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8-7-1999 Hi Everyone! Guess what? I'm off to the States tomorrow to start a new life in Washington, DC. I'm gonna be looking for an apartment and stuff and probably won't be able to update the page for a while. Just so you know I'm not slacking off...

A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood of ideas in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.

John F. Kennedy, former U.S. President

NEW! My First Single ("She") Is Out on MP3.COM

Typically Blonde While in Istanbul I got the chance to record some songs with my close friend and wonderful arranger, Yuri, and we recently put up one of these as a single on to Click here to go to our band page & listen to it.  


Here's a very interesting article by Dr. Ron Whittaker of CyberCollege:

Are Our Freedoms and Our Values In Conflict?


Alright, finally, I have a page up on music. There's not much there yet (a few links to MIDI sequencing and -- don't laugh -- karaoke related stuff. This page will grow!


New Stuff!

I was in North Cyprus vacationing and surfing the net on my dad's PC most nights and subsequently I found lots of interesting places on the Web. You'll find lots of video/film related links as well as general interest sites, etc. on this hugely eclectic page. Have Fun!!!

Video Toaster NT

I sit here stunned, reading the review from Nab '99 from Safe Harbor... D1 video, unbelievable real-time effects, etc., etc., under $3,000. Say what???

DV Web Guide

Your guide to finding DV-related information on the Web. (Ported over from my Dead Bird site and currently quite messy, watch your step!)

The Future Of Editing: MPEG2

A run-down on MPEG2 and how it's going to change the way we edit.

Editing DV On The Go

Finally, it's possible to shoot and edit your footage with stuff that fits into a bookbag.

Getting Started With DV

Here's a brief introduction to DV and where to turn for more information on the web.

Wanna learn about Television Production? Check out the wonderful tutorial at CyberCollege.


(What To Take) When Moving To A New PC...                   New!         

Here's advice on backing up your email, address book, ICQ contacts list and data files and taking them with you when taking that leap to your shiny new PIII.


Frontpage 98: Loves & Hates

What drives me crazy and what I absolutely adore about this little beast.

Making "Transparent" .JPGs

Ever tried to make a .JPG fit into the background of your web page only to discover slight color differences that made it stand out? Read this on how to get around this "flaw".

EZ-Windows Wallpaper

Sure to be the latest fad... find out about the wallpaper that's also an organizer for your desktop icons.

Making "Puffy Text"

Here's a tutorial for creating a neat font effect with Microsoft Image Composer.

On Web Accessibility

I just discovered how inaccessable my site really is. I'm reading up on cascading style sheets and making sites more accessable, especially for people with disabilities. You'll find some links here if you want to do the same.

Do you have tips, tricks or tutorials you'd like to share with people? I'd be glad to put them up here if you send them to me. You will, of course, retain the full rights of your work.

Thanks! :)

Check out past Links Of The Week

Jamming on the Internet!

Got MIDI? Wanna "jam" with people around the world? Check out
Although this isn't strict realtime playing (or jamming in the real sense), you can colaborate in almost real-time on MIDI compositions and even save these out or import parts from your favorite sequencer. Definitely an experience. One word of warning: The ResRocket Client (which you'll need to download to get started) repeatedly crashed my system for some strange reason. Probably a one-off thing but still, user beware!

Remembering Last Week's Link:

The Golden List of Macintosh DV & FireWire
Non-Linear Editing Solutions

This is could be *the* definitive guide to DV & FireWire NLEs on the Mac. Created and maintained by Ross Jones on David Simpson's Desktop Video site at


Do you have an interesting site we should know about?

Wanna see your site on the Links of The Week Section? (ooh, drool!) ...

Go ahead and send me the URL.


Burun ve Evren Üzerine...

Arada sırada Türkçe birşeyler de yazdığım oluyor: Bu kısa bilim-kurgu hikayesi gibi.


İlk link sizi TED Ankara Kolejinin resmi sayfasına götürür. Gerçi resmi web sitesi bence hiç bizim okula yakışmıyacak kadar kötü tasarlanmış ama... İkinci link ise Op. Doc. Alper Mumcu'nun TED Ankara mezunları için hazırlağı çok kullanışlı bir site. Eğer siz de TED Ankara mezunuysanız kesinlikle oraya gidip adınızı yazdırın ki birbirimizden haberdar olalım.

Burasi biraz boş mu geliyor size de? Ee, ne duruyorsunuz, bana yazdıklarınızı, isteklerinizi, vs. gönderin bu sayfalar da dolup taşsın!


The Dead Bird Homepage

This is the homepage I maintained while an undergraduate at Eastern Mediterranean University. Among other things, you can hear live recordings from my concerts (do you like musicals?) Hopefully, I'll be merging most of this site into this one eventually.

Aral's World @ Geocities

I've got pictures from Malaysia, my childhood paradise, as well as a short account of my time at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain.

Ge-Ka - a corporate homepage

This is a page I did for my uncle's company (it's in Turkish, btw.) I'm still working on it so watch your step!

comments? suggestions? i'd love to hear from you!

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