
2. If T = 8, add 1 to B; Clear T; Skip 3
3. If V = K, add 1 to K; Add 1 to T

This extremely simple bit of programming would shift 12% of the vote from Kerry to Bush, it would defy exit polls, and it would make it
look like Bush had a huge popular win.

(from a Yahoo.com e-mail message on November 3, 2004)

The American people are following in the footsteps of the German people, who in 1933 turned their future over to Hitler.
Whether it be mere coincident or not, while I was checking the election results on the internet, I watched a history channel documentary
on Hitler!  Little did the German people know that in selecting Adolph Hitler they had also chosen their own destruction!

In my humble opinion the election of Bush in 2004 will be the end for our Democratic Republic and its Constitution . 'The American Dream'
will turn into 'The American Nightmare!'
I hope things turn out OK, but if Bush's next four years is a continuation of the past four, rather than close of with 'God Bless America'
it's more appropriate to say, "God Help America."

Peace, Tom      

NOVEMBER 3, 2004

*More 'Them' Than 'Us' - Excellent Commentary by Eric Alterman on MSNBC on November 3

The problem is just this: Slightly more than half of the citizens of this country simply do not care about what those of us in the
“reality-based community” say or believe about anything.

They don’t care that Iraq is turning into murderous quicksand and a killing field for our children. They don’t care that the Bush presidency
has made us less safe by creating more terrorists, inspiring more anti-American hatred and refusing to engage in the hard work that would
be necessary to make a meaningful dent in our myriad vulnerabilities at home. They don’t care that he has mortgaged our children’s future
to give trillions to the wealthiest among us. They don’t care that the economy continues to hemorrhage well-paying jobs and replace them
with Wal-Mart; that the number without health insurance is over forty million and rising. They don’t care that Medicare premiums are rising
to fund the coffers of pharmaceutical companies. They don’t care that the air they breathe and the water they drink is being slowly poisoned
and though they call themselves conservatives, they even don’t care that the size of the government and its share of our national income has
increased by roughly a quarter in just four years. This is not a world of rational debate and issue preference.

The Return of the 'Butterfly Ballot' - How voters in Ohio's largest county had to solve a brainteaser of a confusing ballot to vote

Possible evidence of voter fraud in Ohio - November 3, AmericaBlog, Photos, How 40 precinct ballots were put in the hands of GOP partisans

Ohio: Ground Zero For Bush Fundraising - Story on Alternet, November 3, Paybacks to Corporate Polluters Who Rigged the Election

Standing Room Only - Familiar story, November 3, Hampton Roads, Virginia, "I kept trying to vote Kerry but the machine highlighted Bush"

An Election Spoiled Rotten - Ethnic Cleansing Of The Voter Rolls in Ohio by the GOP Secretary of State, Fraud in Florida & New Mexico

Diebold Wins The Election - Computer 'problems' reported by US Voters, Nov. 3 on Reuters

Democracy No Longer Exists in America - Voting without auditing. (Are we insane?) Help to reclaim 'transparency' Show the Audit Logs

Is there inner-city election suppression in Franklin County, Ohio? - How fewer machines deliberately placed caused hours of waiting

How the notorious Bush Family stole the 2004 Election - Eminem was right! What happened in Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 3, Freepress.com

Foreign monitors 'barred' from US polls - How the GOP refused to admit foreign voting monitors, especially in Ohio & Florida

You wouldn't steal George, would ya? - How His Fraudulency, a man without Honor or Integrity, rigged another election (with Diebold help)

Voting Problems Widespread in Florida, Pennsylvania - Transcript of an interview on Democracy Now detailing Voting Fraud

2004 Collected Vote Fraud Stories - Lots of them from many states, from whatreallyhappened.com

The Shame of Electing a Fraud - Commentary by Danny Dayus on how we will reap what we 'appear' to have asked for in America

*VoterGate - Excellent 30 minute video to watch about the 'invisible' fraud associated with Electronic Voting Machines

"Mosh" Video - By Eminem, Anti-Bush & Antiwar, View it HERE and listen to the words (Real Player or Windows Media Player)

New Phony Bin Laden Tape surfaces - Bin Laden was on his death bed in December 2001. The new slew of tapes are, in all probability, bogus.
Bin Laden condemned the killing of civilians in earlier interviews. Denied involvement in 9/11. Don't believe the hype. You're being set up.

Is the latest Bin Laden tape a fraud? - From What Really Happened website, Was plastic surgery available that erased his aging & wrinkles?

Fahrenheit 9/11 - Download it HERE, "I am trying to prevent World War III and possibly the fall of civilization," said Marc Perkel


Now that the rigged Election is over our future may look like this:

1. Four more wars. (Maybe more)
    North Korea
    Saudi Arabia?

2. These wars and the resulting American casualties will necessitate the new military draft, probably by June of 2005.
All men and women between the ages of 18 and 26 will have to serve for at least two years.

3. Social Security will be privatized, and eventually abolished. Right-wing extremists have always seen this as a
'social welfare program'. They need massive amounts of money for the huge 'corporate welfare program' that is
now their main focus, for the wealthiest Americans.

4. The tax rates will gradually increase for those making under $500,000 a year. Like the gradual increase in the water
temperature it will come to a 'boiling' level with the 'flat tax' now being readied. The middle class must pay more for
the 'wars for money' that are now being planned, as well as the 'tax cut' giveaways to the fortunate wealthy taxpayers.

5. The Constitution will be further trampled and shredded as civil liberties and freedom are taken away. The freedom of
speech on the Internet will be curtailed. Expect a push for a national ID card and eventually a possible microchip implant
under the skin of American citizens.

6. Jobs will become scarce as they are shipped overseas for more Bush tax incentives. Americans will accept lower wages,
as well as poor, unaffordable health care. Expect national economic difficulties, even a possible global economic collapse,
perhaps by the end of 2005.

7. Elections will not take place again in the USA. Democracy was an interesting 'experiment' but with the rise of corporate fascism
now a growing reality we will not be allowed anything resembling a 'fair and free' choice again. Only the illusion of Democracy may
be allowed to exist.

8. China will be given Taiwan, along with whatever else they want. ( North Korea may be held in 'check' by China )

9. With little to stop them the Israeli military will aggressively go after the Palestinians, maybe even bombing Iran and Syria.

10. Russia and China may act in unpredictable ways. The 'Mad Max' scenario is a possibility.

      author anonymous


*What Bush Really Thinks of You - Actual Video - Bush gives American Voters the middle finger, "One Finger Victory Salute"

100 Facts and One Opinion - A highly regarded document detailing Smirk's working for the wealthy while stealing from American citizens

101 Things to Consider Before Taking to the Polls - Good summary of Smirk's record of failures, On Buzzflash.com

59 Reasons Why Bush Sucks - Another good list detailing the greed and lies of the worst US Administration ever to be in power

Top 10 Reasons to Vote Against Smirk - The Rationale Against Bush, very good article in the Boulder, Colorado weekly     

Last (2000) Election percentages & numbers - For reference purposes     

Thomas Easaw - Excellent Audio or Video of his Antiwar Song, 'The Request' Stop Bush from starting the next World War!

It's a Shame - Good song about the real Smirk and his dishonesty, hypocrisy, Read the Lyrics Here, and Download the Song

McSteak Movie - Unique funny video done by some alumni of Columbia University

Smirk Sings "Mighty Mouse" - Animation (Similar to Andy Kaufman) With Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, & Ashcroft singing backup

Bush Bulge - What is that "bulge" under Smirk's suit coat, seen on the recent TV debate photo? Check out the info here

To submit a Link for me to consider contact me HERE


Bush is Leading America Into Snake Pit of Fascism - U.S. Rep. Major Owens, a New York Democrat, warned a crowd of feminist protesters

How CHILDREN are being tortured and abused in Iraqi prisons ( Report by UNICEF )

The 'Secret File of Abu Graib' shows more rape and sodomy in Iraq prisons

Human Rights Horrors in Haiti - Over 1000 Haitians murdered by Death Squads in Smirk's version of 'Democracy'

Human Rights Watch - Sudan: Darfur Destroyed  How inaction by Smirk is contributing to the deaths of millions of people


*Warhead - Excellent music video by heavy metal group OTEP, "Rob the poor, slaughter the weak, distort the law, perfect deceit"

Mein Bush - Flash Movie which details plans for the 2005 Military Draft of Americans by the Smirk Regime

Old Tricks - Must-See video of John McCain chastising Bush in a debate four years ago when Smirk used the same 'Slime' tactics

The Bush Network - Over 1500 Anti-Bush Links, An EXCELLENT RESOURCE!  Add your suggested link here also
Bottom Feeder - Excellent News Portal, Choose HEADLINES from over 34 Alternative News Sources, All INDYMEDIA US & Global Locals

There are numerous connections between the Bush family and the Nazis. Moreover, the philosophy of the neocons within the Bush
administration has already been connected with fascism. However, no article has attempted to present an overview of the fascist
connections within the Bush administration - until now.

George W. Bush, The Neocons & The Nazis: Ties That Bind

Too many people still believe that fascism can't happen here. It is happening here today. The Gestapo is firmly in place in the form
of Ashcroft's justice department. The FBI no longer serves to protect the citizens; instead it is being used to protect this regime, by such
means as the gagging of Sibel Edmonds, for instance. The FBI is no longer primarily charged with criminal investigation instead its
being used to enforce this regime's policies and finally the FBI, other federal law enforcement agencies and the military are illegally
spying on anyone opposed to this regime. Moreover, Representative Porter Goss, Bush's choice to head the CIA has introduced
legislation that would allow the CIA to conduct operations inside the United States including arbitrary arrests of American citizens.

Ike's military-industrial complex, the PNAC document, the World Trade Organization, free trade agreements, and the George W. Bush
regime are all parts of the many-headed Nazi Hydra in America.

If George Bush declares a red alert or martial law or manages to steal another election, will you be one of the first sent to the concentration
camps? Will you go quietly like a lamb? Will you allow the Gestapo to haul away your neighbor, your wife, your son or daughter? Will you
live next to the crematories with your head in the sand as the Germans did? Or will you oppose the regime and help reestablish the
constitutional republic?

The time to decide is now, tomorrow may be too late. The corporate state of fascism has risen from the ashes of 9/11 like a
giant phoenix. It will consume all that opposes it. The Fourth Reich has risen. Beware. Your life and freedoms depend on it.


They Thought They Were Free - How and why "decent men" became Nazis, makes people pause and think about our present dangers.

Now you live in a world of hate and fear, and the people who hate and fear do not even know it themselves; when everyone is transformed,
no one is transformed

"Once the war began," my colleague continued, "resistance, protest, criticism, complaint, all carried with them a multiplied likelihood of the
greatest punishment.  Mere lack of enthusiasm, or failure to show it in public, was "defeatism."  You assumed that there were lists of those
who would be "dealt with" later, after the victory.  Goebbels was very clever here, too.  He continually
promised a "victory orgy" to "take
care of" those
who thought that their "treasonable attitude" had escaped notice.  And he meant it; that was not just propaganda.  And that
was enough to put an end to all uncertainty.

Thanks to Bartcop for this BFEE graphic, Check out my Number One Favorite! Has it ALL, Subscribe to Radio Show, Updated Daily!

For Archives of stories on the US Sponsored Coup in Haiti go HERE.




Hot Issues - 41 Links    Alternate News - 86 Links     Alt News & Media - 32 Links     9/11 WTC +NWO INFO - 146 Links

ANTIWAR SITES - 124 Links      ANARCHIST - 12 Links     Black Americans - 5 Links     Christian & Patriot - 16 Links

Election 2000 Info - 5 Links     FEMINIST - 7 Links     Gay & Lesbian - 7 Links     LIBERTARIAN - 6 Links

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Original Anti-Bush Web Page  Hundreds of Links  (Serious, Humorous, Merchandise, etc.)

All Linked Websites are Anti-Bush & Pro-Democracy

The story the U.S. networks & newspapers have yet to report!   Click HERE for over 190 Links to Electronic Vote Fraud
Vote Rigging: America's Greatest Scandal  -  How GOP Fraud destroyed American Democracy in 2000 & 2002 & 2003

October 3 Electronic Voting Machine Fraud 'MUST READ' ARTICLES!

All the President's Votes? - MUST READ article, How electronic voting machine fraud is killing American Democracy Oct. 14
"A Quiet Revolution is Taking Place in US Politics. By the Time It's Over, the Integrity of Elections Will be in the Unchallenged,
Unscrutinized Control of a Few Large - and Pro-Republican - Corporations. Andrew Gumbel wonders if democracy in America can survive"

*Stolen Election in 2004? - Rigged Electronic Voting Machines, an important Buzzflash interview with Bev Harris, Sept. 29, 2003

*The Shutdown by Diebold of blackboxvoting.org website - Details & the actual message, What does Diebold fear, THE TRUTH ?

Diebold (& Arnold) Rigging Elections - How the Electronic Voting Machine rigging goes on with the evidence destroyed

*Vote Revolution - This must-see video says it ALL, the Voting of 2000 & 2002 was RIGGED, 2004 may bring the end of Democracy


'Beyond Bush II' - by Michael C. Ruppert on 'From The Wilderness'  (Partly Reprinted Below)

The California recall was a trial run for the rigged use of electronic software in the 2004 election, and further exploitation of coming energy
shortages. The race was called just one minute after the polls closed even though electronic software was not used in six counties including
Los Angeles County. And no one in the major press has raised a peep about it. Yet, within days, a few intrepid researchers were able to find
indications of vote tampering on the proprietary Diebold machines used in many California counties. In an outrageous conflict with the public
interest, Diebold CEO Walden O'Dell told Ohio Republicans this August that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to
the president next year." Even the BBC on October 8th, noted that Diebold and other systems used in California and elsewhere left the door
wide open for tampering.

Also see E-Voting: Democratic or dangerous? - California 'Recall' voting open to fraud, BBC News on October 8, 2003

And see Diebold Machines Yield Fishy CA Results - Long-shot candidates do startlingly well in Tulare County, Mark Miller on Rense.com 10/9/03

 DAILY NEWS - MY 30 FAVORITE SITES - August, 2004              

 1 -  Buzzflash - Updated several times daily - Great news links & reader comments, Humor 
 2 -  Bushwatch-Headlines -  Updated daily - Very Good news links, letters, humor, huge archive
 3 -  Truthout - Updated daily News and quotes from Political Leaders, Very Well Done
 4 - 
What Really Happened - Excellent Site, Daily updated news story links from around the world, good 9-11 facts
 5 -  Democrats.com - Updated daily - Very good links to news & opinions, tons of resources, Great Site!
 6 -  Online Journal - Great news articles, and opinions.  Highly respected news source! 
 7 -  American Politics - Huge site - Lots of stories, news, editorials by guest writers, Among the very best news sites
 8 -  Unknown News - Excellent site, great daily news links, quotes, submissions     

- Information Clearing House - Excellent coverage of breaking news stories, commentaries, many links to News Media
10 -
Independent Media - Excellent site with many breaking headlines, updated several times daily, (Cool Java Effects, too!)
11 - Project for an Old American Century - Very well done News site, Many breaking story links, good media links
12 - Screed - The 'Almost' Censored News, 'GOP has taken over News Media for control & to hide corruption', News Articles, Links
13 - Op-Ed News - Very good news source, Links to breaking news stories, updated daily, archives, great Progressive Radio Links
14 - News Making News - Large site with Tons of info, 'Dick Cheney Deep Data Dump', Mae Brussels Archives, Breaking News Links
15 - Global Free Press - Daily Updated news stories, info on 9-11, Headlines from moreover, DU, YellowTimes, Democracy Now!

16 - Common Dreams - A Progressive leader - Stories, links to Progressive radio & Media
17 - The Nation Magazine - Online version of the weekly Progressive News Magazine - Great!
18 - Counterpunch - Commentaries, News, lots of info on Afghanistan & Terrorist attacks   
19 - American Prospect - Online version - Very good stories, news, forums, books
20 -
bandelier.net - Fair & Balanced Alternative News, the hidden headlines, News Links, E-meter top five, books reviewed, Links
21 -
Never Be Silent - Very good News Site, Alternative News, Updated often daily, Many headlines, Smirking Chimp headlines also
22 - The News Insider - One of the BEST news sites, Front Page, World News Links, Commentaries, Mailing List
23 - 1 World Communication - Voices from the global village, World News, Mexico, Middle East, Palestine, Tibet, Aceh, multi-lingual site
24 -
The Bush Presidency - Very good Information & News website, Updated often, To document the GW Bush Presidency, Good Links   
25 - Daily Howler - Good  editorials, commentary, and archives of past articles 
26 - Consortium News - Good stories and commentaries - Weekly update
27 - Salon.com Politics - Updated daily, most articles have liberal/progressive tone
28 - Smudge Report - Good stories, news, and lots of links to Media, etc.
29 - Liberal Slant - Good editorials & stories, updated often
30 -
Dangerous Citizen - Very Good Alternative News Site, Download removed CBS Video, New Articles, New Books, Activist Calendar  

My 60 Favorite 'Serious' Pro-Democracy Websites - August, 2004

 1 - 
Bartcop - New issue updated daily - Great stories, e-mails, cartoons & links, Serious & Humorous, Tells It Like It IS!
 2 - 
Citizens for Legitimate Government - Excellent Internet Activist site, News, Discussion Boards, Calendar, Links
 3 -  Make Them Accountable - Great site! Good ongoing Message Boards, News, Articles, Great Free E-Mail Newsletter
 4 -  Democratic Underground - Very Popular site, Weekly Top Ten Conservative Idiots, Discussion Boards, Articles
 5 -  The Peoples Voice - Very Good Site, Activism Links, Links to animations, News, Humor, Good Commentaries
 6 -  Failure Is Impossible
- Great resources and links, one of the best places for resources & research
 7 -  Fringe Folk
- A Unique Directory - For all of us who voted with the majority on Nov.7, 2000, Action Alerts, Links
 8 - 
The Bush Presidency - Very well done site, lots of News stories updated often, Iraq, Afghanistan, Economy, Tax Cuts, Links
 9 -  Headblast - By David Cogswell, Links, Essays, Reviews, Letters, very well done site
10 - Unknown News - Excellent site, great daily news links, quotes, submissions, Lots of Links      
11 -
Pearly's Cyberspace - Great site! Humor, Democrats, Theft of the Presidency, Tons of links, great editorials
12 -
Smirking Chimp - Art gallery, message boards, humor, links, news, postcards, comments on breaking news
13 -
We Will Not Forget! - WHAT WE CAN DO NOW TO FIGHT THE GOP ! (Bottom half of page)- A MUST READ!
14 -
Through Hazel Eyes - Great site! Long list of links, excellent editorial commentaries, very good pro-Gore site
15 - Political Amazon - Huge list of links to articles & pages of research on Scaife, Bush, Great stickers
16 -
Earthside.com - Excellent commentaries by Dave Chandler and links to breaking news stories
17 -
YellowTimes.com - Links to many breaking news stories, editorials, great site
18 -
Coup2k - By John Dee - Thorough documentation and articles on the Coup of 2000
19 -
The Four Reasons To Impeach Bush - Excellent Website, Great Links List, Info on PNAC, Selection 2000, Vote 2004, Terrorism
20 - Crisis Papers - An anthology of the Best Political Opinion & Commentary From the Progressive Internet, great links, activist info
21 - GW Bush Right House - Excellent Theory of Smirk's Top Priorities, Great Facts, Charts, Graphs, Why the GOP Hates Democracy, Links
22 - Feudalism aka American Capitalism - Great online book, Documenting the methods used by the 1% Elite to manipulate & control us
23 - Peter Werbe's Homepage - Host of the popular Detroit talk show, very informative & humorous site, Links, On Air - Listen to Live Show!
24 - Centre for Research on Globalization - One of the most important large sites on the subject, updated news, many links
25 - Rense.com - Very major source of information on the Web, Radio Show, Listen to Audio, Archives, Huge Site, Links
26 - Raise The Fist - Important Anarchist Site, Zapatista News, Iranian Students, Forums, Audio & Video Files, Activist Calendar
27 - Black Electorate - Politics, Sports, Economics, National, Many news stories & commentaries on issues for Black Americans
28 - Thoughtcrimes - Distrusting governments since 1984, How ITAA met with BlackBoxVoting.com founders to try to sell out Democracy
29 - Gov Sux - Excellent site, Large amount of info on Smirk, news, commentaries, humor, must reads- bushfiles.htm, voting.htm
30 - Bush Resume - On Cronus Connection, A MUST READ! Work Experience, Accomplishments, Records & References, TRUTH REVEALED!
31 - One Thousand Reasons to Dump G. Bush - Several updates daily, Read the Reasons, Take the Red Pill Now! Truth will free you!
32 - Vox News - Very revealing news articles on many subjects, DynCorp, Smirk, Drugs, 9-11, Enron, Bechtel, Anthrax, Great Links List
33 - Friends of Liberty - News and viewpoints from real PATRIOTS, conservatives who oppose the Bush/NWO Police State takeover
34 - Post 9-11 Timeline - Updated Breaking News, Forum Posts, Many subjects, Dr. Kelley, Antiwar Demonstrations, Patriot Act 2, Great Site!
35 - KryssTal - Why did the USA want "Regime Change" in Iraq?, ALL Phony Reasons itemized & dissected factually, Oil & Economic Control
36 - Web Tracks - For human rights, compassion, and peace, Daily updated Top News Stories from AP, writers & poets, many links
37 - International ANSWER - Act Now to Stop War & End Racism, Major Antiwar & Progressive Activist Site, Calendar, Downloads, Links
38 - Insight Analytical - Very good site of Gloria R. Lalumia, writer of commentaries on the Media & Politics, Astrology Influences
39 - Impeach-Bush-Now.org - Good site focusing on impeaching Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, & Rumsfeld, Lots of articles and info
40 - Renegade - Activism, progressive links, archives to past articles, Noam Chomsky articles, Impeachment of Bush
41 - Rock City News - Hundreds of anti-Bush graphics, View Thumbnails, Videos, Excellent Large number of Links on the Links Page
42 - Truth in Politics - Very Good Site, Commentaries on American Politics, Action, Polls, Forums, Boycotts, Impeach Smirk, News
43 - Yurica Report - Facts about PNAC & the Iraq war for oil, Political Art, Impeach Smirk/Cheney, Media Bias, California 'Recall', H. Dean
44 - Zepp Jamieson - Great Political Commentaries on Current Events, News Headlines from the DNC, ERF, Buzzflash Headlines
45 - Sinister Swing - Excellent Website, Breaking News Headlines, Archives of all Links, Tons of Links to check out, Humor, Newsletter
- Watch Dubya Links - A great site for petitions, letters, networking, breaking news, mass e-mails and more! 
47 -
Iraq Body Count - The most accurate info on civilian casualties in Iraq, Free Web Counters for Websites, Detailed & Accurate
48 - Iraq Coalition Casualty Count - Updated daily, Detailed account of actions in Iraq leading to casualties of the "coalition" forces
49 -
ReDefeatBush.com - Very good organizing site, Forums, Chat, Blog, Merchandise, Surveys, Bookshelf, News
50 -
Know the Candidates.org - Great list of anti-bush links, commentary, lots of info on campaign contributions
51 -
Citizens Against Bush - Friends of Bill/Citizens Against Bush. Good info & links to articles, well-done site
52 -
Investigate 9-11 - Many good articles & links, videos, audios, shocking facts, 9-11 attack related details  
53 -
Issues & Alibis - By Uncle Ernie - Good humor, cartoons, & serious commentary
54 -
Scorecard of Evil - By Wage Slave Journal - Smirk's political moves rated on the "evil" scale
55 - At Wit's End - Political Commentary from former Arizona talk radio host Bob Witkowski
56 -
D Grant Haynes - Small site with editorials by D.Grant Haynes & other good articles
57 -
VoteBushOut.biz - Hard hitting political street theatre, Great site, has lots of info, networking HQ, Bush Resume, 99 Reasons, Great Links
58 -
America Held Hostile - Daily Record of Hostilities, Smirk & Congress countdown clocks, commentaries
59 -
Bush Brothers Banana Republic
- Commentaries, great humor, lots of info, links, well-organized
60 -
Air America Radio - Progressive talk radio for all, News, Programs, Personalities, Greatest talk show hosts

My 20 Favorite Sites Researching the 9-11 WTC Attacks, August, 2004

 1 - World Action - This site puts it all together, The truths about 9-11, HAARP, GWEN, Chemtrails, Hopi Prophecies, Excellent info & Quotes
 2 - Center for Cooperative Research - Huge site with MANY links to 9-11 info, other websites & organizations
 3 - Stew Webb - Huge Site, Updated News, Bush Crime Family flow chart, AIDS, 9-11 Cover-up, Anthrax, Carlyle, Chemtrails, Enron
 4 - 9-11 Exposed! - A MUST HEAR song, good info from Eric Rainbolt, Alex Jones/Jeff Rense together, Bilderberg, 9-11 info, camps
 5 - Global Elite - Exposing the New World Order, Freemasons, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Carlyle Group, CFR, Dyncorp
 6 - Liberty Think - Very good site, 9-11 Info, News Stories, Forum, Links, "We unconditionally support the Constitution & the Bill of Rights"
 7 - BigEye Alt-News Center - Lots of info on 9-11 attacks, Patriot Act, Waco, Federal Reserve, Links to Free Media Sites
 8 - 9-11 Timeline - Very good timeline presentation, links to 9-11 facts, very thought-provoking info, well-organized
 9 - American Patriot Friends Network - Huge site with TONS of info on 911, Okla. City bombing, many government cover-ups
10 - Assassination Science - Scientific research into Wellstone assassination, JFK, 9-11, Top Ten Conspiracies, Disinformation, Terrorism
11 - OilEmpire.us - Election Coups, 9-11, Fascism, Oil Peak, Political Assassinations, American 'Reichstag Fire', Bush Family Values
12 - Freedom Files - Huge collection of Facts, 9-11 info, Illuminati, NWO, Iraq, Hidden Technology, Audio & Video, Archives
13 - 9/11 List - By Gerard Holmgren, Long list of facts and links to their origins, very good info on the 9/11 WTC attacks & timeline
14 - TV News Lies - Unreported News, Great Site!, 9-11 Facts, Cheney Secrets, News Links, Web Links, Bush Lies, READ 'The Plan', Chat
15 - Top Ten Pieces of 9-11 Evidence - By Frank Levi in September 2002, Major Facts about the 9-11 WTC attacks, from the-movement.com
16 - Worldwide Renaissance - Working for Social Justice, World Peace & Protecting our Environment, 9-11 Info, News, Articles, Great Links
17 - The Elite Serial Killers - Audio & Video files, Tex Marrs on 'Political Assassins', Books, Conspiracy Newsletter, Globalization
18 - The Revelation @ TheForbiddenKnowledge.com - New World Order, Freemasonry, Tesla, Mind Controlled Human Beings
19 - The Seventh Fire - A prophecy of the Ojibwe, Politics & Society Page, Info on 9-11, New World Order, ID's of the Miami/Dade 'Mob'
20 - TheMemoryHole.org - Updated several times weekly, News, Exists to preserve & spread material that is hard to find, 9-11 info, Iraq

SEPTEMBER, 2004 - New Links Update 


A Bush Man - Animation created by James W. Johnson, Bizarre Quick Time Video, Revealing truths about Smirk & Iraq

Attack of the Agenda - Good animation by Fiore, showing how Americans have been manipulated by hating gay marriage

Attack Formation - Animation by Fiore commenting on the smear attacks by Dole & Swift boat liars, along with AWOL deserter Smirk   

Be A Bush Stylist! - Dress up GW Bush, Choose which parts of the outfits will work best, Use your mouse to drop & drag clothing     

Build a Better Bush - Interactive Graphics site, Change his hair style, eyes, mouth, then send to a friend     

Bush in London - Animated Flash Game, throw eggs at Smirk, Cheney, Rummy, but do not hit the Queen!

BushJoke - A video of Smirk making a joke about WMD, pictures of Americans who would not be amused by it     

*Bush Knew - An American Requiem, Smirk did nothing, did not scramble military aircraft, Text & timeline to read, the hard truths are HERE!

Bush Lies - Hard-hitting Short Animation, Showing many of the lies by Smirk

Bush's Big Joke - Must-See Animation about Smirk laughing about WMD's, with photos of the actual war realities shown     

BushSpeech - In this 'game' you can choose which words to hear, from a list, can be very humorous     

Capitol Collision - Play this great Game, resembles Asteroids, where you control a helicopter and fire at Bin Laden & other targets     

Censure Bush - Flash Animation detailing exactly why "Congress must censure Bush for misleading the country about Iraq's WMDs"    

Click on Dick - Animated game that is controlled by the viewers mouse movements, See how Dick Cheney controls what Smirk says

Condosleeza - Exposing the lies and deceptions of Condi Rice, Using slide show animations using her quotes & actions     

Coup D'Etat - Flash Animation stating the Real Reason Tenet & Pavitt resigned from the CIA, Detailing the Coup planned for Smirk  

Deserters For Truth - Funny Animation showing fellow AWOL buddies describing Smirk and his drunken actions     

*Digital Raven - Excellent Antiwar Music Video "Bombs Away" with clips of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq bombing & casualties     

Fallujah Bombing Massacre - Actual footage with audio demonstrating the real "Liberation" of Iraqi people that goes on     

Fahrenheit 200,000,000 - Animation by Mark Fiore, How Smirk is cutting funding for Nuke inspections, while testing & building new Nukes 

Flash Movies + Poetry - Home Page to several excellent Flash Animations, as well as Poetry, Forum, Links    

George W Bush and Jesus - What a Political Commercial would look like if it meant attacking Jesus and His quoted words     

Grand Theft America - How ChoicePoint was used to take away thousands of votes in Florida, the TRUTH about how Democracy died is HERE!

He's A Nazi - Words of Rush Limbaugh revealing his true Nazi self, Good Animation     

I'm Just Sayin' - Video of Clips showing why Smirk MUST GO! What a disgrace!     

In Touch Screens We Trust - Animation by Fiore about 'Digital Democracy' and how the vote tallys are manipulated by Republican owners

John Pilger: Palestine is still the Issue - A video/audio file which is a documentary on the Palestine people & their treatment

Keeping America Scared at the GOP Convention - When there is no positive platform they repeat "September 11" & "Saddam Hussein'     

Kerry Commercial - Good Quicktime Video telling the brief story of David Majka and how he decided to Vote for Kerry     

Laugh - A quicktime video of an actual Presidential News Conference, Smirk as usual too dishonest and stupid to respond         

Minister of Fear - Satire animation by Fiore about Tom Ridge and his fear-creating actions, warning of attacks, Code Alerts     

Murder by Numbers - Good slide show of American Iraq casualties in flag-draped coffins, Forbidden by Smirk to 'sanitize' the war        

New Horizons in Violence - Two funny Videos for Windows or Quicktime, 7 Audio Files, Good Aussie site, Forums, CD for sale 7 bucks   

Numbers - Very good short Flash Animation, making a vital statement about the importance of VOTING in this Election     

Osama bin Laden Auditions Actors - Richard Dreyfuss, Robin Williams, Peter Falk, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman by Bobby Roos  

Poisonous Legacy - 405 tons of Depleted Uranium dropped by the USA is causing cancer & deformities that will last for billions of years     

Poltroon - Short Animation featuring Smirk's words and a caricature reminiscent of the movie 'Platoon'     

Puppetman - Funny animation with Blair, Bush, Condi, Rumsfeld & more, They Dance!, By Mrandmrswheatly, Music by ccc     

*Remind Us: Why did the US Invade Iraq? - Excellent Flash Animation detailing the historical facts

Rocky vs The Lyin' King - By Media Ambassador 2004, Funny Boxing Match, Click on the three options at the bottom of the screen     

Save America - How Smirk has failed, uses strong language, humorous & serious     

Second Term? - Several good animations, Try clicking FREEDOM or NEW Meaning or SECOND TERM, Some are still graphics, Very Impressive!  

Sim W 1.2 - Random audio of Smirk speaking, Adjust the sounds and quotes from Smirk, 66 Different Audio Quotes     

*Sloganator Memorial - Over 30 slogans for Smirk "A new kind of dictatorship!" "Stealing Elections since 2000" "No Rights Left to Lose" 

Smirk On 9-11 - Actual Quick Time Video of Smirk on a classroom of children as the 9-11 news is given to him

Supadubya - Very Creative Quicktime Movie with a good Rap Song that says it ALL! Also in MP3, or Read the Lyrics, In Spanish also          

Tell Congress to Censure Bush - Rumsfeld caught on tape lying about Iraq's weapons, Disgraceful behavior!

Terror - Very good Flash Animation on Take Back the Media, Says a great deal about the biased media & the real Iraq story     

The Echo Chamber - Good Quicktime video showing how the media repeated Smirk's lies word for word to unnecessarily invade Iraq  

The First Year Anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq - Photos in Animation were taken March & April, 2004 The Brutal Reality     

The Nader Factor - Seven Videos to watch, "Bush/Nader '04" reveals that right-wing GOP funding is helping Nader and Bush     

The Secret Government - Video of Bill Moyers explaining the past & present facts about the US secret government

Today's Growth Industries - New Animation by Fiore, The realities facing today's American workers, outsourcing to India, etc.

Top Gun? - Good animation from the folks at ericblumrich.com, the staged carrier landing, Real Facts about Smirk, his AWOL record

Unprincipled - A good Shockwave Animation, Bush vs. Kerry Timeline since 1966, Kerry served honorably, Smirk was AWOL, DUI

Will Ferrell - A funny video, "A message from the White House West" Forward the video to friends, also another Video, by ACT     

www.01zu.free.fr - Some interesting anti-bush animations from a graphic artist in France


55 Most Wanted Playing Card Deck - Issued by the Trade Regulation Organization, View them, Download them, Buy them for 6 bucks

Bush Administration Cards - Axis of Weasels Art Cards, Hand printed linocut prints by John Steins, Limited Edition of 52 for 28 bucks

Know Your War Profiteers Card Deck - Preview the cards, find out about the warmongers, Download it or buy it for a 10 buck donation

Operation: Hidden Agenda Playing Cards - The only 'Official' US Cards, 10 Bucks, 50% of profits go to US Veterans & Peacemakers

The Bush House of Cards - This amusing deck of cards offers humorous art plus tongue-in-cheek nicknames to entertain & inform

The Bush Regime Card Deck - View each card up close, Download the Deck in English, the French version only can be purchased

The Deck of Bush - Very well done unique card deck, View Sample Cards, buy for 15 bucks, Headlines from Op-Ed, Links

The Loaded Deck - Every card is named, explained, defined, has a suggested use, Update on 'Captured Cards', Ten bucks donation

US Most Wanted Playing Cards - Free for download, view as Adobe Acrobat file, Just photos, Little text

War Party Playing Cards - Deck of cards for sale featuring the 55 most wanted hawks, the individuals responsible for the Iraq war


101 Reasons to Dump Bush 2004 Memo Pads - Get the Memo Pads now from the Democratic Store, Every reason is researched. only 13 bucks

2004 Democratic Presidential Primary - Get the Bumper Stickers & Postcards supporting your chosen candidate

Abstinence Tour 2004 - One design, "Practice Abstinence - No Bush. No Dick" on a T-Shirt or Bumper Sticker     

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The Company Store - Good selection of T-Shirt designs from RMcG Artware, 'Mortgaging the dreams of the Walmart generation'

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The New American Empire - Book by Rodrigue Tremblay, 'Causes & Consequences for the US & for the World', How to order it

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The Time to Flush - Bumper Stickers with humorous graphics, Also T-Shirts, Buttons, Bags, Info, Links     

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Trailer Park Creations - Cards and Gifts made with genuine trailer park trash, Actual quotes of Smirk, showing his stupidity

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truth-now contraband showcase - Dozens of good designs, T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, etc., 'Radicals keep America free', 'Bush was planted'

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Urban Robot - Some good T-Shirt designs, 'Vote Bush Out' 'A spent US surplus and bankrupt Treasury'     

US Peace Flags - Three good flag designs, Two designs for T-Shirts & Sweatshirts, Free downloads of Graphics for flags, Free flyer

VictoryShirt - Over 40 unique designs, 'Depleted Cranium', 'He was nicer when he was a drunk'. 'DARE to keep Rush off drugs'

Vietnam Veterans - Small parody site, List of GOP Chickenhawks, Smirk's AWOL Record, ALL of the Anti-Bush Books, Good Merchandise 

Vote Bush Out! - I Can't Take Four More Years. A source for a wide variety of anti-Bush products, 'Vote for Kerry 2004'

Weber Blue - Very good designs, 'No Child Left Without a Deficit' 'George of the Bungle'     

We've Been Ambushed! - Very good and Colorful design, available as a Bumper Sticker or on a T-Shirt 'We've Been Ambushed!'   

What I Did In the War - One good T-Shirt Design, Window Decals, Dozens of designs for Buttons, 'Ask me about Bush's lobotomy'

What's Left in Orange County - Good songs by Mal DuRoque, Progressive social commentary, Get the CD Here     

Wipe Your Tush - Small site sells Toilet Paper with caricature of Smirk on it     

With Liberty and Justice for All - Good merchandise site with many political products, Many designs, 'War No More'

World Peace Flags - Four good colorful Peace Flag designs, Also available on T-Shirts & Tote bags, Available in several languages

Zazzle.com - Many designs from several companies, Anti-Bush, Antiwar, 'Bush Is Hitler Reborn' 'Stop me before I kill again'     


2 get 4 years - Listen to good Anti-Bush song by Shirley Etaix, Read the Lyrics, A "Fast Forward" Recording     

9-11 Blimp - Very good 9-11 Research Website, 10 Leading Indicators of US Government Complicity in 9/11 & Cover-up, Videos, Links  

9/11 Citizens Watch - Articles, Resources, 9-11 WTC attacks Research Site, Read posts by members, Past Articles, Press Releases     

911 For the Truth - Website of Ellen Mariani & her attorney, Phil Berg, Legal Files, Blog, 9-11 WTC Research Info, Links            

911 In Plane Site - A lot of research & evidence in Videos, Articles, from the Power Hour hosts, 'Pod' evidence, Unanswered Questions     

9-11 Investigation - Well thought out information on 9-11 attacks, lots of links to other sites with similar info

9-11 Links - Good resource site for investigating the 9-11 attacks, Well organized

9-11 Page - Good personal website, 5 pages, has some good info and links to the best sources of investigation

9-11 Research - A good research site, covers every aspect of the attacks. Web Links, Books, Videos, Flyers, Posters, Quotes     

9-11 Share the Truth.com - "9-11 Was an Inside Job, Our Nation is in Peril" Fund-raising Merchandise & info, Very good 9-11 Links     

911 Time Line - Reprint of the excellent & informative 911 Timeline put together by Michael C. Ruppert

9-11 Visibility Project - Good 9-11 site, Action Alerts, News Archive, Forum, Radio Shows, Very good Information, Groups, Photos     

9-11 Was a Hoax - A call to true patriots, Good resources for 9-11 investigations, very good Informative Links, Merchandise

Access To Evil - A good 34 minute Audio Show by the No-fly List Players, Parody of the life of Smirk, Listen to it here     

Achon Books - Publisher of 'The New American Empire' by R. Tremblay, why the US has taken a supremacist, unilateral approach

Acid and Ozone - Download three good songs, 'Burn in Hell' 'The Enron Blues' 'Bombs Away', Read the Lyrics     

Adelaide Institute - Good antiwar site from Australia, Newsletter, 'Battlefront', 'Dissenters', Commentaries, Archives

Affirmative Action - Musical group, Read the Anti-Bush Lyrics of 'Bushywinks', 'Hard-on for War', Download Music, Buy the CD     

A-infos Radio Project - Sharing the best radio programs via the Internet, Links to streaming audio & MPEG files, Links

Air America Radio - Progressive talk radio for all, News, Programs, Personalities, Launching is on March 31, 2004

A Little Perspective on $87 Billion - Clear illustrations of the staggering amount taxpayers will have to pay for Smirk's Oil War

Alliance for Retired Americans - The HONEST ALTERNATIVE to the AARP board (which was paid off by insurance companies to back the GOP)

Alternative Press Review - Updated Often, Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream, News, Categorized Links     

America 2004: A Power But Not Super - A collection of essays on how Smirk & Company have taken over, Buy the book here, Reviews     

American Jabber - News Smack & Political Punches, some amusing takes on Smirk as well as the Democratic Candidates

American Messiah - How Smirk has taken his ideas from Hitler's playbook, the Real legacy of the phony 'Christian', Smirk, Links     

American Politics - "One Nation Under Fraud" News Updated Often, Downloads, Forums, Surveys, Add your link here     

Americans Against Bush - Good website, News Headlines, Voting, Global Warming, Great Book Selection, Archives, Discussion Board, Links 

Americans Against the War: France - Americans residing in France have organized to oppose the invasion of Iraq, News, Books, Links

Americans Against Zionist Oppression & Occupation - Some interesting historical facts, "Is Smirk a Zionist Puppet?", Links

American Voices Abroad - Organization for Americans Abroad, General News updated often, Election Fraud, Resources, Links

A Model Officer - An important Antiwar statement from David Wiggins, Ex-Captain, US Army Reserve, an officer who refused to go     

Amurka - Interesting Music site, Download their lastst Music Video, Get the CD, 'Bush in 30 seconds', Forum     

Analysis of White House Obstruction of 9-11 Investigations - By Joel Skousen in World Affairs Brief, Reprinted on US Government In Exile

AngryCitizen.org - Articles on Election 2004, Environment, Peace Movement, Civil Rights, News, Message Boards

Annotated Coulter - Good watch on the Nazi Ann, her words examined and interpreted, columns, a few links     

Anti-Bush Song - "Spoken word over a Reggae Dancehall Rhythm, Listen to the song, or Download it, Sounds great!     

Anxiety Culture - Good unique website, Close exam of CBS News stories, Check out Main News Page for other News Stories     

Anybody But Bush - Vote on Smirk vs. Arafat, Manson, Don King & others, Nominate a Candidate, Links     

Anyone But Bush - Listen to good MP3 music by Jimmy Lohman, also I Am Iraq, Jumble-O-Lies, Nobody Wants You, You've Lost It 

Anything But Bush 2004 - Good site, Merchandise, "Pro-Troops, Antiwar' 'Anything But Bush' "A fun, interactive Forum", Games, Links

Arab-American Republicans Against Bush - Good one page website, Reasons that we pledge not to vote for Bush     

Armchair Subversive - Republican Hypocrisy Revealed, Stop Republican Pedophilia! Unique stories about GOP Sexual Perverts     

Arsenal of Hypocrisy - Good movie about the Militarization of Space, Get the DVD or VHS Tape here     

Arts and Letters Daily - Dozens of articles, Excellent Links to Media, Magazines, Newspapers, Columnists, Weblogs, Radio, Book Reviews

Asia Times Online - Different perspectives on Middle East issues, news and commentaries, group is based in Hong Kong

Attack on America - Many videos & articles about the 9/11 WTC attacks, Motives, Evidence, Freedoms, Links     

Austin4Kerry - News & Updates, Shows many books & magazine covers with Kerry pictures, Resources, Links     

Axis of Logic - Activism, News & Comment, Many Daily Links to News Stories, Book Reviews, Poetry, Satire

Babes Against Bush - Essays, Articles, Comix, 99 Reasons why Bush sucks, Forum, Recommended Reading, Countdown Calendar for Sale  

*Back 2 Crawford - Send Bush Home in 2004, Kerry-Edwards Detailed Stands on 15 Main Issues, How Smirk has failed us all, Good Site     

Bad Bad Bush! - Good clear statement, Links to Books, Bush Resume, Links to similar Websites     

Bad Harvest Online - Listen to or Download MP3 versions of Anti-Bush songs, such as 'Son of a Bush'     

Barbra Streisand - Very good Comments, Very clear thinking, Telling it like it is, Her views on the News stories

Bash the GOP Top Sites - 30 of the participating anti-Bush, anti-GOP websites ranked and rated, brief descriptions

Beat Bush Now! - Good Small Site, Free T-Shirt & Bumper Sticker, 'Nothing Accomplished' Cartoons, Smirk Lies, Articles, Add Your Own Slogan 

Ben Frank - Great charts showing the economic facts, Buried Stories, Corporate Media, News Headlines from several sources, Links

Ben Tanosborn Online - Socio, Political Columnist, Excellent & intelligent Columns, 'What would have President Kennedy done?', Archives

Biblical America Resistance Front - Resisting a Biblical America, Articles, Profiles of Promise Keepers, Falwell, others

Big, Left, Outside - Al Giordano's countercoup for authentic journalism, democracy, and a free press, Forum, Talk Radio info, Links

Billionaires For Bush - Good satire site, 'Small Government, Big Wars' Highlighting the influence of big money from corporations     

Bill Jacobs - Anti-Bush Music, Listen to 'If George Only Had A Brain'     

Billy Random - Good songs and music to listen to and download, good political songs and lyrics     

Blackboxvoting Discussion Forum - Good reading to get the feel of the readers regarding Electronic Voting Fraud & politics

Black Press USA - Independent Source of News for the African American Community, Good articles, News, History

Black Samba Alternative Media - All sides of the story, Mainstream US Media & Foreign Media, Breaking News, Commentary

Blacks For Bush - Good Parody Site, "SEND HIM HOME TO CRAWFORD" Articles, Humor, Merchandise     

Bless God America - Good Website, All Religions Are Good, Click anywhere on the Cross to see Links to Antiwar groups & others     

Blood for Oil - Over 150 free Downloadable Peace Movement, Anti-War and Anti-Empire Peace Posters, Top Ten Designs, Links     

Bluetooth Users Against Bush - Unique small site, Uniting Users with Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phones, PDA's, Laptop PC's      

Bob Beckel - Dedicated to the unrelenting pursuit & exposure of the right, Quotes, News, Investigations, Progressive of the month

Bodazey.com - Chomsky Corner, Artwork, Progressive Opinions, Booklist, Forum, Iranian News, Links     

Book Counter - An independent, progressive bookstore online, Activist, Socialist, Environmentalist Books     

Boycott AARP - Drug Companies paid Novelli to support GOP ripoff of seniors, JOIN Alliance for Retired Americans instead

Brainshrub - Good 'Morning News Scan' bringing daily updates including short descriptions of the selected stories, archives, links

Bring It On- Good Anti-Bush song to download or buy from Alan Boyd on CD Baby, Soft Rock with Lyrics or Instrumental     

Brown Bear Press - Publisher of "Dropping the God Bomb" an insightful & humorous parable of fundamentalism & the cultural wars     

BuckFush - "Either you're with us, or you're watched" News, Humor, Cartoons, Books, Links     

Bump Bush - Very good website, Recommended Books, Reasons to Oppose Bush, Free Downloads, Links     

Burgess Shale - Some really good music, listen to them all, including the antiwar songs, 'Penultimate Song' & 'Stupidity'

Burning Bush - Good small site from the UK, 'Put GW Bush on your Bonfire! Photos of Vermont effigy burning, 'a la' Guy Fawkes

Bush - One page of good Anti-Bush Links, Some links are to Videos, Some to Voting Activism Sites     

*Bush Backlash - This website has a lot of the facts and information that can educate you, Cartoons, Quotes, Excellent Job     

Bush Be Gone - Op-Ed Pieces, Editorial Cartoons, Bush Record, Good Information, Many Links to News Stories     

Bush Draft - Proof of the Planned Bush Military Draft of 2005, Men & Women age 18 to 27 may be drafted to fight "Four More Wars"

*BushFilter.com - Excellent site for News Headlines, updated DAILY, Links to many Animations, Movies, Websites     

bushgone.com - Not a huge site but very good info here, Good links, Three Bumper Sticker designs, 'We Must Unite and Not Vote For Bush'

Bush Greenwatch - Tracking the Bush Administration's Environmental Misdeeds, News, Web Watch, Back Issues, Quotes     

*Bush Guide - Very well done Free Online Book by Chris M. Fick, Many Great Charts & Graphs, Money, Quotes, the actual Record     

Bush in 30 Seconds ARCHIVE - Over 329 MoveOn Ads to view in Video form, FAQ, Well worth spending some time here     

Bush is Lord - Small satire site, very funny stuff! Photos of Smirk, Newsletter, Forums, Book excerpts

Bush Met With Protest - Houston, Texas, on 9/12, Photos of the protests against Smirk, stories about it

Bush Must Go! - Site is dedicated to informing, organizing & unifying Americans against Bush, Many Links, Free Bumper Sticker     

Bush Reality Check - Facts and graphs showing Smirk's policies, Jobs, Economy, Corporate Welfare, Education, War, Health, Links     

Bush Resume - The 'resume' in PDF format, The real Facts behind Smirk and his past actions, The disgraceful truth is here     

Bush's Brain - A documentary about Karl Rove, See it in theatres, or order the DVD here, Trailer to download     

Bush Sucks - Good Antiwar Site, Humorous Art, Merchandise, Editorials, Web Directory of Categorized Links, Webring     

Bushwhacked USA - Monitoring the Net for News & Opinion, Many good News Stories, Updated Daily, Archives, Links

BushWhackers Clubhouse - Message Board, Free Graphics to Download, Polls, Wisconsin Politics, Links     

Bushwhacking: Beating Bush in 2004 - Tracking the Bush Administration, many good links to Articles, several subjects to peruse

Bushwhacko - Good small, one page site, Has a good summary of the economic realities we are now facing     

Business Secrets from the Stars - A book from David Dvorkin, order online, read the first 3 chapters free, Clever Anti-Bush Wit     

Camp Shut Down - Legal page, Housing Message Board, anti-GOP Merchandise, Arrest Hotline, Links     

Cascadia Media - Guerilla Media from Eugene, Oregon, Bulletin Board, Calendar, free Wartime News, FTAA News, Link Exchange

CBC News: The Fifth Estate - Conspiracy Theories about September 11, uncovering the facts, good thorough research (Canadian)

Center for American Progress - Articles, Talking Points, Progressive Ideas, Antiwar, Domestic Issues, Economy, National Security

Christians Against Bush - Good small site, "Defending our Constitution & Bill of Rights" " "Standing up for Freedom & Democracy"     

CHRW-FM - London Music Archives 2003, Anti-Bush music, Smirk & Rumsfeld's Greatest Hits & Worst Failures, Listen to the songs     

Citizen Soldier - 'Prepared to challenge US Militarism in the New Millenium" Support Our Servicemembers, Bring 'em Home now!     

CNNdotCON - A funny parody website, News Headlines updated Daily, Lots of Videos to watch, Reports, Forum Postings     

CNN Exposed - Breaking news: CNN Corporate Slant Getting Steeper, Many Headlines, Slant Index, Review Archives     

Coalition Provisional Authority (Unofficial Parody Site) - Small site, brief statement, audio file

CodeBlueNow! - Focusing on Medicare & Health Care, the New Medicare Bill bans Canada drugs & forbids negotiating of lower drug prices

Comments on 9-11 - One page site with some very clear facts about 9-11, many Links and subjects are covered here

Company Halt.com - Good Antiwar Site, "Working to end US World Aggression" Quotes, Animations, Music Lyrics, Photos, Links     

ContraBush - Contrasting the words of our former presidents with Smirk, Eleven Ex-Presidents, Very Informative     

Counterbias - "Online opinion armed with the truth" Articles, Book Reviews, Blog, Patriotic & Progressive, Links     

Country Joe McDonald - The Crisis, Excellent Links, Essays, The Best List of Downloadable Antiwar Songs by Contemporary Artists

Curious George: Dubya - One page site is a great Satire Cartoon of Smirk & friends as the 'Lonely Hearts Club Band', 'Rap' song to hear

CyberAntiBush - Stories, Four Anti-Bush Flash Games, Bushisms, Forum, Guestbook, Daily Top Stories from AP     

David Wiggins - Articles, Essays, Commentaries, Links to Web Sites, Organizations, Friends     

DCA - What could have been done with 144 billion dollars wasted on the Iraq invasion, Good illustration     

DeAshcroft's Ministry of Civil Rights - Good small site, facts about Ashcroft, One design, T-Shirts, Mousepad, Stickers, Bags, Cards

Democracy Unbound - Some very good info here, many articles, 9-11 and other subjects, Mike Ruppert articles, BFEE, Great Links List

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - Only 12 seats are needed to win control of the House!  Watch DTRIPTV now!     

DemocratsForum.com - Good Democrat website, Forum, News, Politoons, Activism, Polls, Photos, Many good links

Democrats US - Great online think tank for Democrats, Forums, Updated Daily News Stories, Bush Poll Ratings, Merchandise, Good Links 

depresident.com - "Clearing out the shrub" Good small site, Books, 'Fun & Games' 'News Sources' 'Blogs' Updated News Headlines

Der Spiegel - 'Their Master's Voice' by Maureen Dowd, reprint of a New York Times article about Richard Cheney, English version

Diosa.net - Good small site, World News Links, Get Informed, Get Involved, Voters Links     

Direct Action at the RNC - Organizing site for the NYC Events & Protests of the RNC Convention     

Dirty Bush - Good site, The Dirt on Smirk & fellow criminals, PNAC, Oily Wars, Dim Bulb, Felon Purge, Operation Vote Paper Ballot

Divided By Politics - Very good site, Free Liberal E-Cards to send, 9-11 Timeline, News, Web Polls, Articles, Letters     

dmusic.com - Some good Anti-Bush songs here by Frenz, 'Don't Mess With Bush' 'Bush's Prayer' 'Bush goes Arabic' Download or play    

Double Standards - For those who feel that important information is being withheld by the mass media, Click on Site Map     

Do We Know What Happened On September 11 2001? - A good, long detailed examination of the known facts with many links

Do You Know - A thorough examination which exposes the truth about Civil Rights, Foreign Policy, Families & Seniors, The Economy   

Drafted Into Slavery - The Military Draft of 2005 is looming large as a likely possibility, Check out the Links at the bottom of the page     

Drunk Against Bush - Unique small Danish website, English version, Keeping score with alcohol units consumed against Smirk     

dubya D 40 - Over 30 Linked News Headlines updated daily, Required Reading, Merchandise, Liberal Links, Radio Links     

DubyaSpeak - Over 2200 quotes from Smirk, Search engine, Audio files, Books, Merchandise, Links     

duckdaotsu - Very good small site, Antiwar & pro GI, Is Canada an option?, freedom underground, photo essays, News     

Dumb and Dubya - 'Patriot Actors' has quotes of 72 actors who opposed invading Iraq, (and 16 who love Smirk) Animations, News, Links

Dumb Dumber Dubya - A website to honor our esteemed idiot, Favorite Moments from the 2004 State of the Union address, Bumper Stickers

Dump Bush - News, Message Board, Poll, Bushisms, Updated Iraq Stats, Videos, Music, Games, Political Humor, Yard Signs, Buttons     

Earth Rainbow Network - A group working together with thousands of people to shape the future of this world, Articles updated often, Archives

eDiablo - Art, Humor, Philosophy, Politics, Photos of recent political protests, Art Galleries, Jokes     

Eject Bush - Very good site, Lots of links to info on Neocons & their 'Cheerleaders', Merchandise, Books, the 'Real News', Humor, Facts

EjectBush.com - News Headlines, Bush Resume, Some good merchandise designs, 'Bush, Economy Slayer', Links

*Election Day - A Great CD Compilation of Anti-Bush songs that can be downloaded free, "Son of a Bush" "Bad President" "Duct Tape"   

Enfield Stop The War - Good antiwar website in the UK, News, News Archives, Activism, Quotes, Links

Envirolink - The online environmental community - Resources by Topic, News Headlines, Forum, Animal Concerns, Searchable Atlas

Eric's Political Comics - Some very good, creative artwork & cartoons by Eric Zahler, Guest Book, good links to the best websites

Ether Zone - 82 Billion Dollars has been taken from Social Security funds, facts & statistics here, by Taxpayers Union founder

Expats Against Bush - Good website by Luke Robinson, an American web developer living in London, updated often, links

Exposing the 11th September 2001 Lies - Well researched information on the 9/11 attacks, many links to other websites

fear bush - Good small site with good Summaries of the Facts, Dictatorship, Candidate Finances, Letters, Merchandise, Links

Fire George November 2 - Free Anti-Bush E-Cards, Voter info and Links for each State, Videos, Reading List, Merchandise, Links     

Fool Me Once... - Good small website, humorous quotes & images of Smirk & Chimps like him, "Register to vote, Vote for John Kerry"    

Forward Newspaper Online - The voice of the American Jew, the conscience of the community, Forum, News & Opinions     

Free Antiwar, Anti-Bush, Pro-peace songs - Good audio files which are actual Smirk quotes, many songs to download

Freedom or Fascism: The Choice Is Yours! - The USA Economic Collapse Due in 2005, Bush/Nazi, Vote Fraud, News, Links     

*free phoenix - Very good small site, Read the MISSION Page which says a lot about our reality very clearly & truthfully     

Free Press International - Very good Patriot site, updated news links, a link to the Bill of Rights, many very relevant links

Freevision - Small site, watch the Music Video of "The Bell" good antiwar song done by Stephan Smith, News     

Friendly Fascism - Good site with many links to info about 9-11 and the rebirth of fascism, READ "14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism"

Friends of the Earth - Bite back, and say no to GMO, encouraging activism on the Genetically Modified foods issue, Environment

From the Ministry of Truth - A beacon of hope in the totalitarian wasteland, Updated often, Links to favorite websites, Political Candidates 

FTAA Resistance - Good site bringing facts to the light about the FTAA, Organizing, Tools, Contacts, Activism, Links

Fu's Fume - Very good website by a former Republican, updated often, the lies about Iraq, Economy facts, Carlyle group, Media, Links

FX - Hold your mouse over 8 sections of each WTC Towers for facts on the 9-11 attack, good information as well as visuals     

Gadflyer - A new Liberal Online Magazine, Articles, Breaking News Stories updated often, Tools, Links

Gays Against Bush! - A working group formed for an LGBT/AIDS Communities' presence, opposed to Smirk & the RNC, Links     

Gee Dubya Gotta Go! - A good Political Song by Bradley N. Litwin, in MP3 or RealAudio, read the Lyrics     

George and Julius - Musicians website, Download or Listen to songs, read lyrics, Labor-supporting Folk Music, Photos, Links

George Bush Funny Sayings & Pictures - Six pages of them, Very amusing, Free Banners, Link to GW Bush Songbook, Graphics

George Bush's Christmas Carol - By Earl Lee and See Sharp Press, Long excerpt from a book. witty humor about Smirk

George Dubya Bush Blows - Cartoons, Graphics, Webrings, Quotes, Humor, Photos, Blog, Links     

George Says - Type in the text, choose from 27 pics of poses, Five Backgrounds, then Order it as a refrigerator magnet if you wish    

GeorgeWBush.org - A very well done Satire website, Parody of the bizarre politics of Smirk & Co., Merchandise, Check the Links

Get Rid of Bush - Listing the corruption of the Bush Administration, Quotes by Celebrities, Kerry's Platform compared to Smirk's     

Give Iraq Back to the Iraqi People Now! - One Page Website, making an important statement (Not the "Coalition Provisional Authority")

Global Eye Floyd - New E-Book available in PDF format, "Empire Burlesque" The secret history of the Bush regime, by Chris Floyd   

Go Back To Texas - Good small site, info on Smirk lies to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq, Cost of the war up to the second

God on their lips, Blood on their hands - New book, Challenging, Exposing, & Defeating America's Political & Religious Right     

GOP Universe - Funny satire site, Comics, Gift Shoppe, Comments, FAQ     

Grandmothers For Peace International - Good Small Website, Calendar, Directory, Archived Newsletters, Merchandise, Links     

Great Lakes Science & Novelty - Model 51 Ventriloquist's Companion, humorous Smirk puppet figure, Very Good Satire

Green Angus - Well done website, Commentaries, News Graphics, Humor, Daily Rants, Archives, Links

Gush Shalom - The Israeli Peace Bloc, Photos, cartoons, statements against the 'Wall' and the insane war mentality of some Israelis

GW Bush 2004 - A good factual anti-Bush site, How Smirk treats the troops by slashing benefits, doubling up tours, shafting disabled vets

GW Bush for President (Satire website) - Well done, looks 'conservative' on the surface but click ANY subject & get the real indepth facts

GW Bush Resume - Some promises he made contrasted with the actual facts & realities of his many failures & betrayals

GW Bush, The Pinocchio Syndrome - Written by Ingrid Margo, updated often, Iraq war news, UPDATES on current world political events

Green Angus - Well done website, Commentaries, News Graphics, Humor, Daily Rants, Archives, Links

Had Enough Religious Bull? - Good site focusing on quotes & hypocrisy of Smirk & Co., Words of Frank Zappa & George Carlin, Cartoons

Halliburton Watch - Good site with info about Halliburton, News updated often, Articles, Books, Resources, Blogs, Good Links     

Halt Bush - Very well done website, Quotes, Jokes, News, Library, Merchandise, Good Links     

HeadOn Radio - Good Liberal Talk Show Radio, Small Site, home of host Bob Kincaid, Message Board, Links

Heather Lev - Good Songs from Heather for Peace, "What Have You Done?" Lyrics, MP3 to download, CD to Buy Here     

Hippieland - An antiwar free speech site, Colorful, psychedelic graphics, Forum, Chat, Music, Merchandise, 'Rainbow Family Rules apply'

Hocus Pocus Locus - Political Poem by Mark H. Wilson, some amusing lines about Cheney & Smirk     

Howard Stern Show - The Truth About Bush, Smirk Quotes, Our Rights Eroded by Smirk, 9-11 Info, Humor, Anti-Bush Links     

Human Rights First - The New Name of 'Lawyers Committee For Human Rights' Programs, Media Room, Activism, E-Mail Newsletter   

Idiocracy.us - Good small site, News Headlines from Buzzflash & Smirking Chimp, Reader Opinions, News Commentaries, Links

Idiots 4 Bush - Small site with some good links to stories & facts, Merchandise, Several designs for T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers     

I Don't Like Bush - Dark Side facts about Smirk Drunk Driving & AWOL, Stories banned in the USA, Commentaries, Jokes, Links

I'm Different - Small site, Forum, Yahoo! Group, Webring, LAPD Watch, Reagan Facts, Antiwar & Human Rights Rally Photos     

Impeach Bush 04 - News, Humor, Statistics, Guest Book, some Links     

Impeachment By The People - Sign the Petition, Forum Postings, Survey, Humor, News, Commentaries, Resources           

Independent Flight 77 - Pentagon Event Investigation, Theories & Facts about the 9/11/01 destruction of the Pentagon

independent press association - The antidote to monopoly media, media links, current programs, events & announcements

Index on Censorship - For free expression, online version of the magazine, bookshop, latest news, forums, analysis

Information Request - Daily News, Alternative Media Site Documenting & Exposing New World Order Related Activity, 9-11 Info, Police State 

Information Times - News (Lots of story links), commentaries, newsletter, forum, books, news group, over 100 good links

Inside Job-911.com - A sobering book that is a "startling analysis by a leading investigative journalist" of the 9-11 WTC attacks     

International Inquiry into 9/11 - Good research site, 45 Hours of DVD presentations available here, Download materials, Links     

Interwebnet.org - 'Chasing Bush was only the beginning' Good antiwar organizing website from the UK, News, Petition, Links

INTL News by Joe Broadhurst - News Updated Daily, Open a Free Account, Submit News, Links to Free E-Mail sites, News Links     

Investigating the New Imperialism - Many commentaries & news articles, by William Bowles, Links to websites, 9-11 Links

Iowa Peace, Justice & Protest Books - Books written by Mike Palacek, Democratic US House Candidate, 'KGB' 'The Truth' & others    

Iraq Occupation Watch - Reports from Iraq, Daily updated News, Opinions, Calls to Action, Press, Links     

Iraq Timeline - Past events that influenced the illegal invasion, Month-to-Month in 2003 & 2004, Relevant Commentaries     

Iraq War Photos - 'This Is The Page' Dozens of actual photos taken in Iraq, Thumbnails that can be clicked on to enlarge     

Isebrand - Very good Alternative News, "Reliable News, Liberal Views" Updated Daily, Good Links to Weblogs & Liberal Sites     

I Want My Country Back - Good website, Links to Articles & Facts, Iraq War Truths, News Headlines from 'The News Insider'     

Izzy Guaal - Good small website, Merchandise (T-Shirts & Stickers), some Links     

Jail 4 Bush - Good effort, small Seattle website by David Blomstrom, clear statement of principles

Jason Dean/Puddy Tat - Good song, "In Shambles" A Cowboy Loose on the Range, Listen to it here, Spread the word!     

Jim Harper Listening Room - Good song, "Bush has got to go" Listen to the MP3, Read the Lyrics     

John Howard Lies - A Catalog of Lies told by the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, Aussies Vote on October 9 to Boot Him Out   

Just One Term - Good small site, News, Opinions, Books, Eye on the Right, Mailbag, Reasons Why Smirk Must Go, Links

Killtown - Questioning the 9-11 WTC attacks, Some good questions that should be answered, Lots of links to 9-11 Info & Research    

King Bush the Third - Series of images (9) that are anti-Bush, upload yours here via e-mail     

Knights of the Socially Conscious - Good antiwar website from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Links to important articles, Graphics, Merchandise

Kohlsaat Cartoons - Unique cartoons, Taking on Smirk, "Ahnold Gropenator", Drug Companies, Archives of his work to check out

Leak Investigation (Poem) - By Hubert Wilson, unique insights put into a poem, Well Worth a Read!

Let's Bring Em Home - Good small site, How you can help, Request a ticket, Ways that you can help the troops, Be a penpal, Links

Leyden Hill Opinion - Good website from Canada, Progressive, Informative, How to become a Canadian citizen, Survival & Local Links

*LiberalBacklash.com - Very good site exposing the reality we all face, News Headlines, Rants, Forums, Books, Merchandise, Good Links

Liberal Quotes - Excellent selection of relevant quotes, updated usually weekly, subscribe to the mailing list to receive more

*Liberty And Justice For All - Information on US deaths in Iraq, the actual updated war costs, Excellent website, merchandise, Many Links

Liberty Bound - Film or DVD, "A Citizen's journey of discovery into the lies, oppression, & corruption since 9/11"     

Librarians Against Bush - Politically active librarians concerned about the loss of Civil Liberties & Privacy, Merchandise, Blog, Links   

Lies of Mass Deception - Good small site, Forums, Searchable Database of Lies by Bush, Merchandise, Some Links     

Lush Limbaugh - Small but humorous web page, revealing the hypocrisy of the 'Hillbilly Heroin' drug addict, Limbaugh

Luver Alternative News - Very good website, Links to Indymedia.org sites & Alternative media, articles, audio & video files, Daily news links

mackwhite.com - How "Operation Northwoods" influenced history (told via a cartoon), other links to relevant articles

Mad Guerilla Brigade - Good anti-Smirk humor site, Osamapool, Blame Bush, Amusing Comments, Merchandise

Make A Countdown.com - One page site with up to the second 'Time left' until Smirk is OUT & the nightmare is over     

March for Justice - A human & civil rights movement furthering the causes of Justice, Iraq Info, Forum, Archives, Books, News, Links

Marshmallow - Good Anti-Neocon song, 'Don't Misunderestimate Me' Download it here in MP3 Format, Reviews, Video     

Max Logan.com - Good News Source, Liberal & Progressive News, Commentary and Opinion, Cartoons, some Links     

McMonster - Small site, Creative Graphics, Five Companies that control most of the media, Blog, Links     

Media for Democracy 2004 - Take Action! Defend Our Radio Waves from Hate, E-mail a message to Savage, Limbaugh, & their network   

*Media Matters for America - Very good breakdown of Right-wing Lies by Neo-Nazi media people, Point-by-point incidents exposed  

Media Monitors Network - Where truth prevails, 'a non-profit, non-bias, & non-political platform', John Kaminski article, Archives, Photos

Middle East Peace Association - Site of Middle East Peace Organization at Florida State University, News updated often, Forum, Photos

Million Worker March - Set for OCTOBER 17, 2004 in Washington, DC, Uniting Organized Labor, Antiwar Community & others     

Moderate Independent - Great informative article about 9-11 by Jackson Thoreau, February 1, 2004, over 95 Links to support the article

Mostly Political Links - Good selection of mostly older Links by Dave Romm, from 1995 (Reagan Info) to June 2002

Mothers Opposing Bush - How Smirk has lead us away from honesty, Compassion, Community, and Patriotism, Blog, Merchandise   

Moving Ideas Network - A project of 'The American Prospect' Register to Vote, Hot Topics, Blogs, Periodicals, Liberal Links     

Mr. T-Spoe - Good small site, Smirk as the Single Point Of Evil, also Single Point Of Stupid, Actual quotes from Smirk     

Mykeru.com - 'Serenity Through Viciousness', News stories & commentaries updated usually daily, Forum, Merchandise, Links

My Stolen Nation - Eight Pages of Crazy Captions, Phototoons, News Headlines updated often, Archives

News From Babylon - Very good alternate news, Archives, Top 25 most read stories, etc., Downloads, Reviews, Good categorized Links

News Hounds - Good Alternative News, "We watch FOX so you don't have to" Done by 8 citizens who believe media makes democracy   

NewsMutiny - Good small Alternative News website, Six News Categories, 10 Satirical 'Reasons' why Smirk wants votes

News Nation - Important Antiwar News Headlines, Updated often, Message Board     

Newzmaniac - Updated daily, Very informative news site, Entire set of Diebold Memos to download, Archives, Smirking Chimp headlines

nextrevolution.net - Excellent writings, MUST READ 'What is happening to America', Very clear & informative articles, Good small site

No Bush - Free Posters, Register to Vote, Electoral Vote Predictor, Forums, Picture Gallery, Merchandise, 'Dimwit' 'Wrong for America'   

No Chimp Left Behind - A book by Cassandra Sagan, "An explanication of the Presidential Origin of the Speechities" Get it here     

No Draft - A movement against reinstating the Military Draft, Small site, Links to relevant stories, Draft FAQ, some Links     

No Draft No Way - Reinstatement of the draft is likely sometime after the November elections, Downloadable fliers, Resources, Links    

No More Bush - Good small site, Photos, Books, FAQ (Opinions), Smirk Accomplishments, Resume, Links     

Non-Partisan Christian Voters' Guide - Good web page, Several issues, the corresponding bible verses, how each Political Party rates

Northern New York Times - At WorldPeace.us, World News Headlines updated every 30 Minutes, Also from NewsFactor.com, Links, Archives

Not Banned Yet - A first amendment zone, Original political cartoons & satire, News, Lots of good Links

Not Bush! - Take the Pledge! "I'm Young. I Vote. I'm Not Voting Bush." Download Pledge Sheet, Flyers, Host a 'Pledge Party'     

Not Bush - Good small site, Watch their video, Bumper Sticker, News updated often, Events, Mailing List, Links     

NOT GW Bush in 2004 - Well done site, some of the best articles & statements about His Fraudulency & the dishonorable lies being told

Not Nader - A vote for Nader in 2004 could help Smirk win, good anti-Nader site, Breaking News (like the GOP funding him again)

No To Bush - Photo gallery of Protests in NYC, Free Flyers to Download, Several designs on T-Shirts, 'Bush Lies, Who Dies?'     

No War for Israel - Exposing Israeli Apartheid, Rachel Corrie report, good antiwar site, links, articles, Special Reports

No War on USA - Good antiwar website done in Europe, some very good graphics & the best articles found on the Web

NYC Bush Protest - Photos (46) of the New York City protests against Smirk & his warmonger friends

October Surprise Archives - Links to many stories about Reagan's involvement in the Iranian hostages being held until his election

Official Wire - Alternative News updated Daily, Many News Headlines, Advanced Search, Polls     

One Global Community - Working to network people and community centers worldwide, to create a spirit of community for all people

One Goal - We must remove Bush from office! Stay Informed, Stay Active, Work Locally, Good Links to Activist Sites & Anti-Bush Sites  

One-Term President - Free downloads of 'One-Term President' graphic for Poster, Button, Stencil, or Sticker

One Thousand Reasons - Relentlessly documenting the failures of the Bush administration, List of war dead, Links, Buy the book   

Oregon Medical Marijuana Project - Good Op-Ed writings, War-o-meter, Research, Audio-Video, Dozens of Links in many different categories

Orwell Rolls in his Grave - 1984 is no longer a date in the future, New film by Robert Pappas, Interviews, Links

Osama's Back In Town - By 'Jumpin Jim O'Neill'   Song sung to the tune of "Mack the Knife" Lyrics scroll as you hear it

Our World, Our Say - Organizing the "Virtual March" from the UK, good antiwar site, Iraq News, Archives, Petition, Links

Oust Bush 2004 - Lots of good links organized by category, Internet Radio, Talk Shows, PAC's, Anti-Bush Humor & Serious

Outfoxed - Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, See the movie in theaters near you, or buy the DVD here for 10 bucks     

Outrage Radio - News from Buzzflash, Archives, Audio Files, Schedule of Radio Shows, Commentaries

Pablo On Politics - Lots of Phototoons about Smirk, Cheney, & other GOP lackeys, Archives, Great Humor!     

Pants On Fire - Good site, details the MEDIA LIES vs the ACTUAL TRUTH, Very Unique Merchandise including the 'Pantsonfire' doll

ParaPolitics - Good site with lots of info, New World Order, Police State, Mark of the Beast, UFO's, Forums, Latest News, Links

Patriot Saints - "US Government Intelligence Deliberately Lied" about 9-11, Very well presented facts, Links, '666' Microchip Info

Peace March - Download this Anti-Bush song in MP3 format, features actual words by Smirk - From Pine Music     

People's Bureau of Information - Smirk the Clown, Site has good Humor, excellent info, Buzzflash Headlines, Countdown Clock, some links 

*Peter Hansen - Very good site, News & Info, Good Satire, One of the best pages of Categorized Links on "Link & Fun Page"     

Physics911.org - Provoking investigative info, READ 'General Hypotheses' of 9-11 WTC attacks called "Operation Pearl", Calendar, Links

Pieman - Good site by a creative ex-hippie, Lots of anti-smirk songs, Join the Million Yippie March, NYC August 30 to September 2

Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth - "What Bush's fellow pleasure seekers have to say about his drinking record" Video 'Political Ad'   

Poker Face - Good anti-Police State music, Listen to "Made In America" a good Rock Music CD, Interviews, Video, Audio, Some links     

Political Bull - Political essays about the world, Study of Rome "are we following in its' footsteps? War, Economics, Good Info     

Political Hell - "The Most Patriotic News Source in America" Campaign Headlines, Mass Media Report, Front Pages Around the Globe   

Political Insanity - Anti-Bush political cartoons drawn by a 12 year old kid, good effort

Political Posts - Unmasking Political Skullduggery, News Headlines, Message Board, Links     

Political Strategy - Very Good Site, Searchable Articles, New Headlines, Opinions, Register To Vote, Required Reading, Links     

Portrait of an American Family - The shocking true history of the Bush Family Evil Empire (BFEE)

President Bush Library - Documents in the National Archive prove Smirk's grandfather traded with Nazis, complete details & facts

Progressive Webgroup Alliance - A coalition of free thinking, progressive discussion groups, 59 groups, over 22,500 members, Links

Project for the New American Empire - Several web pages, Articles on Wealth, Science, Culture, Many good links (Fifth Columnist page)

Propaganda Matrix - Very good website, Breaking News, Iraq, Police State, NWO, Bilderberg, Diana's Murder, Excellent Links

Protest Records - Listen to dozens of MP3 files, Links to further your understanding of world events, Stencils to Download

Punditman.com - 'Cutting through fog, exposing lies, & unraveling mumbo jumbo, good commentaries, 'Loaded Deck' of cards available

Punk Voter - "Rock Against Bush" Music Video, Cartoons, Guest Columns, Downloads, Merchandise, Links     

questions, questions - A review of independent perspectives on current events, News, 9-11 Facts, Commentary, Opinion, Links

*Radio Subversion - The Voice of the Internet Left, Streaming Audio, (June 04) Weekly Program of News, Views, Alerts, & Humor    

ReDefeat Bush - Very good site, Upcoming Events, News, Forums, Very good collection of Links to check out     

redrat - A unique personal website, Graphics to download (or just perceive), Commentaries, Very different website, View it

Red State Nation Blues - Good small site, READ the Newsletter for good information, commentaries, by Bruce Carroll, buy the book here

RegimeChange.us - Dedicated to the return of Constitutional Government, Full text of the Military-Industrial Complex speech by Eisenhower

Remove Bush in 2004 - Good site documenting the Flip-Flop Hypocrisy of the Bush Crime Family, News Clip Archive, Links

Reporters Without Borders - News by geographical areas, Press Freedom Barometer, Concerned with imprisonment & attacks on journalists

Republican Press - Great satire site, 'A fictional right wing media organization', Very well done & amusing website. Archives, Links

Republicans Against Bush - Good site, Issues, Good Books, Movies, Search, Opinions, Promises, Links to Good Websites     

Republicans Against George Bush - Small site, FAQ, News updated daily, Quotes, Letters, Links     

Republican Sex Criminals - Good site features info on John Fund & others, Susan Smith, Christian Coalition, Links to other factual sites   

Republicans For Kerry '04 - Good site, Resources, Activism, Merchandise, Alternative News Links, Forum, Articles, News Updated Daily   

Repuglican.com - Good small site with Animations & Graphics, 3 Flash Animations about Medicare & more, also Graphics     

Resist! - Good Canadian site, a project of the Resist! collective, Breaking News updated daily, Regional Activities, Calendar, Directories

resist.com.au - Encouraging Discussion of the US led trend of arrogant nationalistic foreign policy, Comments, Quotes, Merchandise   

RESPECT - The Unity Coalition, Peace, Socialism, Environment, Good UK Antiwar site, Leaflets, Downloads, Gallery     

return liberty - Good French site, Focus is "Remove Bush or Return the Statue of Liberty", Sign the PETITION

Richard Neville - A visionary thinker from Australia, Books & Articles, Bio, Futures Cafe, Future Shocks, Links

Richard Stallman's Personal Home Page - Good list of suggested actions to take, Political articles, Humor, Links

Ring Out the Republicans - RingOut promotes bell-wearing and bell distribution, Rings demonstrate unity & solidarity, Links     

ritual reality - Way cool media/music/political remixes- enjoyable as they are informative, Many MP3 files to listen to & download

Ronald Reagan's Records - Get the whole truth on the Reagan Record, what he actually accomplished, on Bartcop.com

San Francisco Antiwar Photos - Several hundred photos, taken at 15 different Antiwar marches in the San Francisco, California area

Scum at the Top - Good Australian website, Australia's Journal of Political Character Assassination, Many Story Links, Cartoons, Links

seeds of doubt - Some very good Cartoons, Good Political Commentary, 'Bush Is Not Hitler' Cartoon Series, Humor, Links     

Serendipity - Geopolitics including facts on the 9-11 WTC Attacks, OKC Bombing, Voting Machines, Waco, Drugs, Human Rights     

Sherry Austin - Great singer has a new political song, "I wouldn't lie to you" to download free as MP3 or order an autographed copy   

Show George The Door - A service of TrueMajority Action PAC, Register to vote here, Activism, Merchandise, Ben Cohen here     

Sick of This Crap - "The Last Bastion of America's Liberal Media, Updated Weekly, Very Good site, Archives, Links     

Simple Fears - Download free MP3 song, "Get Out of Iraq" , Well Done Music, Lyrics to read, too     

Skolnick's Report - A court reformer since 1958, author of several books, writer of many articles available on website, weekly TV program

Skull and Crossbones - 'Your Stolen Vote' by Victoria collier, how corporate media controls voting results, Templar/Freemasons history

Slannder: Liberally Lying about Liberals - Exposing the vicious lies and disgusting disinformation put out by Ann Coulter

Social and Public Art Resource Center - Murals, Projects, Archive, Upcoming Art Exhibitions, Call for Artist Submissions      

Some Novel Monkey - Book by David Kovsky, Preview Chapter, "A sordid tale involving Pay Web Sites, political sound bites & more"   

Stand Down - Was 9/11 Lack of Air Defense Deliberate? Long page of details, also READ "Disturbing Facts about 9/11 & the US Government"

Stereos vs. Bush - Five MP3 Songs to listen to or download, Good small site, 'Mission Debriefing Area'     

Stop Bush in '04 - Good commentaries, Archives, Merchandise includes bumper stickers, window stickers, T-Shirts, posters, buttons

Stop Bush Project - A documentation of anti-Bush sentiment from around the world, Dozens of thumbnail images of Graffiti, Posters, Flyers 

Stop Chemtrails - At World-Action, Revealing information on chemtrails, Activism, Posters, Stickers, News

Stop FCC - Sign the Online 'Free Speech Campaign Petition', News, Help get one million signatures on the petition

Stop the FTAA - Very good site with important focus, News, Activism, Tools, Miami Mobilization

Straight Talk - By Campaign for America's Future, Good Informative Resources, Education, Healthcare, Jobs, Retirement, Energy    

Stupid Bush Tricks - Presidents Say the Darndest Things, A long page full of actual quotes from Smirk, the moron in office     

Sunday Herald - Good news online from Scotland, READ about "US plan to 'own' space" taking warfare into space, Archives, Blog

Support Network for an Armed Forces Union - SNAFU, A group of veterans, students, & working people against war, Info, Links    

Swans Commentary - Good Articles updated often, very thoughtful, insightful progressive views, Resources, Links     

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly - An organization of hope, Info on the Right-Wing Sicko who spreads fear, hate, & misunderstanding  

Swift Boat Liars - Good site exposing the liars behind the false smear ads, Sign the Petition, Facts & News Articles support the truth  

Swift Boat Veterans For Lies - Good small parody site, Read Comments in the Forum, "A Karl Rover Project"     

Take Back America - Good site, Click on Navigate This Website to view contents on other Web Pages, News, Editorials     

Take Back the United States - Good small site in 2003, Several important articles on the treatment of wounded US soldiers & more   

Take It Back - Good MP3 Sample of music and audio commentary by Amanda, "We must take our country back from this administration"

Tanya Janca - Good anti-Bush songs in MP3 form to download or buy, Read the Words, Alternative Folk Punk Artist     

Tapart Real News - Issues & Art that talks, info & comments about 9/11, globalism, Iraq, economic issues that hurt average people

Taylor Marsh - "The antidote to Right-Wing Talk" Good liberal Radio Host, Active Forums, Columns, Radio Shows, Message Board   

Texans for Free Speech - Photos of the protests at VP Dick Cheney's visit to Houston

The Agenda for Century 21 - Free MP3 download of a good song by the 'Used Johnnys', Lyrics, About the Band

The Al Franken Show - Streaming Audio Shows, Download Real Player, Blog, Info about the show     

The Bad Guys - A list of the real enemies of America, along with some unpleasant truths about their real behavior & lives

The Bird in Bush - Good activist site, a new Book on Politics, Alphabetical List by State of Members of Congress in the 108th Congress

The Blood of Iraq: A poem - One page website with an interesting poem on it, Anti-war from a Christian perspective

The Bots - The World's First Virtual Band, Good Anti-Bush songs to download in MP3 form, 'Fuzzy Math' 'Bushwack2'     

The Bud Beck Show - Good Liberal Talk Show Host, Daily Commentaries, His new book is 'Tyrannus Bush' Read a sample & buy it   

The Bush Games - Flash animation, Satire of the Olympic Games, Awarding the Top 3 violators of Women's Rights, Environment, etc.

The Bush Song - By nice peter, Listen to it & download it here, Has actual quotes by Smirk in it     

The Bushiad and the Idyossey - A readable Parody of the epic Greek poems by Homer, Read all 48 'Chapters' of poetry

*The Bush Presidency - Very good Information & News website, Updated often, To document the GW Bush Presidency, Good Links   

The Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace - Well done antiwar website from Canada, Video Files, Current Events, Info Resources

The Center for Democracy and Technology - Good activist site, Internet standards, how to fix the Patriot Act, publications, links

The Christopher Factor - A novel by DL Bruin, about a covert Government experiment gone haywire, first 11 chapters are free online, Links

The Cup o' Joe Radio Show - The voice of the working man, Amusing & Enlightening MP3 audio files, Articles, Weblog, 'Radio Shows' archived

The DC Follies - Two amusing Anti-Bush cartoons, 'The Road to Iraqistan' & 'Jobs On The Horizon' Very well done cartoons     

The Deprogrammer - "Quality Deprogramming for the Quad Cities" Good articles, Videos, Books, Media Bias, Message Board, News   

The Diebold Variations - Some good graphics, How Diebold Electronic Voting Machines can easily manipulate the vote totals     

The Door Magazine - Humorous Satire "Christian" site, "Advice from James Dobson" Thirty-four Free 'Lessons', Links     

The Edge - Environmental News from the Brink, READ the 'Gardiner Report' detailing 50 lies used by Smirk & Co. to market the Iraq War

The Ed Shultz Show - Excellent Liberal Talk Show Host heard on Air America, Photo Gallery, Clip of the Week, Listen here     

The Elkhorn Manifesto - Reveals documented evidence of an "alliance" between the US & the Nazis, also Why the US will not legalize hemp

The Experiment - Very well-done website with many news stories & links, Commentaries, Mailing List, Links

The Free Press - Speaking Truth to Power, News, Editorials, Progressive Guide, Calendar, Anti-Globalization, Anti-SOA, Online Store

The Free Speech Zone - Good site, Election Graphs, Diebold Vote Fraud, AWOL Facts, Archives, Quotes, News, Merchandise, Links   

The Freeway Blogger - Dedicated to free speech & guerilla artists everywhere, Photos, Archives, Merchandise with a dozen designs

The George W Bush Singers - Exact quotes of Bush set to music in a CD for sale here, "Songs in the Key of W"     

The GOP Universe - Good humorous site, Comics, Merchandise, Comments, FAQ

The Guerilla Campaign - "Be Patriotic, Vote Bush Out" Campaign to drop business cards to 'Stop Bush', Smirk's "Accomplishments"   

The Guy James Show - America's #1 Democratic Talk Show, Listen Live every Saturday 3-6 p.m., Archives, Forum, Merchandise, Links

The GW Bush Coloring Book - By Karen Ocker, Drawing from Smirk's imaginative quotes, also includes an essay on Smirk     

The Handstand - Free Online Journal, Photos & Stories about what is really happening to the Palestinian people under occupation     

The Hoolinet - Political Parodies from Mark Hoolihan, Smirk, Bin Laden, Ann Coulter, Governor 'Gropenator', Falwell & Teletubbies

The Hunting of the President - A Documentary based on the book, the ten-year campaign to destroy Bill Clinton, Trailer, Theaters   

The Independent Institute - Enlightening ideas for public policy, Non-partisan site, Opposing the Iraq invasion, Corporate Welfare

The Insider - An important site researching the New World Order, Agenda, Secret Societies, News, Excellent List of Links     

The Intelligence Squad Reports - News, Politics, Opinion from a Black Perspective, Small site with very good archived commentaries

The Last Ditch - Very good site, group of "individualists" who love liberty, some anarchists, libertarians, Unique collection of Links

The Modern Populist - Very good Alternative News, Updated daily, Quick Search, Archives, Election 2004, Iraq War, World News    

The Movement - Research & Info on 9-11 Attack, Iraq War, Operation Northwoods, Reichstag Fire, Very Informative     

The New American Empire - Book by Rodrigue Tremblay, "Causes & Consequences for the US and for the World", Links     

The New Standard - Good Alternative News website, Latest Headlines, Iraq, Civil Liberties, Economic Issues     

The Noble Order of Knights of Enlightenment - Carrying on the struggle for freedom, justice & equality, Call to Action, Audio Files, Links

The Nostradamus Mabus Project - Why could George Bush be Mabus, the Third Antichrist?, Brief, Many other potential names

The Patriot Facts - Seeking the Truth about the Bush Administration, Corruption, Propaganda, Anti-Bush Rightists, Most Troubling   

The People Must Know - Anti-Bush, progressive comedy about Iraq, Smirk, & freedom, Quotes, Quips, Links     

The Politics of Terror - A thorough examination of all the facts surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing, 15 well done 'chapters'

The Power & Interest News Report - A global organization that provides analyses of conflicts & other international events, Reports, Archives

The Proud Liberal Bitch - Good small site, Good Commentaries, Bush Lied, US Media, Republican Hypocrisy & Lies, Merchandise   

The Public Eye - Website of Political Research Associates, Examines 9-11 research, Various Conspiracy Views, Links

The Randi Rhodes Show - Great Liberal Radio Talk Show, Listen Live 3-7 p.m., Archives, Current Topics, Activism Calendar, Links

The Randy - Good small site, Articles, Forum, Mailing List     

The Raw Story - Good Alternative News site, Headlines updated daily, Commentaries, Blog, Quotes, Archives, Links

The Reality Zone - Lots of articles about the US Police State, 9-11 attacks, Brainwashing America, Patriot Act, Terrorism & Oil, Links

The Republican Chickenhawks - They are all for war.... As long as they do not nave to serve! Preview all of the cards showing the cowards

The Residential Area - Dozens of anti-Bush photos, graphic images, and art. Click on images to enlarge them     

There's Something About W - Good entertaining documentary film about Smirk, Tax Realities, Get the DVD or VHS tape here     

the revealer - A daily review of religion & the press, examines all religions with Links to each one, News, Archives, Search     

The Stupid Git's guide to Bush Politics - Good site, updated often, Graphics, Photos, News, Commentaries, Mailbag, Archives   

The Swishybushy Song - Great Song! Download it here free or listen to part of it, By Jim Rounsavell, sung by Brian Eldredge     

The Tale of George Bushytail - Humor site with amusing pics of Smirk & his friends, some Links     

The TIP - Truth in Politics, Good commentaries, Boycotts, Forums, Activism, Books, Dozens of Links, Well done website

The Tribal Messenger - Truth and Unity Power the People, Alternative News, Commentaries, Topics include 9-11, Secret Government

The Truth About George - Excellent site, Women's Rights, Domestic Policy, Economy, Rogue Nation, Bushisms, News, Merchandise   

The Truth Uncovered - The real facts about the illegal invasion of Iraq, Documentary on a DVD for ordering, Watch the free trailer!

The Viking News Network - Some good unique humor here, Cartoons, Photos, Links to Articles, Statement by Bruce Springsteen     

The Voice Exchange - News, Videos, Forum & Chat comments from Azerbaijan, 'Stolen Elections, Police Brutality & Political Prisoners!' 

The War in Context - Updated Daily, Weekly E-Mail Newsletter, News, Commentaries, Great Links to Alternative News & Political Websites 

The War Room Project - An antiwar art installation by William T. Ayton, Three virtual Art Galleries, News, Resources

The Wisdom Fund - Very good News & Views, The Truth about Islam, Activist's Library, Calendar, Smirk lets Karadzic roam free

The Wizard Master - Good small antiwar website, many graphics, Hot Links

The World Against Bush - Small site done in Europe, Six Anti-Bush Books and links to buy them, Some good Links     

Thought Crime News - Cutting through the propaganda, Examining the 'bulge' or anomaly on the fuselage 9-11 videos, Photos, London, UK

Today's Alternative News - "The truth, always the truth--at all costs" News Headlines with Links updated daily, Four Topics     

Tom Dispatch - 'A regular antidote to the mainstream media'. a project of the Nation Institute, Posts, Links

Top Conspiracy Sites - Rating the sites, 24 at a time, All Kinds of Conspiracy Sites, New World Order, Illuminati, UFO's, 9-11, Government

Topple Bush - Dedicated to defeating Smirk in 2004 by raising money for the candidates who oppose him, Merchandise, Smirk Humor

Topple Rummy - Photos & Videos of the Toppling of an effigy of Rumsfeld in Taos, New Mexico on March 20, 2004

Transmitter's Revenge - Good anti-Bush editorials by "the Old Man", also some playlists of songs by Rock Bands

T Rex's Guide to Republican Family Values - Good up to date list of Republican Hypocrisy & Affairs of Right-wing Republicans     

Trinicenter - Good alternative news site, by Black Citizens in the West Indies, Rasta & Roots focuses, World News, Caribbean News

Tro Da Bum Out - The bum needs ousting! One T-Shirt design, Send a message to everyone!

Truth 4 Ever - Site can be translated & viewed in many languages, Almost completely Text that Links to relevant Stories     

Turning Tide - Full-length videos with distinguished speakers, Vandana Shiva, Caldicott, Zinn, Chomsky, Goodman, Studs Terkel

Turnspit Magazine - Alternative News Stories, Links to News Sources, News Headlines Updated Daily, Forum, Blog

Ukeleles for Sanity - "Because the smallest voice can be a mighty force", Concert, March, Action Kit, Good Links     

Uncensored Stories of the War - From CBC News: Deadline Iraq, Photos, Stories, Free Headlines, Live Radio, Newscasts, Resources

Uncle Melon - Bush Library (Satire), Some humorous graphics and Articles, Misinformation, Lies     

unembedded - Small site, Lots of Commentaries on many political topics, Archives, Links     

Unfiltered - Radio Show on Air America, hosts Lizz Winstead, Chuck D & Rachel Maddow, Schedule, Audio Archives, Find a Station   

Unfit For Command - Small site has Links to 12 Books exposing the truth about Smirk and his contempt for average Americans   

United for a Fair Economy - Good Info on NAFTA, CAFTA, Details on Tax Scheme Ripoffs by Smirk & fellow 'perpetrators'

United for Peace & Justice - A Resource site for antiwar activists, Calendar of Events, Organizing Resources, News, Action Alerts

UnPresident.com - Good small site, Updated Daily, Archives, Predictions, Links

Uruknet.info - A project of information & News about Iraq, Good list of Links, especially to Alternative News sites and Iraq     

USA Election - Good German website with News Updated daily about the US Election     

US Crusade - News from many sources, Global & Regional, Books, Message Board, Hundreds of categorized links to news websites

US Peace Flags - Good small antiwar website, Unique Merchandise, Forum, Site is now FOR SALE

Vietnam Veterans For Bush - Not Really! Good Anti-Bush website, Info on the AWOL Deserter, Smirk, 29 Books Linked, Merchandise   

Violette's Page - Vert good, creative progressive website, News, Message Board, Downloads, Shopping, Mailing List, Photos, Links   

Vision for America - Good personal political website, Many linked Articles, Links to Animations, Books, Websites     

Voice 2004 - Tell the candidates your concerns, read what others are saying, also can order T-Shirts here, Links

Vote Bush Out - Good "99 Reasons to Vote Bush Out" Many Books, One of the very best collections of Categorized Links, 9-11, Antiwar   

*Vote for Change - "Fight the GOOD Fight...Fight the Right!" Well-organized website, Very good linked articles, Good Links     

Vote No War - Real Grassroots Democracy - Good antiwar site, Organizing, Action Alerts, News, Campaigning against war & racism

voters against bush - Listen to the 'Dubya' song in MP3, 94 Reasons to Invade Iraq, T-Shirt saying 'F.U.G.W.', Info, Links     

Voters Unite! - Good site dedicated to honest voting in America, Why we need paper ballots, Activism, Forum, News     

Wake the World - Over 100 graphics for posters to download free, pick a size, "We Don't Need Warshington"

War on Americans - Anthrax scare, 9-11 questions & answers, lots of summary information & editorials, a few links to outside info

War Profiteers - Company Profiles of Halliburton & others, Issue Library, News, Toolkits, News, Card Decks     

War Whore - Good site, Features, Articles, Cartoons, Forum, Images, Free Bumper Sticker, Links     

Way Left of Center - Good site dedicated to ending Dubya's REIGN of ERROR! Daily updated weblog, Great Links, Buzzflash Headlines 

WeeklyLowdown.com - Links to some of the major stories in the news, with comments, and a weekly comment, good links

where in the world is bush - Updated often, Daily Bush Remark, Campaign Schedule, Random Bushisms, Lots of Links     

Where is the Money? - "US Treasury Missing $ Trillions" Reporting the massive amounts that are 'missing' from the Treasury     

White House for Sale - Understanding the issue of money buying the government, Contributors, Facts, Blog, Public Citizen project, Search

Why We Hate Bush - Very good "Eleven Reasons to Hate Bush" Some good Links, News, Quotes, Humor     

wicked philosophy webzine - Published every week, The Grassy Knoll of Politics, Covering the Issues in the Election Campaign   

World Without Bush - Small one page website, Encouraging donations to the Democratic Party to save Humanity     

Women Against Bush - Good website, Merchandise, Links, 'Running in Heels', Register to Vote, Throw a party     

Women's Studies - Resources & Feminist Empowerment for Women & Girls, Books, Economic & Disability Issues, Antiwar, Great Links

World Shelter - Read the Lyrics as you listen to the Anti-Bush song, 'Liberator', CD's can be ordered here     

World Terrorism Conspiracy - Website dedicated to reporting suspicious events, like the 9-11 attacks, Well presented info, many subjects

World War 3 - The 'Cold, Hard Truth about World War', Exposing the New World Order & the causes behind all World Wars, Links

W Stands for War - Three unique poems, Books, Columns, Quotations, Movie Reviews, Links     

WTC Attack for Dummies - Interesting 9-11 research site with many discrepancies noted, Videos, Photos, Links to other sites & info   

Yellowcake - Good Anti-Bush music CD by Yellowcake, download or buy, "Since You Ruined The Earth", Lyrics, Press Releases   

You're Not Stupid: Get the Truth - BOOK by William John Cox, Revealing details on the illegal Bush coup in America, available for Download

Zanzibar News Network - Alternative News Headlines from Around the World, Archives, Headlines, Members News Feed, Links

Zephyr Magazine - Good Liberal/Progressive Online Magazine from Oregon, Updated Daily, News, Columnists, Articles, Links    

Was Paul Wellstone Assassinated?   CLICK HERE for over 30 Links to facts & commentaries on this

(A SCIENTIST HAS PROVEN THAT IT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT) See Dr. James Fetzer's analysis (April 2003)
Senate is a Different Place without Wellstone - A recent tribute & article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (Oct 19, 2003)

Rush Limbaugh makes racist remark again, resigns from ESPN - GOOD RIDDANCE!

Racist Remarks by Rush Limbaugh - How the racist comment made him quit the ESPN job - Philly Daily - Oct. 3

McNabb told the Philadelphia Daily News: "It's sad that you've got to go to skin color.
I thought we were through with that whole deal."

No, not when ABC/ESPN hires a man known for telling black people to "pull the bone out of your nose,"
Rush, like the Unelected Pinhead, has never been held accountable for anything he says.

"Spike, if you're going to do that, let's complete the education experience.
You should tell them that they should loot the theater, and then blow it up on their way out."
-- the vulgar racist Pigboy, attacking Spike Lee in 1992, on his now-defunct TV show, expressing
his ire when Spike Lee urged that black schoolchildren get off from school to see his film Malcolm X.

"The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies."
-- the vulgar racist Pigboy, attacking the NAACP for associating with black Americans.


"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no
responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business
and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day." -- Theodore Roosevelt, on April 19, 1906

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell



525 Reasons to Dump Bush - Excellent itemized list of reasons to Dump Smirk by Rhonda & Jane, Escape the Propaganda Matrix!
Impeach Bush - Impeachment Resolution Against Bush, by Francis A. Boyle, Professor of Law, News Links, Audio & Video Links
Impeach Bush (2) - Dedicated to exposing the lies and impeachable offenses of Smirk, Archives, over 140 pages to check out
ImpeachBush.cc - Detailing the LIES told by Smirk to America, Congress, the Troops, the Allies, The World
Impeach-Bush-Now.org - Good site focusing on impeaching Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, & Rumsfeld, Lots of articles and info
Impeach Bush - Good site, 'argulets' (articles) Cartoons, Excellent Links List, Election 2000 info, Environment
Indict Bush, Cheney et al - Citizens' Indictment, A movement to indict members of the Bush crime family, sign it & endorse it
One Thousand Reasons to Dump G. Bush - Several updates daily, Read the Reasons, Take the Red Pill Now! Truth will free you!
Petition Online to Impeach Bush - By Bob Fertik, Already has over 18,000 signatures, add yours to it now
Petition to Impeach George W. Bush - Has over 1100 signatures as of August 6, Some Links also
Renegade - Activism, progressive links, archives to past articles, Noam Chomsky articles, Impeachment of Bush
Tell Bush to recall himself - How Smirk has failed to protect the US Constitution & it's citizens, Sign the petition
*The Four Reasons To Impeach Bush - Excellent Website, Great Links List, Info on PNAC, Selection 2000, Vote 2004, Terrorism
Vesting Order 248 - Info on Bush Family, Prescott Bush & Nazi Germany, Impeach Bush Resources, Anti-Patriot Act info, Links
*Vote To Impeach - Join the over 270,000 people who have signed the petition, add the Button to your Web Page

Bring Them Home Now - A campaign of military families, veterans & others opposed to the Iraq invasion, Headlines, Links

Dr. David Kelly - A cover-up in the making? Good collection of facts & evidence about the strange death of Dr. Kelly in the UK

Iraq Body Count - The most accurate info on civilian casualties in Iraq, Free Web Counters for Websites, Detailed & Accurate

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count - Updated daily, Detailed account of actions in Iraq leading to casualties of the "coalition" forces

Why Don't We Have Answers To These 9/11 Questions? - Philadelphia Daily News article, Sept. 11, 2003, with 20 unanswered questions



"Before, the powerful met behind the backs of the world to scheme their future wars and displacements. Today they have to do it
in front of thousands in Cancun and millions around the world.
"That is what this is all about. It is war. A war against humanity. The globalization of those who are above us is nothing more than
a global machine that feeds on blood and defecates in dollars."

Subcomandante Marcos, EZLN, 10 September 2003     From a GlobalResearch article.
Critics argue that the World Trade Organization (WTO) is designed to strip sovereignty from nations, removing critical public policy
decisions from democratic control. The world may now be entering an era when those abstract concerns become concrete.

Black Circle - The truth about Smirk and the GOP, Commentaries by an agnostic American who sees through the lies
Global Portal - Enormous links directory, categorized alphabetically, Globalization and New World Order, etc.
Raise The Fist - Important Anarchist Site, Zapatista News, Iranian Students, Forums, Audio & Video Files, Activist Calendar
Slingshot - Anarchist site, Many links to interesting Articles, Protesting against the WTO, Iraq War, Iran, North Korea
The Individualist Anarchist - News, Commentaries, Topics, Categories, Writers, 18 Articles about 9-11, Antiwar, Mind Control, Links
The Memory Hole - Publishing Project by Alan Koontz, READ 'Statement on 9-11', Antiwar, AIDS, Anarchists, Links
Undercurrents - Over a dozen new political videos from the UK, Training, Video Activist Handbook, Anti-Globalization, Graphics
Whispered Media - A video activist collective, Watch online & order videos about WTO, Globalization, World Bank, FTAA, Many Links
ZEROZERO Anarchic Magazine - Good anarchist site, Stop the Blair/Bush Axis of Evil, Anti-capitalist Action, Music, Cannabis


According to Huxley, Hitler said the masses run on instinct and emotion rather than facts and are easy to manipulate,
while society's intellectuals and independent thinkers insist on factual evidence and logic and easily see through fallacies.
Huxley says Hitler encouraged the masses to attack or shout down intellectual dissenters rather than engage them in logical
debate, because the rational dissenters would likely win any argument on the basis of fact.

Bush supporters have tried to silence dissent. Media bulldogs such as Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage
often use Hitler's suggested technique of attacking and shouting down antiwar voices.
From an Online Journal article.

Africana - 'Gateway to the Black World', Breaking news updated often, Letters, Talkback, Newsletter, Politics, Books
Black Electorate - Politics, Sports, Economics, National, Many news stories & commentaries on issues for Black Americans
Black Press USA - Well Done Site, National & Local News, History, Op-Eds, Cartoons, Diaspora, Press Releases
The Black Action - News from the viewpoint of African-Americans, Bev Smith radio show, Louisiana News, Talk Radio, Links
The Black Commentator - Very good commentaries, analysis, & investigations, cartoons, from Black American commentators

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"It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not free -
to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive,
compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national
state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think,
feel and act.

The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under
constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own
initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a
victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes
himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people.
His servitude is strictly objective."

Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958

Americalivefree.org - Good site concerned about the loss of Constitutional rights, links to other sites
American Conservative - 'Whose War?' Pat Buchanan writes "A neo-conservative clique seeks to ensnare our country in wars"
Council on Domestic Relations - Shedding the light of truth, Preserving the Constitution of the US, 'Sweet Liberty' streaming radio show
*Final Warning - A History of the New World Order, by David Allen Rivera, Thorough research, Biblical Christian perspective, Links
Friends of Liberty - News and viewpoints from real PATRIOTS, conservatives who oppose the Bush/NWO Police State takeover
Genesis Communication Network - Small site, home to the Alex Jones show & others, info about the NWO & Global Government
Give Me Liberty! - From Americalivefree.org, How our rights are under attack, the Patriot Act, Attacks on the Constitution & Democracy
Greater Things - Christian/Patriot site with good info on Smirk/Crime Family, Mob Ties, Corporate Evil, NWO
Hard Shall - Clearly interpreted Bible prophecies, The GOP as anti-Christ, GW Bush as the 'beast', Oil money the cause
Idaho Observer - Good 'Patriot' site, Info on Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, Patriot Act, Nazification of America
Institute for the Study of Religion in Politics - Christian Site exposing the lies that Smirk told to invade Iraq, 'Endtimes' network
October Surprise - "Bush Sr. made deal with Iranians", Articles by Harry V. Martin, How another election was hijacked, Patriot Views
Reality Zone - Patriot site focusing on Freedom Issues, Real Money, Health, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Freedom Force, News
Sojourners - Christians for Justice & Peace, Connecting Spirituality, Creativity, & Activism, Focus on Social Justice, News Links
The Liberty Committee - Political Action from Principle, Home of Liberty Caucus, headed by Congressman Ron Paul, READ 'Neoconned'
We Hold These Truths - Focusing on the inability or unwillingness of some Christian leaders to be peacemakers, Falwell, B. Graham

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In the fraudulent 2000 'election' Bush taps the biggest electoral goldmine in history. It's a kickback scheme. Bush writes the
rich a huge tax cut and they kickback a portion of it to keep him in office. Never mind they are buying the way to World war Three.
It's not like any of their kids will see combat, right?

Election 2000 Fraud - The best collection of links on the many fraudulent ways the GOP stole Election 2000
Election 2000 - Identities revealed of the Miami/Dade recount mob, several important historical facts about the rigged election of 2000
Florida Fights Back! - The explosive documentary about the stolen 2000 election, Small links list
*The Stealing of the Presidency 2000 - The Undisputed Facts, Facts & Info on the Fraud that denied victory to Al Gore, the real winner
*Voting Rights & newspaper Archive of the 2000 Election - Links to the most important stories, 10 Reasons For Not Voting Repukelican


 The "Watch on the Rhine" quality of our public life these days deserves serious attention. As one who studies the small, buried
stories on the back pages of major newspapers, I am becoming increasingly uneasy. This is more than just, "Boy, do their policies
suck." There's a creepy advance of something more menacing than bad policies.
I keep thinking of Mussolini's definition of fascism: "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism,' since it is the marriage
of government and corporate power." When was the last time we saw this administration do something that involved standing up to
some corporate special interest in favor of the great majority of the people?

Code Pink - Women's Pre-emptive Strike for Peace, Good small site, mainly by women, feminists against the Iraq invasion
CodePinkBayArea.org - Bay Area Women's Antiwar group, small site, good calendar of events, News & Insight, E-mail group
Feminista! - Very good feminist site with articles concerning women, world peace, antiwar views
Feminist Majority Foundation - Major website for Feminists, Political News, Activism Alerts, Research Center, Student Activism
MS Magazine - Great Feminist Magazine, Online version, Articles, Cartoons, Chat, Archives, Forums, Many good Links
SaveRoe.com - Activism site working to preserve Choice, Today's News, Activism, Bush's War on Women, from 'Planned Parenthood'
Solidarity - A revolutionary, socialist, democratic, feminist, anti-racist organization, progressive links, news, magazine


Advocate Magazine - National gay & lesbian newsmagazine, headlines, online exclusives, calendar of events, archives, links
Data Lounge - Often Updated, News Stories often political, mainly concerning the Gay Community, Gossip, Forums, Newsletter
Gay Today - Search archives for articles, breaking news, world news, hate crimes, big brother police state news
Human Rights Campaign - Focus on Gay, Lesbian rights, Political News, Action Items
No 2 Hate Radio - Good website from Tampa Bay, Florida, Links to many anti-gay sites, anti-fascist links
OUT Against the War - Gays, Lesbians, Bi & Trans against the War against Iraq, Group Statements, Action Alerts, Links


The split today is between those who want freedom, limited government and economic prosperity against those wanting wars,
empire, glory and ruling the world. They come from both Right and Left. Others are confused by the War Party's great power
in Washington, the media, and especially in Congress. We try with this site to offer them information to make up their own minds.
From Against the Bombing

Americans Against World Empire, Americans Against Bombing - A Conservative/Libertarian antiwar site, Defending the Constitution
freedomrox - Good Libertarian site, 9-11 lies, 9-11 exposed, Bush-Nazi connection, lots of good links, Patriot Act 2 info
LewRockwell.com - The anti-state, anti-war, pro-market news site, Very popular, insightful essays, News, Archives
Ludwig von Mises Institute - Very good essays from a Libertarian point of view, Archives of Articles & Publications, Audio Files
News World Order - Huge Libertarian site, Tons of Info on Mind Control, NWO Takeover, "Walrus Wire News Links"
Strike the Root - Very popular Libertarian Website, Large Forum, Blog, Civil Liberties, Very good Links List


*Crystalinks - Great New Age site, Visually attractive, Tons of Links on many subjects, Chemtrails, Haarp, Secret Societies, 666 Mark
Starhawk's Activism Resource Page - Articles, Resources, Recommended Reading, Listserv Group, Photos

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Baghdad Snapshot Action - Simple pictures of everyday people living in Baghdad, taken by a member of the Iraq Peace Team
Bush Protest in Los Angeles Photos - From Indymedia.com in L.A., also some comments on the photos
Faces for Peace - The online rally, Hundreds of participants, photos of people opposing the Iraq Invasion
jenr8 photo gallery - Photos of antiwar protest in April, 2003
Justice in July - Photos of huge antiwar rally in Philadelphia, the one that scared Smirk away
NYC Protest Photos - 51 Photos of the June 23, 2003 protest in New York City
Peace Babes - dozens of photos of antiwar activities across the US, dedicated to the women of peace
Pictures of Atrocities in Iraq - Eleven pages of photos, Warning! Very Graphic! These are pictures that Bush does not want you to see
Protest Photos - Dozens of photos from worldwide protests against the Iraq invasion for oil, on WhatReallyHappened.com
Signs of Protest - A photo gallery, Portraits of Protesters & their Signs, Good small site
Squall Magazine - A forum for radical quality journalism & photography, Many photos of demonstrations, Essays
Uprising In Iran - Many good photos taken in Iran of the student protests, very clear and shocking