Historical Gallery


Porta Alberoni, also known as Porta Corsini does not exist anymore. It was situated at the end of the current Via Alberoni and was built in 1739 by the delegated Cardinal Giulio Alberoni.
The road was constructed in 1740 to allow access to the gate and to the dockyards.
The port was demolished in 1884 to make way for today’s train lines.
It was strategically important because since the unification of the city it was an access to the harbor area and to the sea.
A marble memorial stone was situated on the outer fašade which was engraved with an inscription in honor of Cardinal Agostino Rivarola who was responsible for constructing the road that led to the port.
Another two memorial stones are in remembrance of Cardinal Alberoni and Cardinal Aldrovandi; this latter ordered the road to be reopened in 1746. After its destruction, the beautiful gates were placed at the entrance of the Teatro Rasi (Rasi Theatre) were they are still located today.