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  Making Waves Update  

Sadly, Making Waves did not attract a large audience in a competitive time slot and has been withdrawn from the schedule. This has been a difficult decision but the remaining episodes may be rescheduled at some point in the future.



Captain Brooke is supported on HMS Suffolk by his second in command, Jenny Howard and a host of experienced and rookie sailors (such as Rosie Bowen, pictured), engineers, cooks and medics. Find out more about them in our Profiles section.

  Naval rescues, daring missions and everyday life events on the outside. Check out the gallery for the latest pictures from Making Waves.  

The action on HMS Suffolk takes place on board a Type 23 Frigate, the mainstay of the Royal Navy's modern surface fleet. Originally designed as an anti-submarine warfare vessel, the Type 23 is now used for a variety of tasks including disaster relief and surveillance operations.