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The Princedom of Andorra

The cultural life in Andorra is becoming more active day by day.

The events take place through-out the year mainly due to its permanent infrastructure: the National Auditorium (Ordino), the Government Exhibition Hall (Andorra la Vella), or the cultural centres exclusive to each district.

The musical programs have won international recognition: this is the case of the Ordino musical festival in September, the Escaldes-Engordany jazz festival in July and the Andorra la Vella music: and dance season (October to May).

The quality of exhibitions and cultural shows has also developed noticeably: Andorran prehistory, Romanesque Andorra, international art against 20th century genocides, selections from Andorran painters and photographic exhibitions are all examples of a lively interest in all that is creative.

The traditional culture is publically shown through the Main Village Holidays and festivities brightened Lip by typical dances such as "la marratxa" (Sat-it Julia de Loria), Saint Anne's dance (Escaldes-Engordany) the "contrapŕs" (Andorra la Vella); or the "sardana" in the whole country. These dances encourage people to participate, and also they are performed by dancing groups.

Other events on the open air are the "Escenificacio de I'Ossa (Encamp), or the "Judici als Contrabandistes" (Encamp).

Any route can become a wonderful discovery of some romanesque religious architecture.

Chapels, churches and bell towers are scattered over the mountains. Santa Coloma with its cylindrical bell tower, Sant Joan de Caselles with its rusticity, the splendour of the Encamp bell tower, or the tiny chapels in Les Bons or Sant Cerni are a faithful sample. With the Gothic art, the primitive churches filled up with beautifully decorated altarpieces, together with the polychrome wood carvings of Our Lady.

The Gothic boundary crosses in stone, spread all over the territory round up the scenery. The most representative civil monuments are Casa de la Vall, the seat of the Consell General (Parliament) and the Judiciary, and the museum Casa d'Areny Plandolit at Ordino.

Areny Plandolit Museum - Ordino -
You have to visit it. Is the Mansion of Mr. Areny-Plandolit, that as you can imagine he had big money. It is like it was on the XVII century and it seems like getting on "the car of the past". You need to call at 836908 to reserve the guided visit.
Casa de la Vall - Andorra la Vella -
You must go there to understand the institutional functioning of Andorra. You will see the rooms where the future of this country "is being cooked".
Sanctuary of Meritxell - Canillo -
You will come to Andorra and won't approach the Sanctuary of our Patron Saint?
Automobile Museum - Encamp -
Don't miss it. 100 automobiles  from different periods, 50 mottos and one of the most important bicycles collection in Europe.
Miniature Museum - Ordino -
There's no more to tell. In any case we should have to add more miniatures, but the ones you will see there are impressive.
Romanic Art Museum - Escaldes-Engordany -
You will find samples of the Romanic art both in Andorra and Catalonia.
Iconographic Museum - Ordino -
Nearly 100 Orthodox master pieces from Russia, including audio-visual and library.
Postal Museum - Ordino -
You will see the evolution of the post and its importance.
Dolls Museum - Escaldes-Engordany -
As its name indicates you will find loads of dolls.
Vista del Principat d'Andorra
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