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note: rename filenames to extension ---> .mp3 for some reason comcast's ftp upload causes it to be renamed to .mpga the file will run either way, it's just more convenient to keep track of things this way.

*Disclaimer: "yeah sure...if you really want to humiliate us like that. just make sure people know that we were so young when we did that album, that we had to have mommies give us rides to the studio. we were young and stupid/bold....and it shows on the record itself." Pete Moseley of Inspection 12/Manface. Songs can be accessed either by clicking on the image map links above or the track listing below. So...after reading that disclaimer, realize that this is a time when they were self-admittedly not rad. I speculate that this probably circa dungeons and dragons craze and they were too distracted by wearing wizard capes and hats to get reaaally rad. "this IS the best song on the album. you WILL buy a t-shirt!"-common denominator.

-Questions?- I swear. I don't know a damn thing. I guess if you have questions and for some reason don't want to go through the main inspection 12 page, you can email me at or AIM: isuperwang. I guess my only reputable sources would be Mr. Matt Wallace who is good friends with the McLintock. And my little brother who reads the message board and guestbook all the time, and used to work with Jason 'the merch guy' who is also the brother of the website guy Jon. If you want the higher quality versions...maybe after our talk with Columbia University gets somewhere in terms of bandwidth and space allocation. Please visit as well as . Right. If something isn't working right, please email me right away.

-History- This tape was proudly donated to me by the Khakpour family, namely Ali and Nader back in 1998?. Having a tape sucks. So I tried to get the Inspection 12 website guy Mike? to find me some connections to bring it to beautiful digital goodness. Mike never ever got back in touch with me, even after I mailed him the tape. So believing he had escaped to Mexico with this priceless item that will star in Tomb Raider 3, I converted it to digital myself. It took a really really really long time, basically because at the time I had no idea what I was doing. I also managed to completely screw up about a second and half of one of the tracks...I hope no one notices. But what resulted was 15 tracks of oldschool goodness. I had all the excess noise generated by crap wires and even worse audio in jacks removed by some feat of magic. And there you have it.

-News- This is the temporary home of Inspection 12's ¡Come Hefe Come! Album. I'm working on the graphics and what not right now. And everything should be semi-decent looking sometime within the week. I'm posting the songs on my school hosting so I reduced the quality of the songs to around...48 kbps. It doesn't sound to good, then again, i12 and their recording didn't sound too hot at the time either. Actually in all honesty, the songs are pretty damn good for what they are. My absolute favorite Inspection 12 songs come from this album, "Off", "Stoopider", and "Pete Cochrane". "Off" made it to the self titled cd released a long time ago, back when I had long hair. "Stoopider" dissapeared into obscurity, only to be openly denied concert play at my every begging request. damn. "Pete Cochrane" became infamous as one of the 'secret songs on Step Into the Fire.


Track Listing: (if you can't read my strange photoshop version of my original tape recording)

1. Futile World

2. Ob-la-di

3. Bad Mentality

4. E.E.H

5. Stoopider

6. Down the Drain

7. Away From Me

8. Omnilysis

9. Lizzy's Kids

10. Alden Howell

11. Secure

12. Disease

13. Off

14. Wall-Mart 2

15. Pete Cochrane

speaking of old school..does anyone remember this picture? I even got Kevin Sharpe to put it on a t-shirt.



fine print. all songs belong to inspection 12 (except for ob-la-di, which goes directly to the beatles). all songs ripped by Stephen Wang. Low quality is due to bandwidth and space restrictions. I had to use both my columbia and comcast accounts...the actual versions of these tracks sound.... a little bit better in their higher bit rate form.