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My School Work

Peak into my school life

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The Monica Series

Monica is one of a three team member. Brian Crys, a man who loves her, and Rose Williams, her guardian and friend, make up the other two members of their trio. Monica is the focus of this series because I feel we could learn the most from her.


Non-X-File Stories

These are Stories that have nothing to do with the X-Files in anyway. They show that I do, can, and often write normal stories of things. The X-Files stories will never be placed in this what so ever.

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Sailor Moon Fanfiction

These stories are based on the Manga and Japanese Anime versions, a small part of the American Version has slipped in but otherwise follows the Magna and Anime.


The Sweet Dreams Series

The Sweet Dreams Series is a story of love, truth, and hope

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Mulder/Scully Romance

I do believe this is self explanatory

Stuff in Progress

I do believe this is self explanatory, as well