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Allen Anthony: "Hustlin'"
[from Ghetto Cyrano LP]
[****] | [soul] | [08-20]

Blockhead: "Insomniac Olympics"
[from Music by Cavelight LP]
[*** ½] | [instrumental hip-hop] | [08-20]

Division of Laura Lee: "Endless Factories"
[from Das Not Compute LP]
[**** ½] | [indie rock] | [08-19]

Jason Forrest: "10 Amazing Years"
[from The 1979 Post-Disco Crash LP]
[**** ½] | [glitch-rock] | [08-17]

The Fall: "Contraband"
[from The Real New Fall L.P.]
[*****] | [post-punk] | [08-11]

Ted Leo/Pharmacists: "The Angel's Share"
[from Shake the Sheets LP]
[****] | [indie rock] | [08-10]

Ratatat: "Cherry"
[from Ratatat LP]
[****] | [electronic] | [08-10]

Les Savy Fav: "The Sweat Descends"
[single; from Inches LP]
[****] | [post-punk] | [08-06]

The Futureheads: "Decent Days and Nights"
[single; from The Futureheads LP]
[****] | [indie rock] | [08-04]

Devendra Banhart: "At the Hop"
[from Nino Rojo LP]
[****] | [freak-folk] | [08-03]

Slicker: "Knock Me Down Girl"
[single; from We All Have a Plan LP]
[****] | [electro] | [08-02]
[download here]

Max Richter: "On the Nature of Daylight"
[single; from The Blue Notebooks LP]
[**** ½] | [experimental rock] | [07-30]

Baby: "Kiss Kiss"
[single; from Baby LP]
[****] | [experimental rock] | [07-27]
[download here]

Gravenhurst: "I Turn My Face to the Forest Floor"
[from Flashlight Seasons LP]
[*** ½] | [indie folk] | [07-27]

Animal Collective: "Who Could Win a Rabbit"
[single; from Sung Tongs LP]
[****] | [experimental pop] | [07-26]

Mclusky: "She Will Only Bring You Happiness"
[from The Difference Between Me and You LP]
[**** ½] | [indie rock] | [07-22]

Eminem: Mosh -

Bright Eyes: Lua / Take It Easy -
Guerilla Black [ft. Beenie Man]: Compton -
22-20's: Shoot Your Gun -

Handsome Boy Modeling School: The World's Gone Mad -
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez: Deus Ex Machina -
Client: Radio -

The Shins: They'll Soon Discover -
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: For Kate I Wait -
Nancy Sinatra: Baby's Coming Back to Me -

The Electras [ft. Senator John Kerry]: Ya Ya -
The Black Keys: 10 A.M. Automatic -
Snoop Dogg [ft. Pharrell]: Drop It Like It's Hot -

Fabolous: Breathe -
Pinback: Fortress -
Radio 4: Absolute Affirmation -

Annie: Heartbeat -
The Streets: Blinded by the Lights -
Nelly: Flap Your Wings -

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Y Control (The Faint Remix) -
Death from Above 1979: Romantic Rights -
Bill Janovitz & Crown Victoria: My Radio -

Trail of Dead: Worlds Apart -
Juvenile [ft. Wacko & Skip]: Nolia Clap -
Ben Lee: Float On -

The Futureheads: Hounds of Love
The Foreign Exchange: Let's Move
Green Day: American Idiot

TV on the Radio: New Health Rock
Zack de la Rocha: We Want It All -
Ryan Cabrera: On the Way Down -

Decemberists: Everything I Try to Do -
Crime Mob [ft. Lil Scrappy]: Knuck If You Buck -
Frog Eyes: Sound Travels from the Snow -

Elliott Smith: Twilight -
De La Soul: Shopping Bags -
Ada: Maps -

Fatboy Slim: Slash Dot Slash -
Dizzee Rascal: Learn -
Trick Daddy [ft. Twista & Lil Jon]: Let's Go -

Destiny's Child: Lose My Breath -
Nick Drake: River Man -
LL Cool J: Headsprung -

Franz Ferdinand: Can't Stop Feeling (Demo) -
Mu: Paris Hilton -
Dogs Die in Hot Cars: Godhopping -

Eminem: Just Lose It -
Million Dollar Marxists: Bricklayer -
Pink Grease: Fever -

U2: Vertigo -
Armand Van Helden: Hear My Name -
Mandy Moore & Michael Stipe: God Only Knows -

TV on the Radio: Walking the Cow -
The Briefs: Orange Alert -
Mannie Fresh: Real Big -

Modest Mouse: Ocean Breathes Salty -
Theodore Unit [ft. Method Man]: The Drummer -
Razorlight: Golden Touch -
Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Pussyfooting -
Franz Ferdinand: Shopping for Blood -
Elvis Costello & The Imposters: Monkey to Man -
I-20 [ft. Ludacris & Bone Crusher]: Break Bread -

Interpol: Slow Hands (Spoon Remix) -
A Gun Called Tension: Gold Front -
Wiley: Reasons -
Beastie Boys: Triple Trouble -

Bloc Party: She's Hearing Voices -
Young Buck [ft. 50 Cent]: Let Me In -
Nelly [ft. Jaheim]: My Place -

Pixies: Ain't That Pretty at All -
Mase [ft. P. Diddy]: Breathe, Stretch, Shake -
Twilight Singers: Hyperballad -

Scissor Sisters: Take Me Out (Live) -
Dabrye [ft. Jay Dee & MC Phat Kat]: Game Over -
Avril Lavigne: My Happy Ending -

Björk [ft. Kelis]: Oceania (Remix) -
Bloc Party: Little Thoughts -
PJ Harvey: You Come Through -

R.E.M.: Leaving New York -
Elvis Costello: Let's Misbehave -
T.I.: Let's Get Away -

Jeff Buckley: Forget Her -
Q & Not U: Wonderful People -
Prince Call My Name -

Art Brut: Formed a Band -
Myssouri: The Floorless Jig -
Ciara [ft. Petey Pablo]: Goodies -

Brian Wilson: Wonderful/Child Is Father -
Jadakiss [ft. Styles P, Common & Nas]: Why? -
Black Dice: Wastered -

Spoon: Decora [Yo La Tengo cover] -
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke: Rubicon -
Mike Watt: Pelicanman -

Camper Van Beethoven: 51-7 -
Fontaine Toups: Who Told You -
The Thermals: How We Know -
Jet: Cold Hard Bitch -

Animal Collective: Wastered -
A.C. Newman: The Town Halo -
31Knots: Darling, I -
Jeff Tweedy & Pals: Take This Job and Shove It -

!!!: Hello? Is This Thing On? -
Vetiver: Amerilie -
Petey Pablo: Get on Dis Motorcycle -
Sahara Hotnights: Keep Calling My Baby -

Ben Folds: Get Your Hands Off My Woman -
Akon [ft. Styles P]: Locked Up -
Pixeltan: Get Up/Say What (DFA Remix) -
The Mo [ft. Kris LeMans]: Nostalgia Locomotive -

The Shins: When I Goose-Step -
Lil Scrappy: No Problem -
Hope of the States: Nehemiah -
Moby & Public Enemy: Make Love Fuck War -

The Libertines: Can't Stand Me Now -
Mu: Out of Breach -
Kelis: Trick Me -
M. Ward w/Vic Chesnutt & Howe Gelb: Way It Goes -

Sleater-Kinney: Off with Your Head -
Antony: The Lake -
Album Leaf [ft. Jonsi Birgisson]: Over the Pond -
Lil' Flip [ft. Lea]: Sunshine -

  • Gwen Stefani: "What You Waiting For"
    "What an amazing time. What a family. How did the years go by? Now it's only me." Gwen rattles off four trite Streisandisms over a delicate grand piano, and a theater full of fortysomethings goes hobbit-shit. The Girl From That Song She Used To Do is an adult now, just like them-- and she's singing about being an adult! Enthusiastic (yet tasteful) applause washes over the auditorium, and after a two-second dramatic pause, you can practically hear her say, "Fuck this shit. Fuck all you assholes."

    Cue costume change. Cue just-a-dream wakeup call. Cue explosions. Presenting Gwen Stefani's brand-new solo single, "What You Waiting For": tick-tock-tick-tocks, la-la-la's, high-gloss Miss Kittin electro fuzz, chick-vox deep and wide in the mix, and the best part, Gwen's new ultra-polished disco-meets-opera vitriol. I mean listen to her: "Like an echo pedal you're repeating yourself"; "Y'know you're only known cuz of your sex chromosome"; "Born to blossom, bloom to perish"; "Take a chance, you stupid ho." Is Gwen knocking herself, other mega-pop divas, the industry, all three, and maybe something else too? If "What You Waiting For" is strictly self-involved (it isn't), then please, Gwen has nothing to complain about here-- this track's fucking great. [Nick Sylvester; November 8th, 2004]

  • Sage Francis [ft. Will Oldham]: "Sea Lion"
    Heartbreaking, mournful rap should replace that cross-eyed, corporate-co-opted crunk. There ought to be clubs where people just weep on each other, and if you want to freak out, you could go into a panic room. Sage and Bonnie have concocted a hip-hop track that sounds like an outtake from a post-Kid A version of Bob Dylan's Desire. Francis fans in need of a reference point should consult Sixtoo's epically hesitant production on Personal Journals. Oldham fans should imagine if the two Tweaker collaborations were... better.

    Prince Billy sounds so stoned that Nancy Reagan's grave must be roiling; he lilts and moans like he did on Joya, and for once, my rockist tendencies submit to his perverse/prankish genre pluralism. Francis intones as if his lyrics are the most profound diary entries ever composed, yet he doesn't seem overbearing, though his panting comes off a tad "acted" by now. How is this a dance song about worrying about what (the idea of) Mom thinks about one's adulthood? Is Oldham's chorus claiming that performance of music is inherently psychedelic/psychological? I hereby predict that people will make sad babies to this one, as it will inspire sad Crooked-Fingers-caliber sex. [William Bowers; November 8th, 2004]

  • Jimmy Eat World: "Pain"
    Okay, wait. Jimmy Eat world have released a new song and called it... "Pain"? This is actually great. I hope this monosyllabic truth-in-advertising extends to singles from other artists. Look out for the Rolling Stones' "Old", Linkin Park's "Angst", R.E.M.'s "Dull", and "Dead" from Nirvana's upcoming box set. Under-thought title aside, this track is at best holding status quo for the band. It's simply a minor-key inversion of the same simple but lovable power-chord hooks and incidental electronics that made "The Middle" an unfortunate smash, but with a less persistent chorus. I'll grant them that they've kept their sound and their place on the radio dial intact, which is nothing to sneeze at, but on the other hand-- well, just replace the word "pain" from the frathouse shouting that precedes each chorus with, say, "thirst," and you've got yourself a damn fine beverage commercial. [Jason Crock; November 8th, 2004]

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