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Amy Lynn Boyer

So you wish to enter the mind of Liam Youens? Well be my guest!

If just one person, in the whole wide internet would have told us about this page, we would have had a very, merry christmas.
Amy was one of the most genuinely caring and loving people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and even more importantly be a stepfather to. If we all lived our lives and held the values Amy did the world would not just be a better place, it would be a perfect place in which to live...
Who Was Amy?
Gentle, Caring, Loving, Affectionate, Devoted, Loyal, Friendly, Passionate, Funny, Charming, Cute, Beautiful, Hard Working, Focused, Punctual, Proficient, Skilled, Considerate, Compassionate, Influential

Spending time with her brother going to concerts or having cookouts with her and her brothers friends at her brothers house. Taking her little sister shopping or pumpkin picking or just helping her with homework. Any time spent with her brother and sister was important to her and she valued every moment.

Every moment she could find to break free from work or studies she would enjoy weekends at the campground we belong to and always want to come with us on our boat. Amy loved the outdoors and everything associated with it. The relationship she shared with her mother was one seldom heard of in this day. I have hardly ever seen a mother and daughter this close in their love and mutual respect for eachother. She never left or entered our home without giving all of us present a kiss and an "I love you".
Family values were so very important to Amy and she took advantage of every moment she spent with her grandparents to let them know how she felt about them. Coming from a home with six grandparents just meant more to love in Amys' eyes.

Girl Friend
Amy was completely in love with her boyfriend of many years. Like any other relationship they had ups and downs but in her heart we feel she knew this young man was the one for her. She had plans to buy our home and make their life here. They had such a future and it was soon to begin. She was in her final year of college and all the plans were about to become reality.

To Amy, friendship was important and even though she lived such a full life she managed to hold on to most every friend she ever had. There was no way to always see all of them but even friends from the town we moved here from back in 1990 still kept in touch with her. It was obvious to everyone who met her that once a friend always a friend...

As a father it is always nice to hear what your children meant to others. One of Amy's part time jobs she held was for a family friend's Dairy Queen store. Amy worked for him for a couple of years on the counter learning the ropes. She then became a manager for him and at one point the two jobs became too much with school and she dropped this one. My friend tried everything he could to get her back and she finally went with a deal she could not refuse. Name your hours! This allowed him to have her back and allowed her to fill in hours around all her other activities and everyone was happy. To me this shows how important she was to him as an employee.

The other part-time job she enjoyed was as a orthodontist assistant. For years she worked at this job which was somewhat in her field. This, the final year, of school for Amy presented a problem to her. Her classes did conflict with her hours at this office and she decided to give the Doctor notice that she would have to leave. He would have no part of that and told her they would change the hours of the practice to keep her if necessary. They knew a winner when they saw one.

What Happened to Amy?
Our beautiful daughter, Amy, was brutally murdered by a young troubled man that was obsessed with her from the 10th grade on. The only encounter she ever had with him was a meeting in the 8th grade at a local church youth group. We are not even sure if they evenmet or were just in the same group. This young man Liam Youens was in a class of Amys in the 10th grade and we believe this was when the obsession started. He heard her name mentioned by the teacher and remembered Amy from the youth group. He at this time started to watch her all the time at school and followed her personal life for the next two years until graduation from high school. He detailed his continued obsession of not only Amy, but all of us at our home. He would log all of our comings and goings while he waited for Amy to come home. Liam had limited use of a car and while he would stalk us he very rarely saw Amy because of her schedule. She was always so busy leaving for school at 7:00am and going from school to work right away. After work most nights she would go to her boyfriend's house to see him and then home at 11:00 or 12:00 pm. Liam started to get frustrated with this and logged this in his diary...Did I forget to mention that it wasn't a diary that he confided in? It was the World Wide Web... He was telling the world what he was thinking of doing. He told anyone who saw the site what he was planning for Amy, and at times what he had planned for all of our family. He was going to try and kill Amy on Christmas Eve and could not think of a way to get her out. He decided to light the house on fire, all except one exit. As we came out we would ALL die. We had a family of four very close friends staying with us from Florida for the holidays. They would have been killed as well. He mentions that they fell asleep so we were spared. Liam mentions this summer in August that my truck was parked two nights in a row in the street. He talks of our street being a dead end and he thought my truck being in the street and not in the driveway as usual was a tip off that I knew what he was planning for Amy and was my attempt at trying to stop him. If I knew of his plan I would have no need to be writing this today. I would some way have prevented this. I would never have let Amy leave the house and more than likely would have sent her somewhere to hide. I have to know a problem exists before I can correct it. Once Liam was convinced I was on to him he decided he could not do this act here at our home. He needed to find another place to do it. He decided he would try and locate where she works and do it to her there. But he had a problem with the use of a car. He could not follow her to school and the to work so he needed to find her employers address without going there. He found companies on the World Wide Web that you can e-mail and gather information about people.
But these companies have a get out of monitoring free card called the Communication Decency Act. This is a law put into effect years ago for something minor that eliminates the website servers from having any responsibility for anything printed on the space they provide on the web for all of us to write to.


Concerns about the Internet
The Internet is growing so fast and is becoming so large a part in all of our daily lives that I think the time has come to step back and take a good look at what we've created and learn some lessons as to where this will take us. When we first created this computer generation we were only concerned with freedom of speech and the problems that occur with that issue. We created laws that state you cannot slander someones name or reputation but never really thought far enough ahead of all the things that can happen if we don't have some guidelines. We have allowed the writing on the wall go unread too many times and that has cost us many lives. The incident at Columbine High School could and should have been avoided and we all should realize just how lucky we were. The two young men that pulled that tragedy wanted to take out many more people than what they ended up with. The plan had some problems but could have worked much differently than it did. They were planning on 250+ students, faculty and officials. We were very fortunate the way it ended but we could have seen it coming. It was all right there on the web for us to read. The plot that Liam devised to kill Amy was on the web for over two years and I wish I would have put Amy's name in as a search, but it takes a lot of time today to get everything done in the course of the day and I never have time to sit in front of the computer and browse. There are sure many people out there that don't have the time either so I think the time has come that we must say the companies making the billions and billions of dollars off of us must come up with a way to monitor this. I know it can be done and that it will cost more money. The final cost will be turned over to the consumer anyway so before this gets even bigger we better do something now. If we make them find a way then this technology will grow right along with the internet. We must take a stand. What has to happen before we learn? Do we need a High School genius to develop a bomb and write all about it on the web, telling us he plans to wipe out an entire school, and then doing just that? This is the next step and all I'm saying is that if these people tell the world what they are planning to do we should at least make sure someone reads it and gets attention to it. This will also help all of us guard against our children getting their hands on pornography. As of right now there are some restrictions on porn but do you realize that if your child gets the address of a porn site that all they must do is answer "Yes" to the question "Are you 18 years or older?". Once they hit the Yes they now see porn pictures. After viewing these pictures they are asked for a credit card number. If you have it you can see more. But they are already seeing more than they should. This situation would be helped as well. If you walk into a store and ask for a porn magazine they don't ask you from behind a wall if you are 18 or not. And if you answer the question right say put the money on the table and thank you. NO. They card you right then and there. Why should the web be any different? Maybe a credit type card with your information on it will be your card to get you into areas that should be monitored. There are ways we can do this and we are asking for ideas... The next problem I see is the selling of our Social Security Numbers on the internet or anywhere else for that matter. Let me give a little detail about what happened to Amy Boyer herself from the misuse of these Personal ID numbers. Back in August of this year, before her murder Amy and some friends went to a dance club in Boston Mass. While they were inside some people broke into her car and stole her pocketbook. She had taken her licence out but in the pocketbook were checks and a credit card and the card with her SS# on it. She reported the break in to the police and cancelled the checks and credit card.The people involved never used any of this material until the 17th of October. Two days after Amy's death made news all over New England these people assumed the identity of Amy from her SS#. They had a temporary icence made up and with the credit card that was cancelled but still had a valid exp. date they were off and running. They spent almost $5,000 in checks in the name of Amy Lynn Boyer. So even in her death Amy once again is victimized. If and when the criminal mind realizes that SS#s are available for 45$ and with computers they can hack their way into almost anything --WATCH OUT---- They will be stealing people's entire life savings. I'm sure its already happening out there. We must stop this kind of information from being available. We must make it a crime to sell other peoples Personal ID numbers for personal gain. These search companies honored Liam Youens right to privacy and made sure he was clear that no one would ever know who he was or what information he was looking for. Why were Amy's rights trashed and his honored? The answer is 45$. But Amy was never given a chance to know that someone was looking for her. When asked how the search company arrived at the decision to sell Liam Youens the SS# and whether he was to use this information for good or evil intentions they replied, "We Asked Him" Thats some good detective work there boy. That is what they claim to be. They asked since when does a private detective call the person being investigated and tell them about it ? If that is the best technique you have then I assume the only reason for asking the question is for the ability to be able to sleep at night. The information we all put in the phone book or credit history information is the only personal information I knew people could gain access to.

We must fight this and write to our Representatives, Governors, Senators, and anyone else you can think of. Try the school systems and have the children (our future) write to everyone. I am doing my part and this will never bring Amy back but it might stop this from happening in your family. Freedom of Speech is important to us all and I'm not trying to limit anyone from saying whats on their mind. Our country was founded on this and it is who we are. But if we write things that are against the law then we should be dealt with the same as if it had been said in person. If it doesn't break the law then we should let it be printed and take advantage of the writing on the wall and read it. Since we all can't do this then one agency should be established to do just that. Not censor but monitor.

There was a guy on a show I did on CNN "BURDEN OF PROOF" that didn't think we should make Geocities or Tripod have to monitor what is printed because they are free sites. They don't charge for you to create a website on their server but to think for one minute that they are not in the business of making money is naive. This man is a professor of law. Even he doesn't know how things work. He said that the internet is too big and cannot be monitored but I know differently. I know that there are many solutions to this problem and the time has come to see which ones can work and put them to use. If you have suggestions enter them here.

Benefits of Action
As the internet grows larger and larger we must start now thinking of how we will keep up with it. If we start to keep track of things written on these sites this technology will grow right along with it. We must make these companies responsible for upholding the laws that apply to all of us in all other daily life and business situations. Why if you cannot look at porn until you're 18 at a store can you access it on the internet at age 5? You can't see all there is unless you have a credit card but even with a credit card at a store you are dealing with someone who can tell by looking at you what approximate age you are. We need more strict measures to be taken to stop this kind of material from getting to our children. This can only be done by monitoring sites and checking for ease of entry. The benefits will save lives as well as protect our children from being forced to grow up too fast. The benefits of eliminating the sale of these numbers: it will be impossible to assume someones identity and rob them blind.
There are a lot of criminals out there that use second forms of I.D. to protect who they really are from the authorities. They find ways to steal ID #s from people that have just died or children that have died. We must protect these numbers or lessen their importance. We are only a few short years away from using eye scanning technology for our identification purposes. But we must make this a crime until it is common place to use the new scanning ideas.

How You Can Help Us
We need all of your support to make this happen. It is going to take a lot of effort to see this through. We need letters written to all the public servants such as Representatives, Congressman, Senators, Governors, Lobbyists anyone you can think of. We need to get to the schools and get the students to write to all of the above. This has to be an overall effort from all of us to make a change and a difference. Everyone I speak with seems to agree that we must do something and wants change. We the people are the only ones who can do it. If we don't use the system that we have created then where have we gone, what have we done? Please we need your suggestions as to how we can make a difference. Please offer suggestions or write letters or support to

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