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YWAM's Structure

As YWAM has grown over the years, YWAM's leaders have consistently sensed God leading them to develop as a family of ministries, rather than a structured, centralized agency. Although we have main offices, we do not have an international administrative headquarters.

Therefore each YWAM location is responsible for planning outreaches, initiating training programs, recruiting staff, financial resource development, and setting priorities in carrying out ministry.

With all the freedom and independence allowed each location, the question often arises: What does every YWAM location have in common?

Some of the common denominators found at YWAM locations are:
• The pre-requisite of the Discipleship Training School.
• The mandate to "know God and make Him known" (Is. 6:8; Matt. 28:18-20; Col. 1:10).
• A three fold ministry of: evangelism (Rom. 10:14-15), mercy ministry (Matt. 5, Eph. 2:10) and training/discipleship (Mark 16:15).
• A shared statement of faith, vision and values.

All YWAM locations are also tied together and held accountable by regional and international leadership teams. YWAM's international leadership group is called the Global Leadership Team (GLT). This team consists of about 45 regional and international YWAM leaders. The GLT meets once a year to pray, discuss vision and address major trends and issues. GLT task forces meet year round.

YWAM's top leaders are: Jim Stier, Executive Chairperson, Loren Cunningham, founder; and John Dawson, President.

Please contact individual YWAM locations with specific questions regarding their own ministries and policies. For organization-wide policies see Documents.