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Governor James E. McGreevey Portrait

Portrait of
Governor James E. McGreevey

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Governor James E. McGreevey

James E. McGreevey was elected the 51st governor of the State of New Jersey on November 6, 2001, and took the oath of office on January 15, 2002. His term runs until noon on January 17, 2006.

In his first two years as the state's chief executive, McGreevey closed $14 billion in budget gaps and balanced the state budget without raising sales or income taxes.
Despite fiscal challenges of historic levels, the Governor moved New Jersey forward in several key areas, including education, the economy, the environment, and health care.

In 2003, McGreevey continued his efforts to promote job growth and make New Jersey a center for high-tech, biotech, and financial services. He revamped the state's Business Employment Incentive Program, turning the program into a precision tool for creating jobs, and proposed an ambitious five-year plan to create 200,000 new jobs. Under his leadership, New Jersey outpaced the national economy, adding 37,500 jobs while the national economy lost jobs.

The Governor has made an education a top priority, with a strong focus on literacy. To ensure that children can read well by the end of the third grade, the state put reading coaches in 100 schools and encouraged children to read by creating the Governor's Book Club. In addition, New Jersey has undertaken the largest school construction project in the country - $8.6 billion over the next 10 years.

As Governor, McGreevey also has restored New Jersey's long tradition of strong environmental protection, with a new emphasis on clean air and water, controlling over-development, protecting public health, and preserving our state's natural treasures.

The Governor is working to make New Jersey a national leader in cancer care and research, bringing together the state's unique resources - leading health care institutions, major pharmaceutical companies, and world-class scientists and researchers - to lead the country toward the eradication of cancer. The McGreevey Administration has provided $56 million for cancer care and research in the last two years.

In June, McGreevey signed a landmark auto insurance reform package that is changing the way auto insurance companies operate in New Jersey, making coverage more accessible and affordable for the safe, responsible driver.

The Governor also has been at the forefront of several initiatives to protect consumers, signing legislation to crack down on predatory lenders and prevent intrusive telemarketing phone calls.

Prior to being elected Governor, McGreevey was the mayor of Woodbridge, New Jersey's sixth largest municipality. Elected mayor in 1991, his accomplishments included starting a public/private partnership that brought more than 6,000 new jobs and millions in new investment into the town. His tenure saw a revitalized business district, a 40 percent reduction in the crime rate, stabilized property taxes, and improved financial management. Under his leadership, Woodbridge became a leader in public health initiatives, which include cancer screenings and inoculations for children.

McGreevey served in the State Assembly in 1990 and 1991 and in the State Senate from 1994 to 1997, where he focused his efforts on better government, a cleaner environment, and better health care. He sponsored and co-sponsored laws that established a state budget cap, strict ethical standards for public officials, and health reforms, including the state law requiring insurers to pay for mammograms. He was a key sponsor of the Pollution Prevention Act and wrote the legislation creating a permanent New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education.

McGreevey was born in Jersey City on August 6, 1957. After graduation from St. Joseph's High School, he received a bachelor's degree from Columbia University and a law degree from Georgetown University. He also holds a master's degree in education from Harvard University.

McGreevey has two daughters, Morag and Jacqueline. He is married to the former Dina Matos.

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